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Different methods are used to get rid of pests. The main problem is that insects can develop immunity to the agent used. Phenaxin from ants is a drug that guarantees an insect-acaricidal effect. Using the instructions for use, you can forever forget about pests at home and in the garden.

Powder composition

The product is available in powder or granular form. The active substances that help get rid of insects are:

  • pyrethroid phenvalerate;
  • boric acid.

Fenvalerate has an intestinal-contact effect, it belongs to the perteroid group of drugs. Boric acid also has toxic properties and a pungent odor. Phenaxin contains auxiliary substances – lubricating oil, talc, soot. Oil is not a toxic substance, but with its help, poison sticks to the paws of ants and spreads among insects.

Mechanism of action

Phenaxin is not only for indoor use. It can be used against pests in gardens. The mechanism of action of the drug is simple – after the main components fall on the paws of insects along with oil, the nerve-paralytic effect of the main substances will begin. Even before the death of the pest from paralysis, the poison is transferred to the colony of relatives. After this, the components continue to spread among the ants, destroying the entire population.

Dead ant

Phenaxin – instructions for use

About how to properly perform pest control, is described in detail in the instructions for use of Fenaxin. It is necessary to strictly follow the annotations, observing safety measures when processing rooms and paths in a garden or vegetable garden. Before using the product inside the house, open windows and wear gloves so that there is no allergic reaction.

Dosage and terms of use

The instructions strictly regulate what the dosage should be when combating different types of insects. You should adhere to the rules for using the drug, otherwise you will not achieve the maximum effect. To get rid of pests at home, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Identify the location of the ants. Routing or “paths” is characteristic of these insects..
  2. With a thin layer of 0.5–1 mm, pour powder along the thresholds, skirting boards – wherever there are signs of an ant trail.
  3. 10-13 hours after applying the drug, you can carry out wet cleaning, washing the floor and all surfaces where Phenaxin was poured.
  4. If necessary, re-process after 3-4 weeks.

Phenaxin is also used in the garden in the same way. Here, the product is laid out especially carefully. Often pests settle right on the beds, spoiling vegetables or berries. When pouring powder, you need to make sure that it does not get on the plants. Phenaxin does not lose its properties within a month even after washing off. Retreatment is only required if larvae remain inside the anthill..

Accumulation of insects

Safety for people and pets

Phenaxin is recognized as safe for people and pets if you do everything according to the instructions and follow all safety precautions. The components of this group are insecticides designed specifically for the destruction of small insects in domestic conditions. The poison has a long paralyzing effect only on the nervous system of ants, cockroaches, bugs..

During the application of the powder, rubber gloves should be worn on the hands, and people with a predisposition to allergies should use a face mask. For the treatment period, aquariums with fish, birds, cats, dogs should be removed from the premises. Within 2–3 weeks after using Fenaxin, pets should not be allowed to go to the garden on the street, because particles of powder can stick to their paws, get into the stomach, and cause poisoning.

Advantages and disadvantages

The drug Phenaxin belongs to the group of active insecticides, so its use is recommended when folk remedies no longer help. The powder has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages of the drug:

  • convenient method of application;
  • high efficiency;
  • affordable cost;
  • universality;
  • fast action on insects;
  • long shelf life – up to a year.

The universal property is that Phenaxin is effective not only from ants, but also from other harmful insects – cockroaches, bugs, aphids and moths. But this drug also has its drawbacks:

  • pests are not always completely destroyed, it is necessary to perform repeated processing from ants;
  • if the instructions are not followed, the result will be minimal;
  • not able to destroy large populations of ants.

Another important minus of Phenaxin is the addiction of insects after repeated use. When using the drug 2-3 times, pests develop immunity to the main substance – phenvalerate. In this case, the use of Phenaxin in combination with other anti-insecticidal drugs that have a different mode of action and components will help..


Fenaxin Cost

The drug Phenaxin not only has positive properties, but also is affordable. The product is distributed through a network of veterinary pharmacies and hardware stores. You can also purchase powder in a market where industrial products are sold. The cost in Moscow depends on the weight and form of release.



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125 mg


250 mg


$ 1

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