Satin bedding – how to choose and where to buy. Types of satin fabrics, sizes of sets of linen and prices

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A calm healthy sleep is possible only if a person can completely relax, feel comfort and convenience on the bed. High-quality satin bed linens will help. Learn to understand the diversity of tissue types, their characteristics.

What is satin

Having understood the intricacies that determine the quality of the fabric before purchase, it is easier to make a choice. Satin is a cotton fabric that has a smooth, shiny surface that resembles satin. The strength and density of the material depends on the number of threads bound per square centimeter. The number can range from 85 to 220. Manufacturers use threads of different thicknesses and weaving. For satin, a small percentage of synthetics is acceptable to increase wear resistance..

Satin bedding

Small and large textile manufacturers are happy to use satin for bedding, which has established itself as an excellent durable material. Popular brands maintain the image through a reasonable price-performance ratio. Here is a ranking of the best manufacturers of bedding, including satin:

  • “Artpostel”. Company “Art Design”, Russia, Ivanovo.
  • “Tas.” Turkish holding.
  • “Blakit.” Baranovichi, Republic of Belarus.
  • Textile association “Monolith” with the brand of the same name. Russia.
  • Asabella China.
  • “Walteri.” China.
  • “Vilyuta.” Dnipro city. Ukraine.
  • “Cleo.” China.
  • Saylid. Russia.

Bed with bedroom

Mako Satin Bedding

One of the newest textile developments is mako-satin fabric. Environmentally friendly production is based on the use of Egyptian long-fiber cotton of the highest quality. The combing out of small fibers in a special way makes bedding made of maki-sateen thin, smooth and at the same time very durable and resistant to all kinds of damage. Options:

  1. TM “TAS”:
    • Model: Brenna.
    • The cost of a double set: from 5350 to 6200 rubles.
    • The set includes two pillowcases, one sheet, one duvet cover. Packed in a box with a gift design.
    • Main advantages: the fabric, due to its smoothness on hot days, gives a feeling of coolness, does not require thorough ironing, can withstand up to 200 washings, preserving the color and shape of the product.
    • Cons: high cost.
  2. Manufacturer Amore Mio:
    • Model: EVA.
    • The cost of a double set: 1300-1600 r.
    • The set consists of square pillowcases, duvet cover, sheets.
    • The main advantages: beautiful shine, durable coloring at an inexpensive price, does not crease, gives a feeling of coolness in summer.
    • Cons: sometimes the size does not match the specified 1-2 cm.

Bed linen from mako-sateen Amore Mio

Satin Jacquard Bedding

Premium fabric is characterized by a density of weaving of 170-220 threads per cm square .. Bed linen made of satin jacquard looks rich, beautiful, ideal for a gift. A special interweaving of threads provides the possibility of a convex embossed pattern on a smooth flowing fabric. Plain or with a printed pattern in several shades, the types of material will equally attract the attention of true connoisseurs of quality bedding. Options:

  1. TM “Cleo”:
    • Model: 021.
    • The cost of a family kit: 9250-9470 r.
    • The kit includes 4 pillowcases (2 pieces of different sizes), 2 duvet covers, 1 sheet. Gift wrapping in box and bag with handles.
    • Main advantages: high strength, delicate pattern, good heat-saving quality, crease-resistant fabric.
    • Cons: high cost, sliding surface, in the summer – excess heat, the addition of synthetic threads.
  2. TM Vilyuta:
    • Model: Tiare 1611.
    • The cost of the European kit: 4300-5650 r.
    • The set consists of 4 pillowcases (2 pieces of different sizes), sheets, duvet cover. Packed in a carton.
    • Main advantages: durable anti-allergic fiber (100% cotton), pleasant to the touch, does not require ironing, can withstand a large number of washings, iridescent relief pattern.
    • Cons: at the place of embroidery, puffs may occur over time.

Bed linen of TM

Stripe satin bedding

At first glance, the resemblance to jacquard satin is based on the embossed fabric. Stripes made of stripe satin are distinguished by strips of characteristic convexity and muted tones. Persistent staining in a special way ensures long-term preservation of the original color. Decorative textiles look very profitable in the bedroom, so it’s ideal for a practical gift.

  1. Manufacturer ArtPostel:
    • Model: Stripe Satin Cappuccino.
    • The cost of a set of 1.5 size: from 3415 to 3640 r.
    • The set consists of two pillowcases with ears, a duvet cover, sheets.
    • The main advantages: a gentle pastel color is suitable for any bedroom interior, narrow stripes of 1 cm look unobtrusive, durable fabric with a silky soft texture.
    • Cons: weaving threads per 1 cm2 is 130, which is less than the average standard of 140.
  2. Manufacturer Text Design:
    • Model: Amethyst.
    • The cost of a set of 1.5 size: from 3140 to 3300 r.
    • The set consists of two pillowcases with a zipper, a duvet cover with a zipper, sheets.
    • The main advantages: low cost with excellent quality and resistance to a large number of washings, beautiful colors, hypoallergenic fabric.
    • Cons: more suitable for use in the winter, because it reflects well the heat coming from the human body.

Bedding Stripe Satin Cappuccino

Baby bedding made of satin

In order for a child to go to bed in his crib with pleasure, baby bedding made of satin should be soft, not irritating, have a beautiful, attractive pattern of the corresponding theme. More frequent washing should not affect the quality of the color and durability of the fabric. The density of satin for the baby’s bedding is slightly less, which increases the softness of the material and increases the comfort of the baby. Options:

  1. Manufacturer – Nordtex:
    • Model: Cloud – Bears.
    • Price for a set: 1700-1800 r.
    • Set: pillowcase – 1 pc, duvet cover – 1 pc., Sheet – 1 pc..
    • Main advantages: attractive children’s theme of the drawing, the use of luxury satin without the addition of synthetics, increased strength, good tolerance to a large number of washings, cheap price.
    • Cons: smooth surface glides, which is not always convenient for the child.
  2. Manufacturer La Scala:
    • Model: Cars.
    • The price of the set in a gift box: 5750-5900 r.
    • Set: pillowcases (2 pcs.), 1 duvet cover, 1 sheet.
    • Main advantages: high quality fabric, bright print, sizes for the length of a teenage bed.
    • Cons: high cost.

Bedclothes Nordtex, Cloudy - Bears

How to choose satin bedding

Having learned about the wide variety of high-quality fabrics that are used for bedding, it is worth paying attention once again that the choice of satin bed linen requires a special approach. When buying, you need to check the complete set of the set, the compliance of the brand and manufacturer on the labels and tags. The seams in the manufacture should not be intermittent, without clearance, the threads are all neatly trimmed. What you need to know when buying specific models:

  • Mako Satin. The fabric should be smooth, without roughness and knots, with a matte sheen. Composition – only 100% natural cotton.
  • Jacquard. The surface should be smooth, with a uniformly applied relief pattern, without puffs and protruding threads. A lower price will indicate a high synthetic content in the fabric..
  • Stripe satin. Mandatory uniform stripes of small width. The fabric is dyed with resistant colors in plain colors..
  • Children’s satin. Tactile sensations should be pleasant, the fabric is not very dense, but strong, without roughness. The drawing needs children.
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