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If ants are wound up in a living room, it is not always possible to cope with them in folk ways. For the destruction of pest colonies, which often appear in the kitchen or in the bathroom, special insecticides, such as Bros., are useful. Compared to other similar drugs, it acts quickly and effectively..

General information about the drug Bros

Ant Throw Powder is one of the most popular insect control products. The composition of the drug includes the active component of chlorpyrifos (2 g per 100 g of product), nutritional supplements (serve as bait for ants), denatonium benzoate (poison that paralyzes the body of an arthropod). The product is manufactured by Polish companies, sold in plastic cans weighing 100 or 250 g. The cost of a 100-gram jar will be about 200 rubles, 250 grams – 400 r.

You can apply the poison in a dry or diluted form with water (solution). Due to the action of active components, it lures insects to the place of processing, penetrates into their body and kills. The habitat of ants is disinfected. The gray-white powder does not smell very nice, but after a couple of minutes you can see the effectiveness and action of the product.

Mode of application

Ant bros can be used in pure form or in solution. Processing is carried out early in the morning or late in the evening – at this time, most of the anthill inhabitants are near it. The powder is scattered in a thin layer on the nest itself, if it was found, next to it and along the ant paths. For prevention, skirting boards and food storage areas can be treated..

Bros has a quick effect – in a day, most pests will be infected and will soon die. For the treatment of garden trees and bushes, the product will not work – dry matter is bred in a proportion of 100 g per 2.5 liters of water. The mixture is well mixed, poured into the spray device. The liquid is sprayed onto plants that have been attacked by insects, or watered. Sometimes the solution is used to treat nests, pests in residential areas – in this case, it is added inside all cracks, seams.

Baseboard ants

Precautionary measures

Bros is a toxic agent that contains poisons that act on humans in the same way as insects. Because of this, you should adhere to safety measures when working with the drug from ants:

  1. Before processing, it is necessary to remove pets from the premises, take out all food products and utensils (or pack them tightly and put them on the shelves of closed cabinets), move the furniture behind which the anthill or ant trails are hidden.
  2. The person handling should wear protective gloves and a respirator. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and damaged skin. If this happens, urgently need to see a doctor. Accidental ingestion of powder or solution may cause poisoning and death..
  3. After the procedure, the packaging is disposed of, as indicated on the pages of the instructions, or incinerated (there is a risk that the remaining powder will fall into the waste water). Face, hands wash thoroughly with soap.
  4. After treatment, you should limit the access of pets, children to the place of application of the powder or solution.
  5. Two days after using Bros, remove dead insects and powder residue. Wet the room, wearing gloves, a protective mask, ventilate the house.
  6. Do not use after expiration date.
  7. It is forbidden to smoke or eat inside the treated premises.
  8. It is forbidden to process powder with crowded places – floors, stairs, doorways.

Means of protection

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