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Quiet paper — material that has gained popularity in recent years among handmade advocates. The properties of paper, the variety of color palettes allow you to use it for gift wrapping, use in creativity and even as an interior decoration.

What is silence paper

Quiet paper, also known as tissue paper, is a material made from coniferous trees. Cellulose is obtained from wood and bleached. The composition of the paper is similar to office, but their appearance and properties are very different..
Due to the airy, delicate structure, thin sheets have ductility, fragility and elasticity. A variety of shades and the presence of images make silence items bright, festive and stylish..

What can be done out of paper in silence

Quiet production allowed the use of this material in various fields. She finds the most popular application in wrapping and packing gifts. Often it is placed inside a box or bag to fill in the empty space. The silence is pleasant to the touch, looks beautiful even in a crumpled state and rustles pleasantly, which gives the present some style and playfulness.

In addition, tissue paper has shockproof properties, which is why it has become widely used for picking glass and porcelain goods. Also often in demand for wrapping shoes, bags, leather goods.

Manufacturers of expensive cosmetics and perfumes use silence as packaging to give the product extra chic and gloss..

Quiet paper is one of the favorite materials from masters in the field of handmade and design. Paper is not whimsical to use. And fantasy and a rich color palette help craftsmen to make jewelry, cards and even home decoration from it.

Quiet multi-colored paper


Thin elastic sheets of tissue paper will make a voluminous flower in a short time. A composition of such products can be a substitute for a bouquet of fresh flowers.

We need: scissors, paper in silence of any color, thin wire.

  1. Cut the paper into equal squares.
  2. We put the squares in a stack, then we make an accordion out of it. Optimum width of the accordion should be approximately 1 cm.
  3. The ends of the accordion are rounded off with scissors on both sides..
  4. Wrap the accordion with wire in the middle, while leaving a free tail.
  5. Holding on to the wire, we straighten the petals of the future flower in different directions. Pull the paper very carefully without tearing it. Increase the flower in volume to the desired result.


Quiet pompons will decorate the interior for any party or celebration. Recently, such decorative ornaments are increasingly becoming an alternative to balloons. Thanks to lightness and airiness, voluminous, lush pompons are obtained from tissue paper.

We need: scissors, tissue paper (for a small product 8-10 sheets, for a large 20), thread, thin wire.

  1. Lay sheets on top of each other. The more material you use, the more magnificent your future pompom will be. But remember, with a lot of petals is more difficult to manage..
  2. Fold the stack in half and cut with scissors exactly along the edge.
  3. Fold the sheets with an accordion, the fold does not exceed 3 cm.
  4. Wrap tight accordion in the center wire. Attach a thread or tape to the wire, for it you will tie the product.
  5. Round the edges with scissors.
  6. Start spreading each sheet to the center, giving the pompom volume. Spread 6-8 leaves.
  7. Turn the product over and start spreading the petals on the other side..
  8. When you have 4-5 petals left, turn over the pompom again and spread it in silence on the missing side. Smooth until the product is round.


Tassel garland

Tassel garlands – this is another way to decorate the room for the upcoming celebration. Garlands have many design options: they are made monophonic, of two colors, and sometimes consist of brushes of different colors.

We will need: Papyrus paper, scissors, glue gun or scotch tape, tape, string or twine.

  1. Fold a paper rectangle in half lengthwise.
  2. Roll it up two more times in the same way. Put the collapsed rectangle vertically in front of you.
  3. Scissors make strips of the required thickness before reaching the edge. Then unfold the product and cut in half. So it turns out 4 separate leaves.
  4. Fold the rectangles on top of each other, twist the middle with a bundle between each other.
  5. Make a loop from the twisted part. Fix the loop with glue.
  6. String the resulting brush onto a tape or cord. Continue to form the garland of the desired length.

Where to get paper in silence

You can buy paper in Moscow in stores for creativity or choose an online store. Tissue paper in bulk is sold primarily in online stores. An important addition will be delivery to the right address. But it is worth noting that often the color of the presented product in the catalogs differs from the one that the courier will bring to you. Therefore, you should purchase material in large stores with a good reputation. It is recommended that you carefully read the reviews before buying.

Quiet paper garland

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