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The analogue systems for video surveillance are being replaced by an IP camera (IP), which, like a computer, has its own IP address. The device was developed recently, but immediately won the championship in usability and functionality. The main purpose of the device is the protection and monitoring of objects. Information is recorded and transmitted in encrypted form..

What is an IP camera?

The best technique for visual observation is an IP camera that transmits a digital image over TCP / IP networks, for example, via WiFi. At industrial, public facilities, in homes or offices, such surveillance systems have become, if not an obligatory attribute, then a very common technique. By means of IP cameras everything that happens in the room or around is recorded. Information may be needed to ensure security, control workflow, employee discipline.

Principle of operation

IP surveillance cameras are a mini-computer that performs a limited number of functions: receiving a signal (audio, video), compressing data, transmitting information to a receiver. The image falls on the CCD matrix, is converted into an electrical signal. Unlike analog systems, IP video is transmitted over a local network or the Internet. Each device has an IP address, IP server, integrated network interface. Thanks to a static address, data can be accessed anywhere in the world..


IP-camcorders quickly broke into the market, quickly gaining popularity. Manufacturers are constantly improving the technique, adding additional functionality, expanding its capabilities. The result is an extensive product range. It can be classified according to several parameters:

  1. Terms of Use. The place in which the IP camera will be used determines the quality of its housing. For the street you need serious protection from dust, dirt, precipitation, temperature changes. In some cases, an anti-vandal case is needed. Low-cost options with minimal protection are suitable for the home..
  2. Viewing angle. According to this parameter, cameras with a fixed (standard, wide-angle, telescopic) and a variable viewing angle and focus (rotary systems) are distinguished. There are also panoramic ones that can rotate 360 ​​°.
  3. Availability of additional options. For certain working conditions and requirements, additional functions have been developed: IR illumination, sound recording, data recording on a memory card, image enlargement, motion sensor and others.

IP camera


Even without involving the services of specialists, you can connect an IP video camera. A connector is located on the back of the device with a wired connection provided. It will help answer the question of how to connect the IP camera to a computer or laptop. To do this, you need a network cable with the appropriate connectors. For a wireless type of connection, a router is used.


With the help of certain settings, you can get full access to the options of a street or internal IP camera. The devices work offline, so no other equipment is needed. Set the camera in the right place, configure the connection, shooting quality and working conditions. You can directly connect to the local network using a wired or wireless method. Modern samples already have an internal network or program for connecting to the Internet.

Buy IP Camera

A wide range of this modern technology is presented in the consumer market. Manufacturers from many countries of the world offer products that differ in functionality, shooting quality, methods of information transfer, design and other features. They have a common main function – digital video transmission.


A multifunctional device from Wanscam is the ability to watch videos not only online, but also in recording. High resolution, many additional functions, easy setup of an IP camera for viewing via the Internet make it a leader among indoor monitoring devices:

  • model name: Wanscam megapixel HD HW0026-1;
  • price: 1100 rubles;
  • characteristics: internal, color image, wireless;
  • pluses: memory card up to 64 GB with the ability to view remotely through the application for devices with Android, Windows and iOS, high resolution 1280 * 720 pixels., low power consumption, infrared filter;
  • cons: not found.

Another successful development of the famous Wanscam brand is HW0052. The IP camera provides high quality resolution for clear images, a powerful processor, protection against humidity and low temperatures. Such a device is ideal for connecting to a multi-camera video surveillance system in a country house:

  • model name: HW0052;
  • price: 2150 rubles;
  • characteristics: street, viewing angle – 85 degrees;
  • Pluses: simple setup, automatic inclusion of IR illumination;
  • cons: no audio, memory card.

Wanscam Megapixel HD IP Camera HW0026-1


Taking care of its customers, Ocam offers a wide selection of cameras to monitor your home, office, factory or surrounding area from a distance. Buy IPcam CCTV from Ocam – take a step towards the security of your business or home. Among products, the following option is especially in demand among consumers:

  • model name: OCam M3 WiFi;
  • price: 3450 rubles;
  • Features: indoor installation, IR LED, built-in microphone and speaker, network protocols – DDNS client, DHCP client, HTTP / HTTPS, IPv4, IPv6, RTSP, TCP / IP, IP address filtering, 1 mp CMOS GPU sensor
  • pluses: night shooting, motion sensor;
  • cons: high cost.

Another popular home or office device is the OCam M3 WiFi. Simple controls, one-click mode switching, photo and video recording are the advantages that many users have rated:

  • model name: M3 WiFi series;
  • price: 3920 rubles;
  • characteristics: indoor, recognition of sound, movements, viewing angle – 120 degrees;
  • pluses: built-in microphone, speaker;
  • cons: no cloud entry.

OCam M3 WiFi IP Camera


Vast experience in the manufacture of equipment is the basis of Philips’ success in the development and creation of IP cameras. The market comes with products with different functionalities, at any price category. The existing version is reliable and guarantees good quality shooting even in difficult working conditions:

  • model name: Philips Wireless Home Monitor Silver;
  • price: 5990 rubles;
  • characteristics: internal, wireless, hard disk capacity – from 1 GB;
  • pluses: a highly sensitive microphone, a reliable encryption method, the ability to connect 16 monitors;
  • cons: not found.

At a reasonable cost, PHILIPS offers a quality option for monitoring your home or office:

  • model name: IP camera PHILIPS M100E / 12;
  • price: 3999 rubles;
  • specifications: internal, video resolution – 640×480 pixels;
  • Pros: a unique encryption code for each connection, a noise and motion sensor;
  • cons: not found.

IP camera PHILIPS M100E / 12

TP-Link’s manufacturing facility is located in Taiwan and is known worldwide. Products belong to the budget segment of the market, but are of decent quality. Excellent value for money has led to high demand for this camera:

  • model name: DCS-5020L;
  • price: 5020 rubles;
  • characteristics: color, rotary, support Wi-Fi, focal length 2.2 mm;
  • pluses: large gamut of the observation area, low cost;
  • cons: no vandal proof housing.

For home and office a great option, which can be purchased cheaply at promotions and discounts, is the TP-LINK NC200 IP camera. The wireless cloud camera can be configured to automatically send messages to your smartphone or computer when motion is detected, which ensures the safety of your home. It takes only a few minutes to configure the IP camera, the manufacturer has simplified the task as much as possible:

  • model name: TP-LINK NC200;
  • price: 2490 rubles;
  • characteristics: internal, case, viewing angle – 64 degrees;
  • pluses: high functionality, motion detector, email alert;
  • cons: no IR.

IP camera TP-LINK NC200


The Chinese company Hikvision specializes in the production of video surveillance equipment. In this market segment, the company occupies a leading position. Products manufactured in China are of high quality. The following device is actively sold worldwide:

  • model name: DS-2CD2542FWD-IS;
  • price: 16,000 rubles;
  • characteristics: dome, resolution 4 megapixel, swivel;
  • pluses: anti-vandal protection;
  • Cons: IR illumination only up to 10 meters.

An inexpensive option for working in outdoor conditions is the Hikvision DS-2CD2022WD-I. You can order the device on the Aliexpress trading platform (Aliexpress), in online stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg or other Russian cities with delivery by mail. The compact body, sufficient functionality, the presence of IR illumination (up to 30 meters) make this device popular and sold:

  • model name: DS-2CD2022WD-I;
  • price: 9990 rubles;
  • characteristics: street, 2 megapixel resolution, 2 video streams, fixed type of lens, minimum illumination for color shooting – 0.01 lux;
  • Pros: affordable cost, support for night mode;
  • cons: no vandal resistant housing, low expansion, no power supply included.

IP cameraDS-2CD2542FWD-IS


Rubetek, a company specializing in the production of devices for the Smart Home system, is a well-known supplier of IP cameras. The products are distinguished by thoughtful details, high quality, and belong to the middle and high price segment. One of the successful solutions for the home is presented below:

  • model name: RV-3404;
  • price: 3690 rubles;
  • characteristics: internal, viewing angle – 355 degrees, motion sensor;
  • pluses: two-way voice communication, external memory card, high resolution;
  • cons: plastic case, high cost.

For constant visual monitoring of the territory, experts recommend paying attention to IP512E-1.0MP. Video recording can be done on the cloud, external storage or internal memory:

  • name: IP512E-1.0MP;
  • cost: 3261 rubles;
  • characteristics: street, mechanical IR filter, viewing angle – 73 degrees;
  • pluses: infrared mode, quick connection;
  • Cons: no anti-vandal housing, no Wi-Fi connection.

IP camera RV-3404


High-tech solutions for video surveillance. A wide range of products, ease of management and configuration, decent quality have become the causal popularity of products among individuals and institutions. The following system is one of the leaders in sales:

  • name: Zodiak 909W;
  • cost: 5950 rubles;
  • characteristics: internal, rotary, dimensions 105x100x130 mm, shooting mode at night – up to 10-15 meters, mobile platforms – Android, IOS;
  • pluses: built-in microphone and speaker;
  • cons: no cloud entry.

For street surveillance under the Russian brand Zodiak, several camera options are available. A compact sample with high quality video deserves special attention of consumers:

  • name: Zodiak 814W;
  • cost: 4990 rubles;
  • Features: Street; Support Wi-Fi;
  • pluses: the presence of a microphone, recording to a memory card;
  • cons: a small viewing angle of 65 degrees.

Zodiak 909W IP Camera


IP video surveillance is a specialty of Bevard. A narrow focus and a long period of work have become the reason for the affordable price of products with the highest quality. From a series of professional IP cameras for video surveillance, this option is in demand:

  • model name: Beward CD630;
  • price: 6099 rubles;
  • characteristics: street,
  • pluses: night shooting mode, mechanical IR filter, affordable cost;
  • cons: no Wi-Fi, anti-vandal housing.

Among the budget options, Bevard has many worthy representatives who can ensure the safety of housing. The attention of consumers deserves the N1250:

  • model name: N1250;
  • price: 4077 rubles;
  • characteristics: internal, color, motion detector, Wi-Fi module;
  • pluses: quick installation, Russian-language web interface;
  • cons: not found.

IP camera Beward N1250


Orient has a special market position. The manufacturer maximally improved the product, eliminating any problems during the installation of the equipment. Good resolution, great detail, attractive design make the technique known among buyers:

  • model name: ORIENT IP-950-SH14B;
  • price: 3528 rubles;
  • Features: outdoor installation, matrix size 1/3 inch, automatic shooting day / night;
  • pluses: IR illumination range up to 20 meters, moisture-proof and frost-resistant housing;
  • cons: no anti-vandal protection.

Budget and miniature Orient IP-940-OH10B – a bargain for those who want to install surveillance indoors. The product is characterized by a high definition signal, although it belongs to a cheap range:

  • model name: Orient IP-940-OH10B;
  • price: 2220 rubles;
  • Features: Ethernet port, color, dome, internal;
  • pluses: metal case, powerful IR LED;
  • Cons: Access Only From Internet Explorer.

IP camera ORIENT IP-950-SH14B

How to choose an IP camera

A wide range of products can cause difficulties. In order to correctly make a purchase and not pay expensive for unnecessary functionality, proceed from a number of criteria:

  1. Place of installation. Cameras can be installed indoors and outdoors. For outdoor variations, protection against temperature, moisture and mechanical stress is provided..
  2. Illumination and sensitivity. The presence of day / night functions and IR illumination are important parameters when the camera works in low light conditions.
  3. Focal length and camera resolution. To solve each problem, you should choose your own parameters. For a general overview, you need a wide-angle lens and VGA resolution. Determine the merits of notes – high resolution. Auto Number Identification – Telephoto Lens.
  4. Video quality and stream size. Modern compression algorithms provide a large archive depth with a small volume of storage systems. Adjustable shutter speeds, auto iris and other image adjustments form high-quality video.
  5. Speaker and microphone. These functions are needed if necessary, not only to observe, but also to hear what is happening, to transmit a message.
  6. Price category. Security is expensive. Over-budget network cameras may not be of high quality. The reliability of products that will work under any conditions can be determined based on the reputation of the manufacturer and supplier.
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