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Numerous electrical “helpers” settled in the kitchen. Users appreciated the convenience of a universal machine, which combined the work of several devices at once and helps to save effort, time, money.

What is a kitchen machine

Among the multifunctional kitchen appliances, a household food processor is well known. With reference to the kitchen, the names of the machine and the combine are often identified. The machine is distinguished by greater power, bowl volume and dimensions. By functions, they practically do not differ from each other. The kitchen processor is the universal name for these appliances. With it, you can grind, chop, grind, beat, knead, squeeze. Moreover, the device has compact dimensions.

Universal kitchen machine

The functions of a meat grinder, mixer, shredder, mixer, blender and other devices combine universal kitchen machines. Their purpose is to optimize time and space. There are two categories of these devices: machines for catering and household machines. The capacity of the bowl of a home car is from 1.5 liters to 6.7 liters. Structurally, devices of both categories are equipped with a single drive and interchangeable nozzles.

Kitchen machines for home

A home processor or a home cooking machine is the dream of many housewives. The cost of the device depends on the number of functions. Having studied the components, you can buy an inexpensive combine with the prospect of expanding functionality through the acquisition of additional nozzles. Future users first need to determine the need to use the harvester in everyday life.

Functionality is related to the power of the device. If it is purchased only for shredding vegetables, making juice, then 0.5 kW is the optimal power. If necessary, the function of the meat grinder, the power should be at least 1 kW. An important factor is the number of speeds: they can be from 4 to 14. Culinary preferences and cooking technology will prompt the choice of the desired number of speeds.

With nozzles

The most delicious pasta is prepared by hand. It makes no sense to buy a separate device for their preparation. A food processor with a pasta attachment is a great alternative to expensive stationary appliances, it is more compact and performs the same functions. The nozzle helps to cook about 14 types of pasta, helps to cut dough products in order to decorate sweet pastries.

This and other processor nozzles for the kitchen can significantly expand its functionality. Depending on the model, they can be included in the kit, they can be purchased additionally as needed. For example, a nozzle for dough may not be needed immediately, its acquisition can be foreseen in the future in order to knead the dough quickly and efficiently..

Healthy eating involves consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables. Vegetable slicer, multi slicer will help to quickly chop products. These devices are used for cutting into strips, slices. Kits include a dice disc. Knives and graters are made of stainless steel, so vitamins are preserved in vegetables and fruits during the cutting process.

Kitchen machine with nozzles

Mixer Machines

The use of the mixer is not limited to mixing products. Lush sponge cake, pancake dough, airy cream for cakes, berry and cream soufflés, homemade marshmallows, ice cream – all these delicacies are prepared by mixing and whipping products. A blender is not always suitable for these purposes, a kitchen mixer will cope with this task much more effectively.

The multifunctional food processor is equipped with a bowl, a whipping nozzle, an emulsion nozzle. When choosing a processor, you should pay attention to the height of the bowl. This is an important characteristic, when whipping the volume of any mixture increases, while mixing liquid products, the mixture should not be sprayed. A family of 4-6 people will need a bowl with a volume of 3-3.5 liters. The bowl can be made of plastic, glass, stainless steel.

With a meat grinder

The best combine for the kitchen should help to cook your favorite dishes, meet the culinary preferences of the owners. In kitchen processors, the functions of preparing juice and minced meat are rarely combined. A meat grinder for a kitchen machine is much more often in demand. Minced meat is used to prepare a variety of dishes, it is in demand in the preparation of dietary and baby food. Everyone’s favorite homemade meatballs, cabbage rolls, meatballs, dumplings are prepared using minced meat.

Defining parameters for choosing a device with a meat grinder:

  • power (not less than 1 kW);
  • universal knife;
  • their stainless steel bowl;
  • rubberized legs;
  • quiet work.

Heated bowls

A striking innovation was the combine for the kitchen with heating. The machine not only mixes, whips products, the induction heating element creates the right temperature for their preparation. Bowl harvesters have already won a leading position in the tops of sales. Induction surface saves space, time, dishes. It provides the desired cooking mode with an accuracy of 2 ° C; in the heating mode, the function of mixing products is provided.

Nozzles for the kitchen machine

The number of nozzles determines the functionality of the device and its cost. They need to be selected depending on the culinary preferences. The standard set of nozzles includes:

  • grater disc;
  • mill for spices;
  • citrus juice squeezer;
  • nozzle for french fries;
  • nozzle for slicing;
  • nozzle for kneading dough;
  • berry press.

Nozzles for the kitchen machine

What makes a kitchen machine

When ordering or buying an appliance, you need to find out what is included in the food processor. Slicing vegetables, fresh juice, ground coffee – these are just some of its functions. One device helps to quickly prepare a home feast, process vegetables for winter harvesting, it is easy to follow the principles of healthy eating with it. Using a kitchen processor:

  • easy to whip cream, cream, proteins;
  • cook minced meat;
  • chop vegetables for salad, stew, baking, stewing;
  • chop cheese, meat products;
  • make fresh fruit smoothies;
  • make the sauce;
  • knead the dough.

How to choose a kitchen machine for home

The home appliance market is represented by numerous kitchen processors, each of which is in demand by customers. Therefore, the choice of a kitchen machine is individual. Before you make this important purchase, you should carefully analyze the technical characteristics of the models, their functionality, customer reviews, photos and other important information.


A review of the information shows that the top models of food processors belong to the global companies Bosch, Braun, Kenwood, Philips. The developers of these companies are constantly improving appliances for the kitchen, expanding the functionality of machines. Japanese SUPRA, French Moulinex, Tefal, German Krups are not inferior in quality goods for the kitchen. Noteworthy buyers Turkish manufacturer Sinbo, American KitchenAid.

The Russian brand VITEK is very popular on the kitchen appliances market. Multifunctional kitchen processors at affordable prices are offered by domestic manufacturers Elekma, Energy KP, a trademark of the company Foxtrot Le Chef. Domestic manufacturers occupy a worthy place in the kitchen appliances market.

A type

Food processors are more often associated with bulky appliances, but many modern models are ergonomic, compact, and convenient. All models can be divided into three types: choppers, traditional and universal. In the top sales among the models of grinders SUPRA CHS-1080, Kenwood KN 180A. The top models of traditional combines are Braun FX 3030, Philips HR7605. Among universal machines Bosch MUM 4855, Philips HR 7768 are in the lead.

Body material

High-quality plastic and stainless steel are materials that are used to make the body of kitchen processors. More in demand are models with a plastic case. It is easier to clean, more affordable. Models with a stainless steel case are more durable, reliable, but have considerable weight and more expensive. Nozzles for making juices and mashed potatoes are better to choose plastic, graters and knives for shredding vegetables – from high-quality stainless steel to preserve vitamins. Meat knives must be metal and sharpen well.

Kitchen machine Kenwood KMX98

Bowl material

The bowl of the harvester is made of glass, plastic, stainless steel. Important functional characteristics are impact resistance and thermal stability. It is worth giving preference to glass and steel bowls. They are easy to clean, do not absorb odors, do not interact with products. In the glass bowl, the process of mixing, grinding products is visible, it can be put on a hot stove, in the oven and cooked in it prepared products.

Number of speeds

Small models of kitchen processors suggest two speeds – for processing soft and hard products. More expensive, multifunctional models have 12 speed modes. Multi-speed models have a step switch for adjusting the speed; the combine can have smooth adjustment. For processing each type of product, the optimal speed is selected..

Bowl capacity

The bowls differ in volume, in compact models it does not exceed 2.5 liters, multifunctional combines are equipped with bowls from 2.5 liters or more. There are models equipped with bowls of different materials. A plastic bowl is included with relatively inexpensive combines. When choosing the volume of the bowl, you must take into account the number of products that you plan to process, the number of family members.


The spread of engine power is from 200 to 1000 watts, the latest models have power from 1200 watts. For the efficient operation of the kitchen processor, not so much power is important as its ratio to the volume of the bowl. For a bowl up to 1.5 l, the power of 250-300 W is sufficient, for a volume of 2 l – at least 350 W, for 3.5 l – 750 W and more. The correct ratio of engine power and bowl volume will ensure the durability of the kitchen appliance.

Maximum rotation speed

The engine of the food processor is able to provide a speed of 12-15 thousand revolutions per minute. Simple models work at the same speed, more advanced models have a special switch for adjusting the speed depending on the type of food and the technology of cooking. Additional characteristics include operation in the “Pulse” mode, “Short-term acceleration of the engine”.

Overload protection

When choosing a model of a food processor, it is very important to pay attention to the presence of a fuse to protect against engine overloads and its overheating. During processing, a large number of products, with prolonged start-up, when using the high-speed mode, even the most powerful engine overheats, which can lead to its failure. Therefore, the presence of additional protection is required.

Kitchen machine

Rating kitchen machines

With a huge selection of models, determining which kitchen machine is better is not easy. You should start by viewing photos of models, reviews and your own preferences.

This model is ranked first..

Name: Bosch MCM 62020

Short characteristic: powerful multifunctional harvester (1000 W), volume 3.9 L, blender available, stepless speed adjustment.

Price: 7262 rubles.

Pluses: a press for citrus fruits, 7 special nozzles, for a large number of products, a compartment for a power cord, a place to store nozzles.

Cons: no.

For fans of fresh juices, cocktails, french fries.

Title: Braun FX 3030

Brief description: powerful combine (800 W), volume 2 l, only 8 nozzles: for shredding products, for kneading dough, universal knife.

Price: 11030 rub.

Pros: universal juicer, plastic chopper, bowl depth.

Cons: plastic case, device width.

For lovers of dough products, you should buy this model.

Title: Kenwood KMC 57008

Brief description: powerful combine (1000 W), volume 4.6 l, 7 speeds for kneading and whipping, the presence of a blender.

Price: 71890 rub.

Pros: stainless steel bowl, glass blender bowl, overload protection.

Cons: high cost.

Nutritional followers will appreciate the functionality of this model..

Title: Bosch 4406

Brief description: power 500 W, volume 3.9 l, 4 speeds, the presence of a meat grinder, 7 attachments.

Price: 5668 rub.

Pros: dough nozzle, grater, shredder straws.

Cons: plastic case, low power.

Compact model popular chopper model.

Title: Philips HR2505 / 90

Brief description: power 500 W, volume 1.1 l, 2 nozzles (graters).

Price: 2850 rub.

Pros: automatic speed selection, compact size.

Cons: plastic case.

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