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About 50 years ago, TV manufacturers came up with the idea of ​​creating a portable device that you could carry with you and watch your favorite shows at any convenient time. In the age of compact smartphones with an abundance of functions, it would seem that such devices lose their relevance, but they also have a right to exist. Read the rules for choosing portable TVs, popular brands.

What is a portable TV?

From English portable TV or portable TV is a compact device with a small diagonal of up to 30 cm or 10 inches. It, like a standard device, is designed to receive analog, digital or Internet broadcasts, it is only compact and versatile. Common places of application of this unit are living conditions, travel, installation in car dealerships.


The most common type of compact TVs is considered to be a device with a diagonal of 5-9 inches. Large sizes are not bought by consumers because of the high price. Depending on the equipment, the capabilities and functions of portable devices differ. The price also depends on additional indicators – options with DVD players, a control panel and the ability to record broadcasts will cost a lot. Inexpensive are models with standard equipment.

With antenna

If the antenna is built into the TV, the screen, as a rule, has a lower resolution, which affects the quality of the picture – it gets worse. To optimize it, you must select the option with an additional connector for an external antenna (coaxial cable). The set of standard equipment includes a remote control, headphones, stand for mounting. A cigarette lighter adapter, batteries, a power adapter can be supplied with the device.

With digital tuner DVB-T2

If the built-in antenna degrades the picture quality, then this can easily be fixed by buying a model with a connected digital tuner. It is capable of receiving digital or analog television, equipped with a radio, navigator and microphone. The models of this series have high image quality, but an expensive price. Popular brands to buy are Samsung, LG.

Portable tv with battery

For long-term viewing of TV channels, televisions with batteries are produced. They, like ordinary ones, can be charged from the network through the adapter, but after disconnecting the plug from the outlet, they continue to work using internal resources. Such models of technology are characterized by increased cost, large mass, but have a great advantage in the form of duration of work and the possibility of recharging.

Mini TV with battery and DVD player

Battery operated

Unlike a battery-powered TV, a battery-powered device is not so heavy in weight (less than 300 g), so it is preferable. The disadvantages of these portable models include not so long work and the need for continuous replacement of batteries. Depending on the equipment, devices with a radio, navigator and microphone are allocated, but the more additional features are used simultaneously, the less time the battery works.


Mini-TVs with battery or battery can be supplied in folding form. This is convenient because the device does not take up much space, it is easy to take with you on a trip or road. The disadvantages of folding devices include a high price, the difficulty of finding such a model on sale. The advantages include the fact that the device is lightweight and compact. Depending on the model, they are equipped with USB outputs, a memory card slot with the ability to record ether to the card, and other options and technologies.


Televisions can be equipped with a radio, disc player, satellite navigator or multimedia player. At the request of the client, a camera and a video camera, a microphone, a broadcast recording, and a control panel are built into the device. Of the switching inputs, audio and video are allocated for the camera, headphones, built-in antenna, connector for an external antenna, and a memory card. Devices can be equipped with a USB connector, network input, wireless module, power connectors.

A mobile TV, unlike the built-in capabilities of navigators and tablets, has the best signal reception and has several control functions. Options are flat models or with a built-in keyboard and controls. If the device is flat, then it is built into the glass or the headrest of the car, it can be worn with itself. Devices with a keyboard look like laptops, but more compact.

Devices with a built-in player must have a USB input or an HDMI port in order to watch your favorite shows in the highest resolution. DVDs are already gradually being replaced by memory card slots. When choosing, pay attention to the screen format – popular models are available in 16: 9 sizes, version 4: 3 is considered obsolete. For a high-quality picture, it is useful to equip the device with a dvb-t2 digital receiver, which will additionally allow you to watch TV in the subway tunnels and on the road along the routes that the built-in built-in antenna will not be able to connect to.

For motorists it is useful to choose a plug that connects through a cigarette lighter or radio, if you plan to purchase several televisions, then it is better to take an adapter to combine them into a single network. Depending on the viewing purpose, choose models with rechargeable batteries or batteries. This will increase the battery life of the device. Popular brands can be cheaply ordered by stock or sale in Aliexpress online store with free shipping.

Portable tv samsung


You can buy a portable TV with an antenna and other additional features through the Internet or retail chains. Description of popular brands:

  1. Supra STV-705 – costs about 3,000 rubles, has a resolution specification of 1440 * 234 pixels, a diagonal of 7 inches. The model is equipped with touch buttons, a thin frame that visually expands the screen. Along the edges is an input for USB, for memory cards, audio and video inputs. The TV comes complete with two power supplies, mount, antenna, cables, headphones, and operating instructions. According to user reviews, there is a simple understandable natural settings menu in Russian. Of the minuses – there is no digital tuner, only analog. It is possible to connect a rear view camera.
  2. Prology DATV-870XSC is the most expensive model among those considered, because it is equipped with a built-in digital DVB-T tuner, a battery and an eight-inch diagonal. The device can record the air on a flash card, connect the rear view camera automatically. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16: 9, the kit includes a universal stand, a network adapter, a plug, a remote control. It is possible to correct the brightness, color, contrast, automatic change of size to 4: 3, mirror or rotated 180 degrees image. The portable model has a timer, a reminder function, a calendar. The horizontal viewing angle is 180 degrees, up – 10, down – 80. Users note small problems with color reproduction – light shades turn yellow, dark shades give off beige. At the lower and upper edges, the brightness is slightly increased. The tuner is working properly, there are no noise in the picture.
  3. VIDEOVOX ATV-6000 – a TV with a 6-inch LCD screen, equipped with jacks for connecting a power supply, headphones, an external antenna. The menu in Russian, compact size, a range of five meters. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, change the screen size and obtain a mirror image, image rotation. The portable model has a built-in timer, a reminder function, a calendar. Viewing angle is 60 degrees for horizontal viewing and 30 for vertical.
  4. VITEK VT-5007 – a portable device with a seven-inch diagonal, refers to widescreen with a resolution of 16: 9. The kit comes with a bracket for installing the device in a car in two ways – on film or screws. Also, the portable device is additionally equipped with a network adapter, a plug for an outlet and a cigarette lighter, and headphones. There are keys on the front panel, you can manually adjust the color, brightness, clarity, volume and contrast. There is an option to obtain a mirror image, rotate 180 degrees, there is a calendar, built-in games and automatic size adjustment up to 4: 3. With a horizontal deviation, the viewing angle is 100 degrees, up – 20, down – 60. There is an option to connect an external antenna. Excellent material quality.
  5. ELSON LT-10CL is a portable model with a diagonal of 10.4 inches, it works only on a 220 V network. For installation in a car, you will have to buy a power supply and an antenna. At the rear are the antenna input, audio-video input, headphone jack, infrared receiver and mechanical power switch. The portable device is equipped with a stand, bracket, carrying handle. Horizontal viewing angle – 15 degrees, vertical – 30. There is a remote control, the screen is covered with anti-reflective film, the operating voltage range is 100-240V. The TV has automatic program settings, brightness, contrast, volume control. Built-in sound speakers are not the best characteristics, so it is better to connect headphones.

Supra STV-705

How to choose

If you follow the advice of professionals, choosing a handheld TV for a summer residence or travel will be easier. Recommendations for the purchase:

  1. Choose a high resolution screen, because the more pixels, the better the picture. It is optimal to purchase a portable model with parameters of 1020 × 720 pixels and higher.
  2. Screen diagonal size – it is advisable to buy 5-9 inches, because the parameters above affect the price increase. For a car, a mini-screen of 5 inches is suitable, for giving or traveling – up to 6-7.
  3. The screen standard is 4: 3 or 16: 9. The first is designed to watch Russian broadcasts, the second – for discs and satellite channels. If 4: 3 is used to view discs, then black bars will be visible above and below, on the contrary – along the edges. If you choose a portable model with the ability to stretch the image or crop it in width and length, this may affect the loss of quality. Some devices are equipped with an automatic screen stretching function – with it the central part does not change, the peripheral side is stretched, and the upper and lower are compressed. At first, this is unusual for vision, but then adaptation takes place..
  4. Additional amenities – a menu in Russian, a remote control, teletext, stereo sound. Each function increases the cost of a portable device..
  5. Viewing angle – choose as wide as possible if you plan to watch TV in a large company, or less for viewing by one person or in public transport.
  6. Equipped with an FM tuner with audio preamplifier. This is necessary for car owners to search for stations according to the given parameters. With the help of the tuner, radio broadcasts get high quality sound, and the signal is clearly separated, without interference. The cigarette lighter adapter does not limit the viewing time of gears in the car.
  7. Built-in rechargeable batteries or batteries – such models are useful for use in traveling and in cottages where there is no possibility of connecting to the mains. When choosing portable models with this equipment, choose the most lightweight folding devices that will take up less space.
  8. Manufacturer – choose a trusted brand that has been on the market for a long time, has a warranty period for the device and service centers, where, in the event of a breakdown or the need for repair, you can contact any day. Korean and Chinese are popular portable brands, but the Russian brands Premier and Prology are not far behind them..
  9. Antenna power – the higher it is, the clearer the signal and the less interruptions in the operation of the device when traveling long distances. For use in the city, you can do with the built-in antenna, but when traveling you will have to buy an additional one so that there are no interference, distortions in the image and sound.


You can buy a TV for a summer residence or a car at different prices, which are influenced by several parameters: from the brand to additional functions. There is an option to buy the device by mail. Approximate prices for portable devices in Moscow and St. Petersburg without discounts:

Portable model


Price in rubles

Eplutus EP-172T DVB-T2

Diagonal of 17 inches, by type of tablet, analog and digital television, stereo speakers, 36 W


XPX EA-701

Diagonal of 7 inches, aspect ratio 16: 9, 1024 * 600 pixels, analog TV, USB support


Alpine TME-M780

Diagonal 7 inches, format 16: 9, weight 500 g, 800 * 40 pixels


Lilliput Electronics 619AT

7-inch diagonal, 16: 9 format, cigarette lighter connection, built-in power adapter, remote control, weight 486 g


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