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Knitting is a great opportunity to provide your family and friends with warm socks, gloves, hats, scarves and other useful and beautiful things. For some it’s a hobby, for someone it’s a full-time income. To facilitate knitting with large volumes, a knitting machine will help, which can be not only manual, but also made in a modern computer modification.

What is a knitting machine

Knitting machines for home use (as well as for industrial) are technical devices designed for knitting fabric (knitted) using different methods of weaving yarn. Modern manufacturers offer a large assortment of both household knitting devices and modifications designed for enterprises. Using a mechanical knitting machine or a device with automatic needle selection, you can knit three-dimensional patterns, ornaments, fan designs, multi-color fabric, use hosiery, etc..

How a knitting machine works

Some devices allow you to make patterns on both the front and the wrong side, therefore, when choosing a car, pay attention to the design, equipment with additional carriages, the number of needles, etc. It should be said that all the machines used in everyday life belong to the class of flat knitting . As for the principle of operation, single-circuit machines that are widely used at home, of which the Neva-5 is a bright representative, operate as follows:

  • Yarn is pulled through the thread guide block, thread guide and hole in the main carriage.
  • Then, using a special ruler, the required number of needles is advanced forward.
  • Pulling the yarn onto the needles is not too tight so that the carriage does not tear it.
  • The density of the yarn (knitting) is set using a special screw.
  • Then the carriage levers are brought into working position and the first row begins to be knitted.
  • A pull comb is suspended on the hinges so that they do not come off the needles.

Knitting carriage


Before you buy a knitting machine for home use, familiarize yourself with their types. Depending on the number of needle beds, such devices are divided into single and double-loop. The former are capable of producing single-face fabric and various weaves based on it, and the latter – two-sided. In addition, a single-loop device leaves loose broaches on the back. The limitation of the thickness of the yarn depends on the class of the machine, which is determined by the distance between the needles and the size of the involved thread. According to the method for controlling the selection of needles, there are:

  • Manual machines. The pattern is created exclusively by hand..
  • Punch cards. The knitting process is carried out using punch cards with a finished pattern..
  • Electronic. Such machines have special software (software), with which the equipment is configured to different patterns of complexity.


Choosing a suitable option among domestic and imported knitting machines, pay attention to the class of equipment. It should be said that the class of knitting machines corresponds to the classes of kettel analogues. Home appliances can have a 3, 5 or 7 class. Somewhat apart is the equipment for knitting 4 classes, designed for medium and thick yarn. More about the main classes:

  • Class 3 option is great for knitting socks, mittens, scarves, thick sweaters, because he can “take” a thick thread – 100-200 m / 100 g.
  • An analogue of class 5 is suitable for things of medium thickness and thin (300-500 m / 100 g).
  • Machines of class 7 are designed for the manufacture of things from very thin yarn – 500-600 m / 100 g.

Knitting Machine Models

It is not difficult to buy a knitting machine, their choice in the modern market is very large. The devices can be equipped not only with the main needle bar, row counter, winder, thread guides, etc., but also with a pattern device. Depending on the modification, additional carriages can be included in the kit, for example, for knitting openwork. Known knitting machines include:

  • Ivushka;
  • Brother
  • Silver reed
  • Hague;
  • Knittstyler;
  • Toyota et al.

Hand knitting machine

Such a knitting machine is characterized by a relatively simple design, but it is not intended to perform large volumes of work. Patterns on it are created only by hand. A popular option is Ivushka – enamelled mechanical equipment made of metal. Differs in durability and compact sizes. It is easy to learn, while on it you can perform not only the front surface, but also different forms of elastic bands:

  • model name: Ivushka;
  • price: 2500 r.;
  • characteristics: 35x5x5 cm, weight – approximately 0.94 kg, yarn feeders and clamps – 2 pieces each, there is a puller for 33 teeth;
  • pluses: many features, durability, compactness, cheap;
  • cons: not revealed.

Hand knitting machine Ivushka

You can order a suitable option in any specialized online store with delivery by mail to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country. More modern equipment is:

  • model name: Silver Reed LK-150;
  • price: 22700 r.;
  • characteristics: single-loop, punch card, class – 4, the number of needles in the background – 150, weight – 8 kg;
  • pluses: you can use 2 different threads at once;
  • cons: costs more than analog.


The convenience of computer machines compared to manual or punch-card knitting analogues is that with their help you can knit almost any pattern on a given path and without limiting loops. Such equipment uses special software installed on a computer – with its help, the needles are controlled. Such an option of the car is expensive, so before buying, go around more stores, look for a stock or sale. Class 5 single-loop electronic knitting machine:

  • model name: Silver Reed SK 840 + software;
  • price: 93,200 p.;
  • characteristics: 200 needles, the distance between them – 4.5 mm, the thickness of the yarn – 300-700 m / 100 g, weight – 15.5 kg;
  • pluses: many types of weaves, there is software;
  • cons: cost.

On sale you can find a two-circuit version from Silver Reed. It costs even more, but at the same time provides more options:

  • model name: Silver Reed 840 / SRP 60N;
  • price: 98900 r.;
  • characteristics: class – 5, number of needles – 200, distance between them – 4.5 mm, pattern repeat – not limited, yarn thickness – 300-700 m / 100 g, weight – 29 kg;
  • pluses: you can get products of different thickness and density;
  • cons: expensive, weighs a lot.

Silver Reed Automatic Knitting Machine


The use of modifications equipped with a pair of needle beds provides the ability to knit better things. This is due to the fact that only flat products can be manufactured on a single-loop device – the sides and sleeves must be connected using a sewing machine at the end of work. In addition, products made using a dual-circuit device have not only a face, but also a wrong side. Some modifications may have a set of optional accessories. A good acquisition would be:

  • model name: Silver Reed SK280 / SRP60N;
  • price: 77600 r.;
  • characteristics: number of needles – 200, class – 5, type – punch card, pattern repeat – 200;
  • pluses: variety of combinations, functionality;
  • cons: not seen.

The advantages of a dual-circuit machine are obvious. True, for beginners, this option is more difficult because of the two needle beds. Another product category:

  • model name: Brother KH 831;
  • price: 150,000 p.;
  • characteristics: class – 5, there is a built-in pattern, jacquard carriage, type – punch card;
  • pluses: good quality, many opportunities;
  • cons: expensive for a punch card sample.

Double-deck card knitting machine


This option is ideal for beginner needlewomen. A single-loop device can be used to perform all key types of knitting. One popular option is:

  • model name: Silver Reed SK280;
  • price: 46400 r.;
  • characteristics: number of needles – 200, class – 5, type – punch card, pattern repeat – 24;
  • pluses: variety of combinations;
  • cons: expensive for a punch card sample.

Check out one more single-loop option. The device has class 3, but is equipped with fewer needles:

  • model name: Silver Reed SK 155;
  • price: 36 450 r .;
  • characteristics: number of needles – 110, class – 3, pattern repeat – 12, suitable for yarn up to 150-200 m / 100 g, type – punch card;
  • pluses: reasonable cost;
  • cons: fewer needles, functional.

Single-knitting machine


Knitting machines with a circular arrangement of hooks have gained some demand – this gives an excellent opportunity to knit pipes. It is possible to create wide sleeves, caps, trousers and other elements of clothing in a short time. An interesting and inexpensive acquisition is:

  • Model Name: Prym Maxi Knitting Mill;
  • price: 2990 r.;
  • characteristics: semi-automatic, total diameter – 31 cm, height with legs – 20 cm, suitable for knitting on 44 needles;
  • pluses: easy to use, cheap;
  • cons: not identified.

The next option is great for knitting both round and straight with 44 loops. The yarn easily fits into the range of devices and is also easily removed:

  • model name: Addi-Express Kingsize;
  • price: 8450 p.;
  • characteristics: 46 hooks, weight – 2 kg, height – 20 cm with legs, diameter of the knitted product in a circle – 35 cm;
  • pluses: convenient, simple;
  • cons: costs more than analog.

Circular knitting machine

Mini car

If you are looking for a suitable option for beginners, but do not want to spend too much money, then take a look at the mini-cars. Such knitting devices will help to engage in your favorite hobby and at the same time take up a minimum of space. They are even suitable for children, for example, an excellent purchase for a child will be:

  • model name: “Smart Needlewoman” yellow;
  • price: 1999 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 22x14x28 cm, weight – 1 kg, several skeins of multi-colored threads are attached to the set;
  • pluses: low cost, compactness;
  • cons: not identified.

Those who are interested in buying a larger version for children need to look at the pink version. It will cost several more:

  • model name: “Smart Needlewoman” pink;
  • price: 2999 r .;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 33×33 cm, weight – 1.75 kg, several skeins of multi-colored threads are attached to the set;
  • pluses: convenient, easy to use;
  • cons: will cost more than analog.

Children's knitting knitting machine

Japanese knitting machine

Those needlewomen who are interested in machine knitting need to pay attention to the line of Japanese equipment. A functional choice will be the Brother knitting device, which connects to a personal computer and provides the ability to work interactively. More details:

  • model name: Brother KH 930;
  • price: 79900 r.;
  • characteristics: needles – 200, the distance between them – 4.5 mm, class – 5, rapport – 200, type – electronic;
  • pluses: 555 built-in nodes, you can create a pattern for the entire width of the needle bar, a built-in option for working in intarsia, punchlace techniques;
  • cons: not the most affordable cost.

Cheaper knitting equipment from Japanese manufacturers is the punch card version of Brother. The kit includes a pattern device, thanks to which you can quickly and easily apply a pattern:

  • model name: Brother KH 893;
  • price: 52900 r.;
  • characteristics: type – punch card, needles – 200, the distance between them – 4.5 mm, pattern repeat – 24;
  • pluses: there are modes panchleys, intarsia;
  • cons: not identified.

Knitting machine Braver

For hats

There is knitting equipment, due to the functionality of which it is possible to provide a comfortable and quick manufacture of caps. When choosing it, pay attention to the diameter of the things being made. For this purpose, a device that involves manual direct and circular knitting is suitable:

  • model name: MAXI;
  • price: 3330 r.;
  • characteristics: the number of loops with circular knitting – 44, in rows – 40;
  • Pros: low cost, great for hats, socks, scarves;
  • cons: not marked.

Addi is another great machine with which you can make caps. At the same time, it becomes possible to combine yarn of different quality and thickness without any fear:

  • model name: Addi “Express Professional”;
  • price: 9900 r.;
  • characteristics: the diameter of the knitted product in a circle – 15 cm, the width of the direct full – 20 cm, the number of needles – 22;
  • pluses: does not require special knowledge;
  • cons: will cost more than analog.

Woman knits on a hand circular machine

For sweaters

Making a sweater with your own hands is not so difficult as it might seem initially. The main thing in this business is a lot of patience, zeal and a properly chosen apparatus. You can try to knit a sweater using the following model:

  • model name: Hobby KH868 / KR850;
  • price: 60790 r.;
  • characteristics: type – punch card, number of needles – 200, report – 24, class – 5, weight – 31 kg;
  • pluses: functional, good quality;
  • cons: cost, weight.

It is generally believed that knitting devices belonging to 2-3 classes – 100-200 m / 100 g are perfectly suitable for the manufacture of warm sweaters, socks and hats. In this case, the folding option may be the best choice:

  • model name: Silver Reed LK100N;
  • price: 19000 r.;
  • characteristics: class – 3, needles – 90, the distance between them – 9 mm, double weaves from thick threads;
  • Pros: lightweight and unique folding design;
  • cons: no.

Foldable clothes knitting machine


Such a knitting machine for the home is quite popular among experienced craftswomen and beginners who have just begun to learn the basics of machine knitting. Despite the fact that the domestic market for the production of hand knitting machines has already stopped the production of its products for several years, needlewomen have to either purchase western analogues or buy old devices from their hands. Equipment “Severyanka” is represented by two almost identical modifications, one of which is:

  • model name: Severyanka-1;
  • price: 1000-5000 p.;
  • characteristics: needle needles can occupy 4 positions, class – 5, there is a row counter, knitting density regulator;
  • pluses: simplicity of the mechanism, the ability to bind a multi-color canvas;
  • Cons: noticeable noise, constantly needing to adjust the tongues of the needles.

Knitting device Severyanka-2 appeared almost simultaneously with its “brother”. The differences are only in the improved needle bar and a slightly improved carriage:

  • model name: Severyanka-2;
  • price: 1000-5000 p.;
  • characteristics: the number of positions of the needle beds – 4, 5 class, there is a row counter, a regulator responsible for the density of knitting;
  • pluses: a simple device that copes with small products and with larger ones;
  • Cons: noise during knitting, it is necessary to correct the tongues of the needles.

Knitting machine Severyanka


This device is a knitting device that occupies an intermediate position between ordinary knitting needles and the machine itself. It gives good evenness of the fabric, while it is significantly inferior to machines in knitting speed. The maximum width of the canvas obtained on the “Craftswoman” is almost half that on the analogue “Bukovinka”. Due to the fact that such a device has not been manufactured for a long time, you can buy it only from individuals (the cost can vary greatly):

  • model name: Craftswoman;
  • price: 1000-2000 p.;
  • characteristics: the basis of the resulting fabric is a two-part (shawl) weave;
  • pluses: compact sizes;
  • cons: speed, hard to find.

Machine knitting Craftswoman


This machine is used to make mittens and seamless socks from yarn of any roughness and thickness at home. In size, this unique device is close to a household meat grinder. You can purchase it, as well as the options described above, exclusively from individuals. It takes about 4-5 minutes to make one sock with a competent approach:

  • model name: Chindaika;
  • price: 18500 r.;
  • characteristics: execution – single-contour, dimensions – 20×20 cm;
  • pluses: speed, good opportunities;
  • cons: finding it is very difficult, expensive.

Hand circular knitting machine

How to choose a knitting machine

With the help of a properly selected device, you can easily knit sweaters, sweaters, scarves, sweaters, mittens and hats without great difficulties in a short time. Before you buy a particular modification, pre-allocate a place for the machine. Note that the device will produce some noise. On all typewriters, even on electronic ones, carriage movement and some other operations are performed manually. When choosing the best purchase, pay attention to the type of car, the number of fonts, class and the availability of additional accessories.

For home

To buy the best option for a knitting machine, pay attention not only to the cost and brand awareness, but also to a number of parameters. The main criteria for a competent choice:

  • A type. Hand-held devices are the cheapest, but the pattern on them is created exclusively by hand. The punch card option involves the use of punch cards in the form of stuffed holes that make up a particular pattern. A modern option is an electronic device, the pattern in which is programmed using special software.
  • Number of fonts. Single-loop equipment is simpler and less functional. A two-sided analogue is capable of performing a two-sided canvas, but at the same time it is more difficult to use – considerable experience will be required.
  • Pay particular attention to class selection. No machine is capable of knitting with yarn of too different thicknesses. The class of the machine indicates which yarn it is intended for. The 5th class car is considered a universal choice..
  • Equipment. Sometimes you have to purchase additional punch cards, carriages, and other accessories. Some electronic devices may ship even without software..

Professional knitting machine

For professional use, it is recommended to buy knitting equipment equipped with two fountains. With it, you can perform such an important element of most knitwear as a rubber band. The most modern option for professional use is a computerized machine with automatic carriage feed. It’s a pleasure to work on it, and besides, it presents great opportunities for creativity. The significant disadvantage is the high cost..

Professional knitting machine

For beginners

Beginning needlewomen need to pay attention to a device equipped with one fountain. On it you can perform all the basic types of knitting, which is just necessary in order to gain experience. The finished product can get both thin and thick – it all depends on the knitting itself and the thickness of the threads. As for the type, you can choose a punch card option – the golden mean between manual and computerized.

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