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Many variations of one type of cookware are designed for different purposes. The standard and electric frying pan for pancakes differs from ordinary in the best non-stick coating, low sides, diameter; they are cast iron, ceramic. A special top layer prevents sticking of the dough during frying pancakes, keeps heat well. The design often uses a wooden handle. Pancake pans exist round, square.

In which pan is better to bake pancakes

The main quality of crepe makers is a smooth frying surface. Equipped with a non-stick layer, they quickly heat up, hold heat for a long time, and are hardly deformed. The best materials for special pancake pans are cast aluminum, cast iron, and Teflon-coated steel. Before use, this cookware is calcined, due to which the food does not stick / burns. Pancake sizes vary depending on the versatility, material, manufacturer. The bottom thickness is also important – massive pans warm up more evenly.

Best Pan Frying Pans

Firms that produce pans for pancakes, try to diversify the range. So there is a metal, ceramic dishes with an additional protective layer that prevents the temperature difference, special sides that contribute to turning over baked pancakes. The cost of such dishes varies from a few hundred rubles from budget options to tens of thousands – for professional copies. You can order by mail or buy a pancake pan from companies:

  • Fissman;
  • Tefal;
  • Regent
  • VARI;
  • AMT Castroguss;
  • Biol;

Pan Biol

Pancake cast-iron frying pan

You can cheaply buy frying dishes from Seaton. The model Ch2425D pleases the eye, has good strength indicators, is suitable for use on an induction cooker, can easily withstand the most severe washing modes inside a powerful dishwasher:

  • model name: Seaton Ch2425D;
  • price: 1100 r.;
  • characteristics: cast iron crepe maker with a diameter of 24 cm, wooden handle, varnished;
  • pluses: thick bottom, suitable for use on an induction stove;
  • cons: too low sides.

Cast-iron frying pan Seaton Ch2425D

Enjoy authentic Italian quality with LE CREUSET induction non-stick crepe maker. Wide with high straight sides help to avoid getting oil on the surface of the plate, prevent splashing of juices:

  • name: LE CREUSET;
  • price: 10000 r .;
  • characteristics: cast iron crepe maker, additional enamel coating, suitable for induction cookers, dishwasher safe;
  • pluses: strong protective layer, straight sides;
  • cons: loose handle.

Crepe maker LE CREUSET

Ceramic Pan for Pancakes

Ceramics, which is the basis of the non-stick layer, protects the dishes from mechanical damage, rust. This type of protective layer is well established in the manufacture of dishes, and the sharpest knife will not leave scratches on it:

  • model name: Frybest ever Green CME-C26;
  • price: 1600 r.;
  • characteristics: bottom 4.5 mm, ceramic non-stick coating, the main material is aluminum;
  • pluses: high strength, multifunctionality;
  • Cons: small sizes, high curved sides.

Ceramic-coated model Frybest ever Green CME-C26

The aluminum case of this crepe maker is not afraid of damage, and the ceramic layer cannot be scratched with a knife. Withstands aggressive washing conditions in the dishwasher. A removable handle adds versatility, allowing you to turn the pan into a baking sheet:

  • name: Tima TVS titan granit induction;
  • price: 3000 r.;
  • Characteristics: aluminum frying pan with a black ceramic protective layer;
  • pluses: can be washed in a dishwasher, suitable for use on an induction stove;
  • cons: not found.

Tima TVS aluminum pan titan granit induction


The increased thickness of the bottom helps to better distribute heat, accelerates the frying process, and a special fine-grained protective layer prevents food from sticking during cooking. Lightweight durable dishes are well stored anywhere, can withstand aggressive rinsing:

  • model name: Frybest Olivia C28i;
  • price: 2700 r.;
  • Characteristics: aluminum pan for pancakes with a thick bottom, can be used on an induction stove;
  • pluses: a thick bottom provides an even distribution of heat over the entire surface;
  • cons: the handle quickly overheats.

Thick Bottom Model Frybest Oliva C28i

Frybest stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg will provide excellent frying dishes created especially for pancakes. The thickened lower part and low sides help to better distribute the dough during the frying process:

  • name: Frybest Rainbow;
  • price: 1800 r .;
  • characteristics: a special crepe maker with low sides, a thick bottom;
  • Pros: Ideal for baking pancakes;
  • cons: the dough can overflow.

Thick Frybest Rainbow Pancake

Frying pan with a pattern on the bottom

A built-in temperature indicator helps to better control the frying process. Do not check if the pan is heated by dripping water on it – the special red circle on the dishes from Tefal shows whether the container is ready for cooking:

  • model name: Tefal 24cd;
  • price: 1000 r .;
  • characteristics: non-stick coating, red indicator of surface heating, dishwasher is allowed;
  • pluses: wide straight sides, thick bottom;
  • cons: not found.

Frying pan with heating indicator Tefal 24cd

Cookware from Tefal compares favorably with other high strength, beautiful design. In combination with multifunctionality and a special temperature indicator, the m389cd model is an excellent choice for a housewife:

  • model name: Tefal m389cd;
  • price: 2800 r.;
  • Features: multi-layer ceramic protection, non-stick coating, heating indicator, heat resistant handle;
  • pluses: an excellent set of characteristics for the price;
  • cons: hard to find on sale.

Marble coated

Marble is stronger than ceramics, better retains heat, easier to polish. Do not try to scratch the bottom of the BR-1108, if you value the knives – the stone can withstand many types of influences that threaten the dishes in the kitchen:

  • model name: Bollire MILANO BR-1108;
  • price: 1900 r.;
  • characteristics: multi-layer marble coating, low sides;
  • pluses: high margin of safety;
  • cons: small size, fragile plastic handle that can melt.

Marbled pancake pan Bollire MILANO BR-1108

The molten copper bottom contributes to the comfortable use of the pan on the induction cooker, without fear of getting an electric shock from accidentally touching the sides. Marble protective coating perfectly distributes heat, withstands mechanical stress:

  • name: Wellberg Neon WB-6769;
  • price: 1000 r .;
  • Characteristics: multifunctional cookware for frying with a marble non-stick layer;
  • pluses: a large margin of safety, can be used on an induction stove;
  • cons: heavy.

With induction bottom

Diamond spraying, which is part of the protective layer, eliminates the possibility of scratching the bottom. The fine-grained protection itself distributes the oil on the surface, preventing the burning of food, and high sides help to avoid splashing of juices:

  • model name: Swiss diamond induction;
  • price: 4500 r .;
  • Characteristics: non-stick diamond coating, fused thick multi-layer bottom;
  • pluses: can be used on an induction stove;
  • cons: high cost, low durability.

Multi-layer model Swiss diamond induction

Due to the heat-resistant handle, a monolithic pancake can be used instead of a baking sheet, not being afraid to get a piece of molten plastic at the exit. The special molded bottom is well suited for use on an induction cooker:

  • model name: Gipfel ELLIS;
  • price: 3000 r.;
  • Features: steel cookware compatible with induction cookers, thick bottom, heat resistant handle;
  • Pros: withstands high temperatures, suitable for baking in the oven;
  • Cons: monolithic design, quickly heats up.

Model with heat-resistant Gipfel ELLIS handle

Electric pancake pan

The electric stove has high power, heats up very quickly, its bottom is not easy to scratch with a gift spatula from the kit. High power consumption is compensated by compactness, instant cooling after completion of work:

  • model name: UNIT UGP-30;
  • price: 4300 r.;
  • characteristics: household classic electric crepe maker, power 1000 W, 4 operating modes, equipped with a spatula;
  • pluses: fast heating, high power;
  • cons: no bumpers, high power consumption.

Electric crepe maker UNIT UGP-30

Mono-mode tiles have a large margin of safety, can work with any power supply network, and reduced power consumption makes it an indispensable thing in a campaign if someone took an uninterruptible power supply:

  • model name: SUPRA WIS-500;
  • price: 1000 r .;
  • characteristics: electric frying pan, working surface diameter 29 cm, power 1000 W, equipped with a spatula;
  • pluses: low price;
  • cons: 1 operating mode, limited temperature setting.

Electric pancake fryer SUPRA WIS-500

Pancake Pan

Special dishes with low sides evenly distribute heat, and nothing sticks to the bottom. Ergonomic rubberized handle prevents dishes from slipping out of your hand:

  • model name: Frybest Olivia C28i;
  • price: 2700 r.;
  • characteristics: aluminum crepe maker with a thick bottom, can be used on an induction cooker;
  • pluses: a thick bottom provides an even distribution of heat over the entire surface;
  • cons: the handle quickly overheats.

Induction pan Frybest Oliva C28i

The increased thickness of the bottom helps to better distribute heat, accelerates the frying process, and low sides contribute to the convenient transfer of finished hot pancakes on a plate. With the proper skill at Frybest Rainbow, you can cook without a spatula:

  • model name: Frybest Rainbow;
  • price: 1800 r .;
  • characteristics: a special crepe maker with low sides, a thick bottom;
  • Pros: Ideal for baking pancakes;
  • cons: the dough can overflow.

Frybest Rainbow Thick Bottom Pan

How to choose a pan for pancakes

Buying a quality product is not an easy task. You can get good speed for pancakes in an online store, company salon or at a sale if you know by what criteria to choose the best product:

  1. Bottom thickness. Large values ​​contribute to uniform heating of the entire surface on any type of plate.
  2. Coating. On Teflon-coated aluminum pans, the dough will never stick, but they need special care. Even a durable multi-layer non-stick coating can be scratched when handled carelessly.
  3. A pen. The best choice is a stick of stained wood impregnated with a non-combustible composition.
  4. Material. A cast-iron pancake pan is considered one of the most durable. Aluminum and steel are lighter, but do not have such a margin of safety.
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