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Performing repairs, it is not necessary to remove wallpaper from the walls, because they can be painted. Manufacturers of paints and varnishes (LKM) sell several varieties of paint specifically designed to solve this problem. With the help of such products it is possible to update the familiar interior in a short time and at minimal cost, giving it almost any color. This becomes especially relevant if large-scale repair work is not possible due to certain circumstances..

Types of Wallpaper Paint

Today on sale you can find a wide range of paints intended for wallpaper. You can order suitable products in any specialized online store with mail delivery. The coatings for painting wallpaper offered by LKM differ from each other not only in cost, but also in properties that should be considered when purchasing the optimal paint. All of them are divided into three varieties:

  • acrylic;
  • latex;
  • water emulsion.


Such paint on wallpaper for interior use is characterized by maximum resistance to moisture, and at the same time it is not afraid of mechanical damage and abrasion. Acrylic paints and varnishes have a matte texture, but this does not make it less popular and popular. Due to the wide color gamut, it can be used to realize the most original and interesting design ideas. It is completely safe for human health, but because of the extensive list of benefits, acrylic products are one of the most expensive:

  • does not spread;
  • easy to apply;
  • forms a breathable coating;
  • practically odorless;
  • does not fade when exposed to sunlight.

Water-based acrylic paint is ideal for non-woven fabrics, but some of its options are also suitable for paper paintings, fiberglass, including pre-priming. Such coatings differ from latex water-dispersion products in that they are more saturated. The wallpaper painted by him looks very bright, and the color of the coating will not become faded for a long time. Films do not form when stained, due to which wallpaper can breathe – due to this, excess steam will not accumulate in the room. Drying time is 24 hours..


The main distinguishing feature of this varnish and paint product for wallpaper is that it is able to form a luxurious structure with a characteristic silkiness. The surface coated with latex coatings impresses with its chic look and smoothness. It costs latex paint not so cheap, but all the costs will pay off with a long service life and the ideal properties of such products. The main connecting element is latex: natural juice of rubber plants or its synthetic analogue..

Latex paintwork dries quickly and has a slight odor that is barely noticeable. In this regard, it is ideal for coloring wallpapers in the kitchen, bedroom and living room. Its variety on a water-dispersed acrylic base is suitable for painting fiberglass and non-woven wallpaper with a relief base. After application to the surface, water evaporates from the solution and the particles gradually begin to stick together, forming an even polymer film. In latex coatings for wallpapers contains a minimum amount of fillers and pigments. The list of advantages of this product:

  • durability, stability of the polymer film;
  • immunity to moisture;
  • a large assortment of colors, types of coating (glossy, matte);
  • drying speed (only 2-4 hours);
  • easy washing off of dirt and dust from the surface of latex painted materials.

Latex paint

Water emulsion

These products are made on the basis of PVA glue and therefore initially it has a white color. You can give it the desired shade with ease with the help of a color scheme. In general, it is a mixture of latex (acrylate), fastening chemical components, antiseptic and filler. Water-based compositions, as a rule, are used for decorating ceiling wallpapers, but they are often used for decorating wall coverings. They are the most affordable among those listed..

Due to environmental safety, water-based paint is used to decorate a children’s room. It can be either matte or glossy. The first option is best used if you want to hide small bumps on the walls. Glossy products are suitable to highlight patterns on the wallpaper and create a consistent coating. By painting relief paintings, you can get the original decor. The disadvantages are instability to moisture and the ability to burn out under the influence of sunlight. Benefits:

  • dries quickly;
  • almost odorless;
  • completely harmless;
  • it is applied very simply;
  • lays well on the surface.

What paint to paint wallpaper

In the markets of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country you can find a large assortment of paints for wallpaper with an extensive palette of colors. Properly selected products will allow you to change the color design of the paintings, making them more vivid. At the same time, keep in mind that some paints are ideal for textured non-woven wallpaper and glass wallpaper, the second for vinyl, and the third for classic paper. Well-known manufacturers of such paints and varnishes are Dulux, Dyo, Tikkurila, Halo and others.


Non-woven wallpaper, which is made from cellulose fiber and various additives, has gained considerable popularity. Their characteristic features are the relief and texture. In the modern paint and varnish market, there are many colors that can be used to give a different color to such wallpaper. One of the options for interior paint, which is suitable for both non-woven and other types of wallpaper:

  • name: Dulux base BW;
  • price: 2297 r.;
  • characteristics: type – water-based, volume – 10 l, consumption – 0.104 kg / m2, country of origin – Russia, whiteness indicator – 0.92, drying time before repeated coating – 1 hour, full drying – 2-4 hours, gloss – matte;
  • pluses: no smell, the ability to use computer tinting, resistance to washing, dries in a short period of time;
  • cons: no.

Another paint for non-woven wallpaper is Tikkurila Euro Trend. It is a universal product suitable for painting any paintings. It can be used in children’s and medical institutions:

  • name: Tikkurila Euro Trend;
  • price: 3790 r.;
  • characteristics: volume – 9 l, type – water-dispersion, gloss – matte, binder – acrylic copolymer, manufacturer – Finland-Russia, time before applying the next layer – 2 hours, flow rate – 1 l / 10-12m2, density – 1 2-1.4 kg / l;
  • pluses: versatility, preserves and emphasizes the texture, environmentally friendly, resistant to washing with detergents, odorless, dries quickly;
  • cons: no.

Paint Dulux Base BW


The simplest and most common are classic paper canvases, which are relatively inexpensive. The choice of suitable coloring compounds for such wallpapers is simply huge. A good purchase would be:

  • name: Tikkurila Joker;
  • price: 6290 r.;
  • characteristics: volume – 9 l, type – water-based, gloss – matte, binder – acrylate, consumption – 1 l / 7-12 m2, diluent – water, drying time – 1-2 hours, density – 1.3 kg / l ;
  • pluses: versatility, silky effect, good resistance to cleaning;
  • cons: high cost, suitable for dry rooms.

DYO Dyoplus is another good paint for paper wallpapers. Due to the thin film formation, it helps to preserve the texture of the paintings and at the same time allows multiple repainting:

  • name: DYO Dyoplus;
  • price: 5180 r.;
  • characteristics: volume – 15 l, gloss – deep-mat, consumption – 1 l / 16 m2, diluted with 30% water;
  • pluses: easy to apply, environmental friendliness, lack of smell, economical consumption, high hiding power;
  • cons: no.

Tikkurila Joker Paint


Due to the beautiful design and affordable cost, vinyl wallpaper canvases have gained great popularity. They are a two-layer material, the upper layer of which is made of polyvinyl chloride, and the lower one is made of non-woven or paper. Universal option suitable for all types of wallpaper:

  • Name: Special Wallpaper Tikkurila Base A;
  • price: 3355 r.;
  • characteristics: volume – 9 l, gloss – matte, country of origin – Russia, drying time before repeated coating – 1.5 hours;
  • pluses: resistance to washing, universality, reasonable cost;
  • cons: suitable for dry rooms.

Another paint for vinyl wallpapers and other types of wallpaper is Tex Profi. Recommended for coloring in kindergartens, educational and medical institutions:

  • name: Tex Pro base D;
  • price: 1696 r.;
  • characteristics: volume – 9 l, type – water dispersion, gloss – matte, color – transparent, consumption for a single-layer coating – 8-10 m2 / 1 l, the next coat can be applied after 1.5 hours, the country of origin – Russia;
  • pluses: emphasizes the relief pattern, retains color for a long time, is cheap;
  • cons: not used as a standalone paint, as need to tint.

Paint Special Wallpaper Tikkurila Base A


This variety of wallpaper paintings is characterized by excellent durability. To change their color requires a large amount of paint. An excellent choice for solving this problem may be “Betria Water-dispersion.” These paints and varnishes are suitable for both cullet and vinyl, paper analogues. It is also used for painting concrete slabs, putty and plastered surfaces:

  • name: Betria Water-dispersive;
  • price: 959 r.;
  • characteristics: type – moisture-resistant acrylate, weight – 14 kg, coating – matte, full drying time – 24 hours, consumption – 80-200 g / m2 (with a single-layer coating), country of origin – Russia;
  • pluses: universal, cheap;
  • cons: dries for a long time.

Olsta Wall & Ceiling is a premium matt acrylic interior product, which is designed for rooms with a high operational load. It retains the structure of internal coatings and is easy to clean. Suitable not only for fiberglass wallpaper, but also embossed, embossed and structural paintings:

  • Name: Olsta Wall & Ceiling Premium;
  • price: 4820 p.;
  • characteristics: type – acrylic, packing – 9 l, composition – acrylic dispersion, consumption – 120-200 ml / m2, gloss – matte, wash resistance – 1 class, drying – 1 hour at +20 ° C;
  • pluses: high hiding power and whiteness, easy application, the possibility of tinting, resistance to wet abrasion;
  • cons: costs more than analogues, increased consumption.

If you are looking for interior paint with a slight sheen for cullet, then Dufa Premium SATIN may suit you. Suitable for structural wallpaper, gypsum boards, plasters and other surfaces:

  • name: Dufa Premium SATIN;
  • price: 4750 p.;
  • characteristics: type – latex, packing – 10 l, density – 1.3 g / cm3, minimum air temperature during application – +5 ° C, full drying – 3 days;
  • pluses: high hiding power and whiteness, ease of application, resistance to wet abrasion, wear, versatility;
  • cons: dries for a long time.

Paint Olsta Wall & Ceiling Premium

How to choose paint for wallpaper

The wallpaper paint purchased must be suitable for the specific type of canvas. In order not to make a mistake with the purchase, consider the criteria:

  • For non-woven wallpaper canvases, you can buy latex or acrylic coatings. Please note that you can even paint such wallpapers on the reverse side. To do this, apply the composition to the back of the canvas and, after it dries, stick to the wall. The paint will begin to appear on the front side only in those places where there is no polymer. The tone will be slightly different..
  • To color paper canvases, you can resort to any paints. The best option is latex products. You can save on staining if you buy water-based compositions.
  • If you plan to dye fiberglass products, then to emphasize their beauty and originality it is better to use acrylic or latex products. They will help reveal the texture of fiberglass wallpaper..
  • For vinyl paintings, an acrylic composition is suitable. You can paint them on both sides, but the shade will be slightly different.

If you plan to create a romantic atmosphere in the room, then give preference to pastel colors. To create a stylish interior, choose cool light colors. With the help of bright colors, you can give the room a unique look. Please note that if you want to paint the walls in a certain color, you will most likely need tinting. You can run it yourself or using a computer.

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