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Transform a room with a stretch ceiling will help the installation of lighting fixtures. With their help, you can not only place light accents on various decorative elements, but even divide the room into several zones. You need to choose lighting fixtures for suspended ceilings competently and thoroughly, whether it is a point version or a spotlight bulb. Properly selected light sources will help to design the optimal lighting system and at the same time save on energy consumption..

What lights can be installed in a suspended ceiling

In today’s market you can find a wide range of lighting sources for decorative lighting and more. The proposed lighting devices differ from each other in design, power, type of mounting and other parameters. At the same time, if almost any type of luminaire can be installed on a regular ceiling, then not everything is so simple with a tension analog. It is necessary to take into account the heating of the canvas, because a glossy or vinyl surface made of a film does not tolerate the effects of high temperatures, therefore there are limitations on the power of lighting devices. Views:

  • Point. Such lamps for suspended ceilings will help illuminate a large and dark space or make the light diffused. They are mounted in suspended ceilings, as a rule, in several zones at once. Their advantage is the ability to install on the ceiling of any height. On the market you can find the widest selection of point lighting sources of different colors, types and shapes.
  • Stationary Stretch ceilings with lamps look very impressive if you make the right choice. A ceiling chandelier may be perfect for this purpose. The distance from the ceiling to its bulb should not be less than 25 cm to prevent overheating of the canvas. In addition, several pendant lights can be installed in a row..
  • Raster. Recessed luminaires for a stretch ceiling of a luminescent type can be allocated in a separate group. They are made in the form of metal cellular structures equipped with a reflective grating. In most cases, they are used in large rooms.
  • LED Strip Light. This lighting element is great for creating a spectacular highlight. LED strips are usually used for installation in multi-level stretch ceilings. In this case, they are placed around the perimeter of one of the tiers. Experts recommend using such a tape on a matte surface with a height of at least 2.7 m.


Before you buy lighting, familiarize yourself with their varieties. Depending on the method of fixation, ceiling and pendant chandeliers and lamps are distinguished. Spot lights are divided into overhead and built-in. The installation of spotlights in the stretch ceiling of the laid-on type is carried out by installing special adjustable racks. Built-in analogues are fixed to the main ceiling before installing the stretch. As for the types of bulbs, then for stretch ceilings use:

  • halogen bulbs;
  • energy saving fluorescent;
  • incandescent bulbs;
  • LED;
  • fiber optic threads.

Ceiling light


If you are looking for a more or less universal option that is suitable for any room height, then you need to buy a spotlight. In most cases, they are installed based on: 1 device per 1.5-2 square meters of room area. An inexpensive option that is great for creating an individual and original design of a room is:

  • model name: Piano Led 071014R;
  • price: 286 r.;
  • characteristics: reinforcement material, shade – metal, color – chrome, lamp – LED, power – 1 W, lighting area – 0.5 sq. m, dust and moisture protection degree – IP20, height – 10 mm, diameter – 38 mm;
  • pluses: it is cheap, compact;
  • cons: small lighting area.

Piano Led 071014R

More powerful LED ceiling lamp is Maturo 70264 from Lightstar (Italy). Such a lighting device is suitable for rooms of almost any size:

  • model name: Maturo 70264;
  • price: 1342 r.;
  • characteristics: frame material, shade – metal, color – chrome, LED lamp, power – 9 W, dust and moisture protection – IP20, height – 15 mm, diameter 95 mm;
  • pluses: excellent characteristics, good lighting;
  • cons: expensive.

Maturo 70264


These lamps are often installed in public buildings: offices and office rooms. In a residential interior, they are very rare, but despite this, they are sometimes mounted in suspended ceilings. The panel-type luminaires are a box with a lid made of transparent plastic, by which light is scattered. In this case, it is possible to choose the dispersion of any pattern and color. One of the product categories:

  • model name: Cabrera C0042;
  • price: 1461 r.;
  • characteristics: frame material, shade – metal, color – white, lamp – LED, power – 6 W, dust and moisture protection degree – IP20, glow color – cold, lighting area – 3 sq. m, height – 35 mm, diameter is 105 mm;
  • pluses: a good area of ​​the illuminated space;
  • cons: cost, sizes.

Cabrera C0042

The next option is more compact, but it also costs more. The manufacturing country is Spain, the device is part of the Saona series:

  • model name: Saona C0190;
  • price: 1881 r.;
  • characteristics: frame material, lampshade – metal, color – white, LED light bulb, power – 6 W, dust and moisture protection degree – IP20, cold light, lighting area – 3 sq. m, height – 25 mm, diameter 90 mm;
  • pluses: the illuminated area, more compact sizes in comparison with analogues;
  • cons: high cost.

Saona c0190


On sale you can find a large assortment of bulbs that can be built into stretch ceilings. When choosing the appropriate option for a matte or glossy canvas, pay attention not only to the power of the lamps, but also to the brightness of the lighting. In addition, when ordering products in an online store with delivery by mail, keep in mind that the photo does not always correspond to reality. One of the embedded options:

  • model name: Lega HI ADJ MR16 011020;
  • price: 340 p.;
  • characteristics: metal frame and shade, color – white, lamp – halogen, base – GU5.3, power – 50 W, illuminated space – 2.5 km m, height – 5 mm, diameter – 85 mm;
  • pluses: power, reasonable cost;
  • cons: no.

Lega HI ADJ MR16 011020

Recessed light sources in most cases are not used for decorative purposes, but for lighting a specific area. Another good option:

  • model name: Difesa Piano 006881;
  • price: 683 r.;
  • characteristics: metal frame, glass shade, color – matt chrome and matt white, halogen bulb, base – GU5.3, power – 50 W, lighting area – 2.5 sq. m, height – 15 mm, diameter – 95 mm;
  • pluses: good lighting, good parameters;
  • cons: costs more than analogues.

Difesa Piano 006881


Often, overhead lamps are purchased for stretch linens. For their installation, adjustable racks are mounted, which are then covered with a cloth. The body of the device and the film do not contact each other due to fixation with a special ring. If desired, you can choose fixed or rotary devices. The latter after installation can be adjusted in the necessary direction. Alternatively, you may be interested in:

  • model name: Elektrostandard 1070 a035973;
  • price: 437 r.;
  • characteristics: type – patch invoice, style – modern, height – 60 mm, length – 160 mm, diameter – 135 mm, color – white, materials – plastic, metal, power – 13 W, lighting area – 0.7 sq.m ;
  • pluses: optimal power, look;
  • cons: small lighting area.

Elektrostandard 1070 a035973

Check out the options for another product from the same brand. The device in comparison with the previous version has a square shape of the ceiling:

  • model name: Elektrostandard Dls020 a035325;
  • price: 678 p.;
  • characteristics: type – Downlight, style – modern, height – 38 mm, width and length – 225 mm, color – white, material – plastic, power – 18 W, lighting area – 9 sq.m;
  • Pros: suitable for large rooms;
  • cons: costs more than analogues, made only of plastic.

Dls020 a035325


Pendant lights on a suspended ceiling are more common because their fixation method is simpler. A strong ceiling hook made of reinforcement is fixed at the place of installation of the ceiling before stretching the blade. After installing the ceiling on this hook, a chandelier is hung. An interesting option with a good degree of dust and moisture protection 20 IP is the device:

  • model name: Luce Solara 5064 / 9S Smoke;
  • price: 6144 r.;
  • characteristics: style – loft, height – 920 mm, diameter – 370 mm, color – yellow, material – metal, total power – 180 W, lighting area – 9 sq. m, mounting method – mounting plate, number of bulbs – 3 pieces;
  • pluses: design, good lighting, durability;
  • cons: high cost.

A more original option is the Luce Solara 5064 lamp, which can be successfully used in both home and official interiors. The design of the device is thought out to the smallest detail and made in the best traditions of the Art Nouveau style:

  • model name: Luce Solara 5064 / 9S Smoke;
  • price: 12928 r.;
  • characteristics: style – modern, height – 1000 mm, diameter – 585 mm, shade color – gray, bases – chrome, materials – glass, metal, power – 40 W, illuminates up to 18 sq.m, number of lamps – 9 pieces:
  • Pros: great for large spaces, superior design;
  • cons: very expensive.

Chandelier Luce Solara 5064 / 9S Smoke


If you plan to order the most economical and durable lamps, then pay attention to devices with LED bulbs. They are able to create natural, surround and panoramic lighting. Such devices do not emit heat and are great for decoration. With a competent choice (the photo in online stores does not always correspond to reality) LED lighting devices can visually increase the height of the ceiling. One inexpensive option:

  • model name: Ecola GX53LED;
  • price: 350 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 8.5 W, color temperature – 4200, size – 27×75 mm, color – natural white, average life time – 30 thousand hours;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, good durability;
  • cons: no.


Another great option for installing in a suspended ceiling is a square-shaped luminaire from Albes. With it, you can illuminate large spaces without spending a lot of electricity:

  • Model Name: UNIVERSAL LED Albes;
  • price: 856 p.;
  • characteristics: power – 36 W, dimensions – 595×595 mm, degree of protection – 20 IP, luminous flux – 4000 Lm, total thickness – 19 mm;
  • pluses: powerful, suitable for large rooms;
  • cons: more expensive than analogues.


Energy saving

Such products are characterized by good safety and low power consumption. They can be placed in the canvas itself, as well as outside it. Compact fluorescent bulbs do not overheat, which is very important for stretch ceilings. A relatively inexpensive, but quite suitable option for a variety of rooms will be products from Ecola:

  • model name: Ecola GX53;
  • price: 250 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 9 W, temperature (color) – 2700, color – warm white, size – 27×75 mm, service life – about 8 thousand hours;
  • pluses: low cost, compactness;
  • cons: service life.


A lamp with an energy-saving light bulb GX70 from the same manufacturer will help reduce electricity consumption by up to 80% compared to incandescent lamps. Such a device heats up slightly and does not blind your eyes:

  • model name: Ecola GX70;
  • price: 364 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 20 W, temperature (color) – 4100, size – 42.5 x 111 mm, service life – about 10 thousand hours;
  • Pros: gives a steady light, suitable for most rooms;
  • cons: costs more than analogues.

Ecola GX70

How to choose

Each type of lighting device has its own light bulb, for example, an incandescent lamp cannot be screwed into a device for LED models, because they have different sizes. In this regard, determine in advance the type and shape of the lamp and lamps before they are purchased for the stretch fabric. When choosing it is important to consider the nuances:

  • Recessed type luminaires should be equipped with internal sides and not heat up more than +60 degrees.
  • Prefer best matte bulbs.
  • To visually increase the ceiling from several levels, you need to integrate spotlights on each level.
  • Cast built-in appliances are not suitable for installation in a tension web.
  • For mounting 20 or more point elements, it is best to group them in each zone with a separate power supply. This approach will help reduce power consumption..
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