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Looking for a package that is perfect for storing different things, while not taking up much space? Then you need vacuum bags that look like a transparent bag, the clothes in them will be stored for a long time, taking at the same time 2-3 times less space, so this type of packaging is very popular. This useful invention of mankind has been appreciated by many housewives. It has been specially designed for the gentle storage of clothing, home textiles, warm blankets, pillows and more..

What are vacuum bags

A zip-lock packing case made of thick polyethylene with a valve for removing air and a zip-lock is a vacuum bag, the dream of every neat housewife. The principle of its action is based on the properties of airless space, i.e. vacuum. As a result of a decrease in pressure (compression force) in an enclosed space, an environment with slowed down oxidation processes is created and moisture absorption and thermal conductivity are reduced. Use such products as follows:

  1. Open the bag (just don’t break the lock), put all the necessary things in it so that they take up as little space as possible.
  2. Fill to the mark “Fill to this Line”, close by double-running the fastener back and forth.
  3. Locate the valve cover and recess in its center, then push it.
  4. Remove the cover under which the plastic valve appears..
  5. Attach a vacuum cleaner hose or special pump to the valve. Do it as tight as possible.
  6. Turn on the vacuum cleaner. You need to pump out air for about 2 minutes, but it all depends on the number of things, the size of the package.
  7. At the end, remove the hose and reinstall the cap as quickly as possible. Be sure to ensure that no air enters the product..

Package before and after air evacuation

The advantages of such sealed packaging are reliable protection of the contents from dust, moisture, harmful insects, foreign odors, durability, ease of use and compactness. Its use today is wide: for travel, freezing, storage of linen, etc. Depending on the purpose, such packaging is divided into two categories: for storage of things and for storage of products. The main functions of vacuum bags are:

  • safe storage;
  • extending the shelf life of food;
  • pollution protection;
  • prevention of drying, curing of products;
  • professional supply of assortment;
  • hygiene storage requirements;
  • creating an aesthetic look.

For storing things

To use a vacuum bag for clothes, you need to pack all things in it and tightly close the product with a double zipper. After that, it remains to take a special pump (often comes in a set) and draw out the right amount of air – the evacuation process. As a result, the volume of things decreases by 1.5-4 times. Such packages may be needed if you have a lot of things or you need to move. Quality products are made from a mixture of polyethylene and polyamide – nylon is often used. There are options:

  • with valve;
  • with a hanger;
  • with a pump;
  • compression.

Clothing in a vacuum bag

For food storage

Bags for vacuum packaging of food products provide an airless environment, which is considered a reliable barrier against the growth of putrefactive bacteria and the oxidative effects of oxygen. Such packaging will help to store food 2-3 times longer, but remember that it cannot completely protect them from spoilage. Do not assume that a vacuum product will allow you to store supplies indefinitely. First of all, they are divided into single and reusable, but in addition they distinguish:

  • standard;
  • shrink;
  • corrugated;
  • metallized.

Fish in a vacuum bag

Buy vacuum bags

Today you can buy vacuum bags for storing things and products, not only for domestic purposes, but also commercial. Such packaging products are in great demand in retail chains and restaurant business. Universal and practical packaging for a long time keep the product fresh, and at the same time provide the opportunity to demonstrate it as profitably as possible. Such modern packaging stimulates consumer demand. In addition, large quantities can be transported ergonomically packed.

For clothes

Having decided to buy a vacuum-type packaging for things, remember that a special pump is often included in the package. When choosing the optimal size, consider the parameters of those places where you are going to store coolies with things. For placement in a chest of drawers or on shelves, it is better to choose packages measuring 50×60 cm. Remember that it is impossible to store natural fur coats and leather products in them, unless specified by the manufacturer. Packages for vacuum packaging of clothes:

  • name: Alice Home Queen;
  • price: 200 rubles;
  • characteristics: 70×100 cm, made of high quality polyethylene, manufacturer China;
  • pluses: things are compressed in volume by 75%, stored for the whole season;
  • cons: not fit on any shelf.

You need to look for suitable packaging thoroughly, because even if the compression force of the two options is the same, then they have different properties, so choosing and buying vacuum bags for clothes is not so simple. Often, many are faced with the fact that it is worth touching the polyethylene as it begins to tear. An equally popular option is:

  • name: Loks;
  • price: 210 rubles;
  • characteristics: 60×80 cm, 100% plastic, manufacturer China;
  • Pros: you can use any vacuum cleaner for pumping;
  • cons: a little expensive.

Packing bags for clothes Leader Suite

For food

Today, vacuum-type packaging has become an indispensable part of the lives of many people. Their use has become one of the easiest and best ways to store food and transport it. The high strength of the feedstock ensures the complete safety of the packaged products at all stages of transportation and further storage. This type of packaging can withstand microwave irradiation (in the microwave), pasteurization, sterilization, ultra-high temperature treatment. A striking representative of food packaging is:

  • name: Sous-Vide;
  • price: 500 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 20 cm x 5 m, made of 80 μm PA / PE film;
  • pluses: multifunctional, used for long-term storage, cooking at temperatures up to 95 degrees;
  • cons: only available in rolls.

If the described option does not suit you and you need products with an internal ribbed surface, which is ideal for filling food products, then take a closer look at:

  • name: CASO Zip;
  • price: 1022 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 20×23 cm 20 pieces, have a ZIP-lock, ribbed surface;
  • pluses: suitable for packaging, low-temperature cooking, durable, cheap;
  • cons: no.

Vacuum bags Zip and vacuum

With valve

Before ordering compact vacuum bags for clothes in a specialized outlet or in an online store with delivery by mail / home, familiarize yourself with the technical specifications and instructions of the option you are interested in. Regardless of whether you buy a regular vacuum bag or a bag-bag, any option may have unexpected flaws! A vacuum bag with a valve through which air is pumped out of the product is perfect for seasonal storage of things. Its purchase may be ideal both in terms of price and quality:

  • name: Paterra;
  • price: 292 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 70×105 cm, made of polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, suitable for storing things;
  • pluses: large, saves space up to 70%;
  • cons: a little expensive.

Another equally popular option with a valve having a small plastic clip, with which it is convenient to close the bag in zip lock, is:

  • name: Fix Price Home Collection;
  • price: 47 rubles;
  • characteristics: 50×60 cm, made of polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, suitable for storing things;
  • pluses: strong seams, valve;
  • cons: high cost for one piece.

Vacuum bags with valves

With a hanger

Recently, sales of vacuum packaging with a hanger, which are great for storing things, have been growing. This is due to the fact that after sealing packages of this type are not recommended to be bent, and large packages sometimes simply have nowhere to remove. Suspended models combine all the advantages that these packages and hangers have:

  • name: Vaki Paki;
  • price: 210 rubles;
  • characteristics: 70×145 cm, made of polyethylene, have a hook for hanging, weight 216.4 g, made in China
  • pluses: things are compressed in volume 3-4 times;
  • cons: no.

Another equally popular representative of packages of this category, which can often be purchased at a reduced cost, for example, after falling for a discount or a season of promotions, is:

  • name: Prestige;
  • price: 370 rubles;
  • characteristics: 110X60 cm, there is a built-in hangers made of plastic, a valve for pumping air;
  • pluses: compact, large;
  • cons: a little expensive.

Clothes in a vacuum case with a hanger

With pump

Today it is not so difficult to get vacuum-type packaging at a sale somewhere in Moscow or St. Petersburg, the main thing is to decide on the best option. A purchase must be not only economical, but also durable. In addition, be sure to make sure that it is completely tight and does not allow dust, moisture. A great option is:

  • name: Valiant;
  • price: 460 rubles;
  • characteristics: 70x90x16 cm, made of 100% polyethylene, country of origin China;
  • pluses: compact, large, there is a pump;
  • cons: a little expensive.

Take a closer look at another option that can reduce the amount of space occupied by things by almost 75%:

  • name: Loks;
  • price: 442 rubles;
  • characteristics: 50×35 cm, 3 pieces, made of high density polyethylene, country of origin China;
  • pluses: compact, inexpensive, has a pump, works with all types of vacuum cleaners;
  • cons: no.

Vacuum bags and vacuum


Such models are ideal for training on a long journey. They will help to rationally place the necessary things in a travel bag / suitcase without affecting their quality. You do not need to use a vacuum cleaner for them. Their design is designed so that all the air is released by tight rolling the product. They must not be stored near heating appliances or sharp objects. One of the popular options is:

  • name: Chairman;
  • price: 457 rubles;
  • characteristics: 100×67 cm, 2 pieces, made of polyethylene;
  • pluses: big, suitable for seasonal storage of things;
  • cons: no.

If you are looking for a smaller option that would be ideal for storage in a suitcase and at the same time do not have additional accessories, then take a closer look at this brand:

  • name: Vetta;
  • price: 130 rubles;
  • characteristics: 60×40 cm, made of polyethylene, country of origin China;
  • pluses: compact, inexpensive;
  • cons: no.

Vacuum bags with the scent of lavender Vetta

For vacuum packer

Products intended for vacuum cleaners have gained some distribution, the use of which allows you to pack products quickly and efficiently. Vacuum bags have a ribbed inner surface, as a result of which air is pumped out more efficiently. Due to the absence of dyes, they are transparent, colorless and safe to use. Often packages for vacuum packers have a 3D structure and high strength properties. A striking example is:

  • name: set for Kitfort KT-1500-02;
  • price: 690 rubles;
  • Characteristics: 19 products of different sizes and volumes, set weight 390 g, country of origin China;
  • pluses: reusable;
  • cons: unstable quality.

Before you buy bags for a vacuum packer, get acquainted with the characteristics of at least one other option, in order to make the best choice:

  • name: set for Steba;
  • price: 2200 rubles;
  • characteristics: 28×40 cm, in a set of 50 pieces, made of food-grade polymers;
  • pluses: strong, high strength of the weld;
  • cons: no.

Vacuum packer rolls and vacuum packaged food

How to choose vacuum bags

When choosing the right product, special attention should be paid to choosing the right size. In addition, high-quality polyethylene, from which the bags are made, should be soft, elastic, dense to the touch. Make sure that the zip fastener tightly tightens the edges, and the valve – fits snugly and does not allow air to pass through. As for the choice of size, there is no universal advice on this matter. To do this, consider the storage location and dimensions of things, for example, for shelves in the closet, the following options are suitable: 75×55 cm, 60×45 cm, 50×40 cm. It is impossible to pack the package tightly.

Decide between the option with a vacuum cleaner and a pump. You can quickly and efficiently create a vacuum inside the product using a vacuum cleaner. For large bags this option is the only one suitable. For convenience, manufacturers equip the bags with the same size of the compression valve, which is suitable for a vacuum cleaner of almost any brand. As for the pump, this option is road – it is convenient to take it with you on a trip.

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