Rating of the best massage chairs for home and office – how to choose a model by the number of programs, functions and price

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The doctors’ comments about the massage chair used at home are positive, while experts note the high benefit of such an effect on the body. Professional massage can improve blood circulation, tone and strengthen muscles, but if you do not have the opportunity to regularly visit a massage therapist, then you just need to purchase a massage technique. Find out what these devices are, how they work, for whom they are useful, and who are contraindicated..

What is a massage chair

The massage chair resembles the usual one, however, in addition to the upholstery, internal filler and frame, this product also has a microprocessor and special rollers or airbags. Sophisticated mechanisms are controlled using a remote control. A high-tech device is capable of performing several massage techniques at once:

  • exotic shiatsu technique;
  • vibrational;
  • Swedish massage
  • roller action.

Man in a massage chair


Most products consist of three main components:

  1. The motor is one of the important elements, which, in accordance with the program settings, sets in motion the massage heads and rollers. In many devices, the speed is controlled using the control panel.
  2. Rollers and massage heads – parts that affect the massaged area. Rollers and heads differing in size and shape imitate the hands of the master: small ones contribute to a detailed point study, large ones contribute to the overall effect. The user himself can determine which area will be subjected to massage effects, for example, first it can be the upper back, then the lumbar. Kneading is replaced by tapping movements, after the rollers begin to work.
  3. A computer is the most important component. Due to the built-in computer, the device can automatically adjust to the user’s height, its volume and weight, for example, the length of the protrusion of the rollers and heads is adjusted depending on the weight of the person. The computer can make other necessary settings, calculating the anatomical features of the structure of the back of a new user.

the effect

With a sedentary or sedentary lifestyle, atrophy of the spinal muscles occurs, intervertebral hernias appear, characterized by pain in the lumbar region. To prevent the development of such diseases will help not only sports, but also high-quality massage made by a special device called a massage chair. Using this kind of technique has a positive effect on the whole body:

  • the work of the cardiovascular system is normalized;
  • compensated for the lack of motor activity;
  • muscle tissue comes in tone;
  • improved quality of sleep;
  • skin elasticity improves;
  • blood circulation increases;
  • mental state is restored;
  • blood pressure returns to normal.

Contraindications and limitations

Conducting massage sessions on the armchair is contraindicated for people suffering from thrombosis, acute varicose veins, as well as those who have severe aneurysm or suffer from dermatitis. In addition, it is not recommended to sit in a chair with massage for those who have:

  • cardiological diseases (or in the presence of a pacemaker);
  • malignant diseases;
  • scoliosis, osteoporosis;
  • anemia;
  • diabetic angiopathy;
  • sprain of muscles;
  • the postpartum period, pregnancy;
  • general malaise, chills, hyperthermia;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • menstruation.

Buy massage chair

The cost of a massage chair is affected by its technical characteristics and a variety of functions. The device can be designed for home use or it can be put in the office, however, before buying such equipment in the online store, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the rating of the most popular models, find out their characteristics, evaluate all the pros and cons.


Products from the German brand Casada combines functionality, reliability and convenience. Each product is a competently designed design with adjustable angle and built-in deep muscle massage, which allows a person to relax and relieve stress. The manufacturer takes care of the comfort of the user, so the built-in MP3 player is also provided in the equipment, and control is carried out using a remote control. A well-established model is, for example, this one:

  • Model Name: Hilton 2.
  • Price: 199000 -209000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: maximum load 120 kg, shoulder width up to 95 cm, user height up to 195 cm, SolidTex lining material (cotton-based).
  • Pros: three-dimensional scanning of the body, there are different types of massage: shiatsu, roller, compression, kneading, pounding, 3d massage and zero-gravity function are provided.
  • Cons: there are contraindications – before use, you need to consult a doctor.

A man resting in a massage chair Casada hilton

Choosing among modern models equipped with unique functions, it is worth highlighting another product from the German manufacturer Casada:

  • Model Name: SkyLiner A300.
  • Price: 269000-299000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: maximum weight 120 kg, power 240 watts, unpacked dimensions 142x86x123 cm, speakers, ionization, 8 automatic types of massage, number of airbags 74 pieces, remote control with LCD display.
  • Pros: the product has a distinctive feature – the function of three-dimensional scanning of the body – due to which it can be adjusted individually for each person, thanks to swing technology, tension in the lumbar region is perfectly relieved, pleasant sensations will intensify if you turn on the weightlessness function.
  • Cons: expensive.


Thanks to the engineers of the Japanese company Inada Family, the best inventions and developments in the field of the manufacture of massage chairs have appeared. Of particular note is the DreamWave model, designed to prevent spinal diseases and provide comprehensive body massaging for people who do not like physical activity or have a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Model Name: DreamWave.
  • Price: 470000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: maximum load 120 kg, chair weight 115 kg, unfolded dimensions 97x210x76 cm, power 165 W, massage types: vibration, warming, air compression, acupuncture, number of rollers 4 pieces, air bags 76 pieces, operating time from 8 up to 30 minutes (for automatic programs may vary), remote control.
  • Pros: adjusting the position of the footrest, tilting the back, infrared heating of the seat and back, shiatsu points are automatically detected, there is a 3D body scan function.
  • Cons: high price, you need to consult a doctor before use.

Dreamwave Massage Chair Model

If you want the technology to have many additional options, it has such a function as zero gravity, then pay attention to this product from a Japanese company:

  • Model Name: Yumerobo.
  • Price: 175000-300000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: weight 80 kg, dimensions in the unfolded state 74х121х109 cm, power 140 W, adjustable distance between the rollers, colors: light, dark, there is a growth scanning function.
  • Pros: the massage mechanism imitates the rotation of the specialist’s hands, performing translational and rotational movements, there is zero gravity, biologically active points of shiatsu are automatically calculated. Thanks to the rotor mechanism, the calf muscle is kneaded simultaneously with air-compression massage. The model is designed for home use, it is easy to use – after unpacking it just needs to be connected to the mains.
  • Cons: can not be placed close to the wall.


Yamaguchi products are designed for both home and office use. The company’s products have gained particular popularity due to its set of functions: in all models there are 6 automatic programs and more than 500 options that can be configured using the remote control with LED display. Even low-priced products have built-in headphones and music. The best example of office massage equipment is this invention:

  • Model Name: Prestige.
  • Price: 45000-50000 rubles.
  • Features: user weight 130 kg, seat height adjustment (40-51 cm), seat depth 47 cm, minimum distance between rollers 7 cm, maximum 23 cm, voltage 220-240 V, power 30 W, product weight 21.8 kg , eco leather upholstery.
  • Pros: the office chair easily turns into a massage chair, there are two massage techniques – shiatsu and vibration, infrared heating of the lumbar zone is provided. You can choose the appropriate mode using the remote control (Russified), the base and handles are made of chromed metal.
  • Cons: no foot massage.

If you don’t need to constantly be in a sitting position, and you just want to relax after a hard day, then it’s better to buy this unit:

  • Model Name: Axiom YA-6000.
  • Price: 396000-440000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: weight 142.5 kg, maximum load 120 kg, unfolded dimensions 200x85x99 cm, voltage 220-240 V, power 260 W.
  • Pros: it is controlled remotely from a tablet or mobile phone on Android OS, 6 exposure programs, more than 500 various combinations and techniques, control is carried out on a color LCD-display, infrared heating of the back, built-in speakers, 38 airbags, all parts of the body are exposed to massage – from head to toes.
  • Cons: expensive.

Two models of massage chairs from Axiom

Us medica

The American company Us Medica is a leader in the production of specialized medical equipment, so even the massage equipment of this brand is aimed primarily at improving the body. When choosing a chair, pay attention that it has a heart rate control system (HRI) and zero gravity function. For example, these modes and many others include the Us Medica cardio health complex:

  • Model Name: Cardio.
  • Price: 200000-250000 rubles.
  • Features: there is a synchronization of massage with music, a control panel with an LCD display, heart rate control, 5 automatic programs, the ability to memorize the parameters of one user, infrared heating of the lower back, 29 airbags, unfolded dimensions of 202x85x89 cm, weight 100 kg, power 220 Tue.
  • Pros: in automatic mode, the choice of body position is made – the zero-g system tilts the entire structure, evenly distributing the user’s weight. The microcomputer remembers different massage modes and their combinations set by the user. The technique can do massaging to relieve stress, relaxing, invigorating, regenerating, airbags.
  • Cons: no 3D scanning, no control via smartphone.

Those who are looking to sell only exclusive products should pay attention to Us Medica infinity:

  • Model Name: Infinity 3D Touch.
  • Price: 272000-340000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: maximum load 120 kg, 6 automatic modes, the number of airbags 39 pieces, automatic control.
  • Pros: it is possible to memorize individual programs, the function of 3D scanning, zero gravity, individual body zones can be massaged: from the back of the head to the feet. The device recognizes the body contours and growth of an individual user, scans the change in heart rate, the duration of the session can be set independently by setting the time on the timer.
  • Cons: high price.

Massage chair Infinity 3d touch


The Italian company Anatomico offers budget, but high-quality massage equipment that not only kneads muscles and helps to reduce cramps in them, but also strengthens the spine and improves blood circulation in the tissues. If you want to completely relax, replenish the supply of vitality, consider, for example, this model:

  • Model Name: Marco.
  • Price: 12,000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: dimensions 136x70x115 cm, 4 types of automatic massaging, maximum load 120 kg, voltage 220-240 V, power 250 W, automatic and semi-automatic control.
  • Pros: there are airbags in the seat and foot section, which provide more effective relaxation for the user, regular use of the technique helps to get rid of toxins, overcome cellulite. For lovers of intensive massage, a special mode is provided – manual.
  • Cons: no 3D scanning, no back heating.

Massage chair Anatomico Marco

Those who are interested in a more functional economy class technique should pay attention to a model with nine types of massage and a zero gravity function:

  • Model Name: Perfetto.
  • Price: 250,000 rubles.
  • Product specifications: dimensions without packaging 96x62x37 cm, maximum load 120 kg, voltage 220-240 V, setting for growth in automatic mode, power 220 W.
  • Pros: airbags have a massage effect on the back, arms, hips, calves, feet, automatic and semi-automatic control is provided, there is a weightless function.
  • Cons: no body scan.


The German company Beurer produces inexpensive massage equipment of unsurpassed quality. Due to its functionality and durability, the equipment from this manufacturer has become one of the most popular not only in Europe but also in Russia. Many positive customer reviews have an inexpensive compact product suitable for office or home use:

  • Model Name: MC 3000 Home.
  • Price: 26000-28600 rubles.
  • Characteristics: the size in the unfolded state is 83x76x112.5 cm, weight is 30 kg, the upholstery material is artificial leather, there is a deep 3D massage, 2 year warranty, the control panel is built into the armrest.
  • Pros: deep back massage in three dimensions, you can adjust the intensity of the vibration massage, there is the possibility of choosing the speed level, the design is folding.
  • Cons: back and foot rest are manually adjustable.

Home massage chair MC 3000 Home

If your apartment does not have free space where you could put a large unit, but you really want to feel the effect of massaging yourself, buy a massage wrap:

  • Model Name: MG254.
  • Price: 10900 rubles.
  • Characteristics: neoprene surface material and “breathable” mesh fabric, diffused infrared light (300 W), power 220 V, backrest dimensions 82×43 cm, seats 38×39 cm, cover weight 5.5 kg.
  • Pros: a relaxing back massage is done using 4 special heads, you can choose the area for massage yourself, an individual setting of the intensity of exposure is provided, there is a function of highlighting, heating, 2 rotating massage fingers make shiatsu massage of different intensity. 4 self-adhesive electrodes included.
  • Cons: not found.


The products of the German company Gess are becoming increasingly popular. The brand produces premium-quality armchairs and inexpensive office and vending models. A distinctive feature of Gess products is the exclusive design of each product in combination with the latest massage technologies. Those who prefer to pay for quality, rather than for the famous “name”, should pay attention to the following model:

  • Model Name: Symphonie.
  • Price: 190,000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: dimensions without packaging 140x82x135 cm, power 200 W, MP3 player, headphones, 3D scanning, vibration massage, heating of the lower back, back, automatic adjustment for growth.
  • Pros: using airbags, massaging the hands, back, hips, calf muscles, feet. The option of memorizing a user-installed program is provided, zero-gravity provides full relaxation, the height of the rollers is adjustable, control is carried out using a special remote control.
  • Cons: takes up a lot of space.

Multifunctional massage chair Symphonie

Those who consider inexpensive convenient products for the office should pay special attention to such a product from a German brand:

  • Model Name: Konig.
  • Price: 25,000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: the width of the seat is 48 cm, the height of the seat from the floor is 45-55 cm, the size of the backrest is 58×66 cm, the height of the product, taking into account the headrest 103 cm.
  • Pros: the effect on the body is provided by air compression, not the roller mechanism, the armrests are adjustable, so the product is suitable for the user with any height.
  • Cons: no 3D functions and vibration massage, no heating.


Those who are going to buy an iRest massage chair should take into account that products of this brand are produced mainly for vending. The advantages of massage equipment are modern design, high-quality materials, reinforced construction, a large selection of programs, ease of operation and low cost. In addition, the equipment from iRest has a long service life. Choosing an option for the office, it is worth highlighting such a product:

  • Model Name: Power Chair GJ-B2B-1.
  • Price: 25000-30900 rubles.
  • Characteristics: material artificial leather, weight 24 kg, dimensions in working condition (LxWxH) 155x55x45-54.5 cm, seat adjustment 45-54.5 cm, engine power 20 W, power supply 100-240 V.
  • Pros: thanks to the unique design, the equipment provides several types of massage: neck, shoulder girdle, buttocks. With prolonged use, airbags break salt deposits formed between the spinal discs.
  • Cons: no foot massage.

For those who are looking for a massage chair that can massage even their hands and feet, this product is suitable:

  • Model Name: SL-A 92 Classic Exclusive Plus.
  • Price: 149,000 rubles.
  • Features: maximum user weight 120 kg, voltage 220 V, 2 year warranty, automatic tuning function for growth.
  • Pros: a distinctive feature is hand massage in an upright position, there is a function of individual scanning, infrared heating of the back, zero space, zero-g and memory functions are provided (remembers data of three users).
  • Cons: no 3D functions and vibration massage, no warm-up, MP3 player.

Massage chair model SL-A 92

How to choose a massage chair

Only at first glance massage chairs are simple. In fact, they differ from each other in almost all respects, so before buying such expensive equipment you need to determine exactly what characteristics are your priority. The following tips will help you make the choice as simple as possible:

  1. Decide what you need the product for: for installation at home or in the relaxation room in the office. After that, evaluate the dimensions of the selected technique – it should not be squeezed into a narrow space, especially if there are still moving elements.
  2. Find out how many motors the model is equipped with – the intensity of its impact and durability depend on it.
  3. Please note if a massaging speed controller is provided. It is good if the equipment has a multifunctional massage function, for example, vibration massage with a roller.
  4. Consider equipment equipped with detectors – they will scan your parameters in a few minutes and develop an individual program.
  5. Find out if acoustic equipment is built into the chair – with it the healing result of massage doubles.
  6. Remember that when buying even an inexpensive model, you must definitely provide a guarantee and service for the goods (for 3-5 years).
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