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It is very difficult to protect cabbage from the invasion of insect pests. Increasingly, gardeners do not use industrial insecticides, but natural safe means. Among these, treatment of cabbage from insects by vinegar is an effective method of getting rid of small pests..

Pests of cabbage

Annually, insects appear on plantations with cabbage, which are attracted by its juicy crisp foliage:

  1. Cruciferous flea – painted in black iridescent color, moves in leaps. A small number of insects can destroy young seedlings in just a couple of days.
  2. Cabbage aphid – characterized by a tiny size, no wings. They feed on cabbage juice. Localized on the bottom of the sheet..
  3. Slugs are snails that are covered with mucus instead of a shell, which protects them from drying out. Pests affect almost all crops on the site – tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, cucumbers, grape leaves.
  4. Caterpillars are larvae that will become butterflies in the future. 4-5 generations of insects that destroy plants can hatch per season.
  5. Cabbage leaf beetle is a small bug with long antennae. His body and wings are black with a metallic tint, on his back there is a thin straight line.
  6. Whitefly is a small moth-like insect. Lays eggs on the back of the cabbage leaf. Hatched larvae suck the juice from the plant, up to withering cabbage.

Amazed Cabbage Swing

Processing Rules

Vinegar is good because it does not contain pesticides, does not cause harm to humans and plants (when used correctly), effectively fights pests, is accessible and always at hand. Insects will leave the beds, provided that the following recommendations are observed:

  1. For treatments use vinegar 9%. For pure acid, other proportions must be used. For example, if 15 ml of vinegar 9% per liter of water is used in the recipe, then essences will need 10 times less for a similar amount of liquid.
  2. To prepare the solution, you can use any type of acid – rice, apple, grape vinegar.
  3. The prepared product must be used immediately, because vinegar evaporates quickly.
  4. When processing, it is recommended to moisten heads and soil well with a watering can..
  5. Processing cabbage with vinegar from pests should be carried out early in the morning or in the evening.
  6. Multiplicity of treatments 3 days.

Aphid Treatment

Cabbage aphid populations can be detected by a thorough examination of the back of the foliage, as insects are very small and invisible. If at the early stage of development of a vegetable industrial pesticides can still be used, then large heads of cabbage cannot be treated with poison, because soon soon soon cabbage head to the table.

The active spread of aphids begins in the second half of summer, so it is recommended to carry out preventive treatment of cabbage with vinegar. To prepare the working solution, you need to dilute 2 tbsp. l vinegar with two liters of boiling water. Processing cabbage from pests is carried out three times a week, until the aphids completely disappear.

Spraying plants

From the flea

Fleas are considered the most dangerous insects on cabbage beds, because one colony is enough for 2-3 days to completely destroy the crop. Pests are activated in the spring, when the air temperature does not drop below 18 C. You need to deal with cruciferous fleas immediately, because they breed very quickly.

It is very important to process all cruciferous crops (cabbage, radish, radish) at the same time, in order to avoid the migration of flea colonies.

To prepare the solution, you need to pour 100 ml of vinegar into 5 l of warm water, mix well. When using essence, you will need only 1 tablespoon per specified amount of liquid. Plants are sprayed in the morning after dew. Flea larvae may remain in the ground, therefore it is recommended to water the soil near the roots of cabbage.

From the caterpillars

The fight against larvae and adult individuals of cabbage white is difficult. In appearance, a harmless butterfly leaves eggs on the leaves, of which only a few days later the caterpillars appear. An adult in just 3-4 days can cause irreparable harm to the cabbage bed. Caterpillars not only destroy the pulp of the vegetable, but also leave a toxic mark.

It is reasonable to destroy the pest only until the heading stage, because affected plants are poisoned, not suitable for food. A folk remedy from vinegar will scare away butterflies that are looking for a place for masonry, and drive away the caterpillars. To prepare the product, you need to add 100 ml of vinegar or 15 ml of essence to a bucket of warm water. Spray beds in dry, calm weather.

Caterpillar treatment

From slugs

The mucus that remains after the insects is dangerous for plants – a film forms on the surface of the foliage, which clogs the pores and leads to the death of young seedlings. Slugs are carriers of viruses, bacteria, dangerous diseases, not only cabbage, but also neighboring vegetables.

To prepare a remedy for slugs, you need 15 ml of vinegar, valerian root, 2 liters of water. Cooking method:

  1. Cut the root into small pieces, pour a glass of water. Bring to a boil, turn off, insist 10-12 hours.
  2. Dilute 15 ml of vinegar and a decoction of valerian in 2 l of water. Mix.
  3. It is recommended to spray plants with a spray gun. You need to carry out the procedures in the evening, at least three days, until the slugs completely disappear.
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