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If you have a relatively small kitchen, then instead of the usual oven, you can purchase a more compact appliance, called a roaster. In this small-sized oven, which has become widespread over the past few years, you can cook not only toasts or hot sandwiches, but also meat, fish, and even bake bread and pies. Often this kitchen technique is called a mini oven or mini oven..

What is a roster

The word “Roster” in translation from English means “roasting pan”. A roaster is an electrical appliance that is similar to an oven, but differs from it in more compact settings. Many people confuse this device with a microwave, because both devices are very similar to each other in appearance. It is important to be able to distinguish between them, because the principle of operation of the mini-oven and microwave is different, although some of the functions are identical. Roasters differ in volume, power and functionality: one device can only heat food, and with the help of another it is possible to cook a hot dish.

The principle of operation of the device

When planning to purchase an oven for sandwiches, toasts, cooking fish, meat, etc., get acquainted with the principle of its work. The device is a small rectangular oven with a transparent door. It is equipped with one or two heating elements (heating elements) and a timer necessary for counting the cooking time. When the device is turned on in the electric network, the heating elements begin to heat up, exerting heat on the dish.

During operation of the upper electric heater, the air grill mode is activated, and when the lower heater is functioning, the device starts heating the dish. If two heating elements turn on at once, then in the roaster you can bake flour products and bake a variety of products. The temperature of cooking ranges from 60-290 ° C. Control of the device is not difficult – you just need to set the necessary parameters on the switches. During cooking, the oven is lit and the food is clearly visible, so you can control the cooking process with your own eyes.

Differences between roaster and toaster

Not all buyers know the difference between a mini-oven and a roaster toaster, especially since both devices have almost similar names. It is important to know that the toaster is a household appliance designed to fry bread slices. With the help of this aggregate, you can defrost bread (if it has been frozen) or warm the bun. If the device looks like a small furnace and at the same time is equipped with a door with a handle, then in front of you is a roaster.

The mini-oven includes the functions of a toaster and at the same time helps to prepare hot sandwiches, toast sausages, bake fish, vegetables, meat. It has richer capabilities and functionality compared to a toaster, which is mainly suitable for defrosting. With the help of such a household appliance, you can replace a number of kitchen appliances, for example, a grill, a sandwich maker, and sometimes a peacemaker.

The main characteristics of roasters

When planning to purchase a roster, get acquainted with the main characteristics of the device. It is important to understand that the greater the power and volume of the selected model, the wider the range of capabilities the device has. For example, the power of roasters with two heating elements is slightly higher than with one. Equally important is the coating of the internal walls of the apparatus, equipment. You can order a suitable mini-oven with mail delivery to Moscow, St. Petersburg or another city in the country in a specialized online store.

Sandwich roaster

Power and volume

The decisive role in the operation of the roster is the volume and power of the device. These specifications are interconnected. To operate a small household appliance, less power will be required and, conversely, models with high power usually have a large capacity. Miniature roasters are designed for an average of 5-6 liters – they are optimal for making sandwiches, toasts, heating food in small volumes. The power of such kitchen units ranges from 650 to 900 watts.

As for devices that are designed for large families consisting of 4-5 or more people, their volume is estimated at several tens of liters. The capacity of one of the largest units reaches 50 liters with a power of 2000 watts. It is suitable for cooking almost any dish, from simple warming up food and toasts, and ending with baking meat, fish. In it you can not only cook or bake, but even fry.

Materials of internal elements

Mini ovens offered by manufacturers of kitchen appliances differ from each other by the internal coating of the walls. They are made of bioceramics, stainless steel and enamel. All of these coatings are very easy to care for, especially since they do not affect the quality and taste of the prepared dishes. As for the electric heating element (TENA), it should be quartz – this material contributes to the improvement and significant acceleration of the work process.


The set is directly dependent on the number of functions. Almost all models have a removable metal grill. Baking trays can be supplied with the unit, both of a classic design and specially designed for making pizza, lasagna. A mini dish is also included in the mini-oven, which is convenient for baking chicken. Also in the kit there is a skewer equipped with a drip pan. Missing items can be purchased if desired.


A high-quality roster should have not only a reliable case, but also a certain set of options. Thanks to this, the selected model will be replaced in your small kitchen by five other appliances: a toaster, an oven, a microwave, a sandwich maker and partially a baker. With it, you can bake vegetables, bake a golden roll, fry a chicken leg with a delicious crust, etc. Functions that are equipped with modern toasters:

  • Defrosting food. The roaster is able to ensure uniform defrosting of meat and other products, which a conventional microwave oven cannot. This is due to the fact that waves directed in the microwave act locally on the same area. As a result of this, individual places of a piece of frozen meat are heated too much, and the middle often remains icy. As for the mini-oven, the defrosting process is different: infrared rays raise the temperature level inside the device, and the fan evenly inflates the heat. In this mode, the device begins to consume a minimum of electricity, because The mini oven operates at low power. Defrosting products in this case is an order of magnitude faster.
  • Heating adjustment. To cook a delicious and mouth-watering pizza, choose a model with two TENs. They can include either one of the electric heaters or two at once. In this case, devices with electronic control are equipped with a function of short-term inclusion of the upper heating element at the end of the cooking cycle. Sandwiches can be fried both from above and brought to a crispy brown crust on both sides. When cooking, only the upper heating is enough, so the dough will remain tender, and the ingredients will be fried like in a professional wood-fired oven. As for the lower frying, it is optimal for meat and delicate baking. Rosy legs, steak, wings can be done in a few minutes by turning on the top heater for browning at the end of cooking.
  • Quick warm-up of ready meals. In the roaster, you can not only bring the food to the required temperature, but also warm the meat or pastries, preserving their crisp. The mini-oven is devoid of the main drawback of microwave heating, which is the uneven heating of ingredients of different densities in dishes. To do this, you need to use the simultaneous inclusion of the upper and lower heating elements, which will ensure uniform frying of the outer crust and internal heating. It is possible to warm up while maintaining the set temperature for several hours. Due to good thermal insulation, the inner chamber retains heat very well, you don’t have to reheat the dish – just leave it in the mini-oven.
  • Cooking a variety of dishes, including pastries. To replace a full-fledged electric oven with a roaster, you will need to find a model with a volume of 28 liters or more. In large chambers up to 40 liters, you can even prepare a whole goose. For baking and preparing complex dishes, you will need to find a mini-oven with a power of up to 3000 watts. In addition, powerful and voluminous devices are equipped with factory baking sheets, a rotisserie for grilling, and baking dishes. Despite the modest dimensions, in the long cooking mode, a powerful device will need about the same amount of electricity as the oven. To save money, look for a model with a high energy saving class and convection mode.
  • To save the hostess from unnecessary trouble, many models are equipped with timers. In low-power models, which are intended only for heating, a 15-minute device is enough. As for multifunctional kitchen appliances capable of a full-fledged cooking cycle, the timer can be set for up to 120 minutes. As soon as the set time comes to an end, the roster signals this with a sound signal.
  • Convection function. Its essence lies in the fact that the products are blown with hot air. This option is ideal for baking: when you turn on the mode, the dough first warms up and only after that the baking procedure starts. This function is found in mini-ovens much less often than others.

Mini oven Delta


All mini-ovens are intended to be divided into horizontal and vertical. The latter option is considered more convenient, in addition, it is equipped with a large number of functions. The vertical unit is ideal for making shawarma, grilled chicken and kebabs. All units of this type are divided by functionality. Some devices can replace the electric oven, with the help of others you can roast coffee. A waffle roaster suitable for preparing waffles and sandwiches is also considered a popular option..

There are even open aggregates on one side of which food is heated, and toasts are prepared on the other. The simplest models with minimal functionality are designed for hot sandwiches, heating food. Separately, we can distinguish mini-ovens suitable for baking cakes, cooking steam dishes and equipped with the “grill” mode.

Hot sandwich roasters

Compared to a regular toaster, the mini sandwich oven has more advanced features. Depending on the model, such a roaster may have a glass heat-resistant door. The option, intended mainly for sandwiches, is relatively cheap. A good choice is the roaster waffle iron, which is equipped with several nozzles. In addition to the classic wafers of various shapes, in this device you can cook hot closed sandwiches with filling. The presence of non-stick coating will simplify surface cleaning..

Popular models

The list of manufacturers of kitchen appliances is extensive. Many of them prefer to call the roaster a mini-stove or even an electric oven. . One of the well-known companies is Vitek, which positions its kitchen appliances as high-quality and affordable. The brand offers a choice of a line of classic and universal mini ovens, the volume of which is 7 / 9.5 / 12/16/17 liters. Among them there are devices equipped with a grill and rotisserie:

  • Vitek VT-2490 W. Volume – 30 l, two heating elements (upper, lower), grill power – 1600 W, ovens – 1600 W, control – mechanical, dimensions – 39.2×37.6×51 cm, case material – metal, thermostat – up to 230 ° С, timer – 120 min.
  • Vitek VT 2491 W. Volume – 42 l, grill power – 1800 W, oven – 1800 W, maximum oven temperature –230 ° C, cabinet material – metal, dimensions – 59×46.5×44 cm, there are light indicators.

Scarlett brand offers a range of inexpensive mini-ovens. The front panels of some models are equipped with three rotary controls that are responsible for temperature, heating mode and operating time. The presence of a light indicator on the device is a plus. Scarlett is not inferior to some of its competitors, offering consumers a whole line of roasters of different sizes, capacities and equipment:

  • Scarlett SC-EO93O13. Volume – 20 l, power – 1500 W, control – mechanical, there is heating, adjustment of the heating level, LED indication of operating modes, timer for 60 min., Baking sheet, upper and lower grill function, convection, dimensions – 44x35x29 cm.
  • Scarlett SC-EO93O17. Volume – 35 l, power – 1600 W, control – mechanical, there is an adjustment of the heating level, LED indication of operating modes, a timer for 120 min., Enameled baking sheet, wire rack, auto power off, temperature adjustment 100 ° C to 250 ° C, operating modes – 3, dimensions – 38.9×52.8×32.6 cm, weight – 7.54 kg.

Roaster Scarlett SC-EO93O13

Concern DeLonghi from Italy offers a choice of a large assortment of mini-ovens for the most demanding customers. All models of the brand are multifunctional with two quartz heaters, thermostat and timer. The Delonghi lineup starts with 8.5 liter devices. Modern units are characterized by a scratch-resistant non-stick coating, which is not afraid of the effects of cleaning products. If the option you are interested in seems expensive, then look for a store where they hold promotions – so you can get a discount. Several popular brand devices:

  • DeLonghi Sfornatutto Mini EO 12012.W. Volume – 12 l, power – 1400 W, control – mechanical, case material – plastic, metal, cooking modes – 3, there is heating, adjustment of the heating level, indication of operating modes, crumb tray, grill, traditional oven, built-in timer for 2 hours, dimensions – 23.5x28x37 cm, weight – 6.5 kg.
  • Delonghi EOI 406 W. Volume – 9 l, power – 1100 W, maximum temperature – 220? C, number of modes – 2, control – mechanical, case material – metal, plastic, dimensions – 33x43x21.5 cm, weight – 5.7 kg.

Delonghi EOI 406 W

Tefal mini-ovens are very popular, which are on sale a little less often than other brands. In addition to them, a unique toaster roaster is sold under this brand, with which you can dry slices of bread and fry products on a wire rack. Ideal for small families. Check out the Tefal models:

  • Tefal TF 8010. Power – 1600 W, capacity for 4 slices, timer for 25 minutes, frying control – electronic, there is a movable lower heating element, a grill (retractable), quick frying function.
  • Tefal SM 3000.72. Power – 640 W, control – mechanical, metal, plastic case, there is a thermostat, a compartment for storing the cord, dimensions – 26.5 x 12.5 x 26.5 cm.

Sandwich oven Tefal TF 8010

Care Rules

When planning to buy a budget or expensive roster with a set of additional features, read the rules for caring for it. Observing them, you will extend the operational life of the acquired kitchen appliances. It is necessary to clean the roaster from dirt and grease after each use, otherwise cooking waste will accumulate, which can cause smoke, an unpleasant odor. Pay attention to a few simple rules:

  • Before cleaning the appliance, unplug it from the power outlet and allow it to cool slightly;
  • remove the grid with the pan and rinse separately in warm water using a detergent;
  • Wipe the outside of the device as it gets dirty using a damp cloth and detergent;
  • the inner surface is treated identically to the outer;
  • it is not recommended to clean the device and its elements with metal brushes, abrasive materials and other aggressive chemicals that can damage the coating;
  • store the mini-oven and use it only in a dry room at a temperature of at least +5 degrees and a relative humidity of 80%.

How to choose a mini oven for the kitchen

Choose a roaster in accordance with the criteria – the only way you can make the best purchase, which will last for many years. Pay attention to the presence of a thermally insulated housing, as Such insulation will not only prevent heat loss, but also will not allow the outside of the device to become very hot. The control panel, switches and door should only be slightly warm when operating at maximum power. It is desirable that the heating elements were made of quartz, because they heat more evenly, faster. Other criteria:

  • Dimensions Select the chamber volume in accordance with what you are going to cook with the roaster stove. If you need it to heat up a small amount of food or prepare sandwiches, then the optimal choice is a model with a capacity of up to 6 liters. A large family will need a device with a volume of 10-15 or more liters.
  • Power. Both the heating rate and the consumption of electric energy, for which you have to pay, directly depend on this indicator. The model without convection and grill has a power range of 650-900 watts. For more functional mini-ovens, this figure reaches 2000 watts..
  • Door. The choice is best made in favor of a folding design, which is more convenient. True, there is a risk of tipping over the hot mini-oven.
  • Control. Electronic touch panel – this is more than room for the selection of individual programs. This type of control is more convenient than mechanical.
  • Energy Saving Class. The higher the better this will help you save on electricity bills. Economical appliances are marked in green, but are slightly more expensive than usual.
  • The thickness of the metal on the body. The thicker the walls of the device, the longer it will retain its original appearance. If the metal is thin, then over time, dents from fingers will remain on the case. If the manufacturer saved on external parts, then you should not rely on the reliability of internal elements.
  • Build quality. Pay attention to the gaps around the switches, the tightness of the door seal, the smoothness of the trays, the accuracy of closing the door, the uniformity of the applied force to rotate the mechanical adjustment knobs. Make sure the mini-oven is equipped with rubberized feet that prevent it from slipping on the surface.
  • Functional. The more functions, the better, but the main thing is that you really need them. There is no need to overpay for those options that you will not use. A useful function is the temperature adjustment – the indicator varies from 60 to 280 degrees, i.e. from warming up to baking. It is desirable to have a timer that turns on for 15-120 minutes, depending on the model. Some devices have automatic shutdown, an audible signal at the end of cooking. The functions of defrosting and convection are not necessary for everyone. If you are used to defrosting in a double boiler, then you should not buy a mini-oven with defrosting function. You will not need convection if you are not going to bake bakery products.
  • Equipment. The set may consist of a tray for crumbs or liquids, wire rack, baking sheet, skewer, pizza dishes, lasagna shapes.
  • Inner coating. Can consists of enamel, bioceramics, stainless steel.


Before making a purchase, check out the range of prices. Among the offered assortment there are dozens of inexpensive models of mini-ovens worth 2-3 thousand rubles. A multifunctional version with touch control can cost 15-20 thousand rubles, depending on the volume, capacity and brand. Current prices for popular options:


Price in rubles



Tartlet holder VES Electric G-116-N


Clatronic ST 3477


Smile TKO 2403


Simfer M 3640


Clatronic MPO 3520 schwarz


Supra MTS-221


Magnit RMR-3231


Ariete Bon Cuisine 250


Rommelsbacher BG 1805 / E


Bork w500


Ariete Bon Cuisine 600


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