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Professional table setting is a whole art, and various cutlery, kitchen utensils, additional accessories help him master. To add sophistication and combine sometimes incompatible food ingredients on one dish, there is a special scaffold. Such products are made of different materials, vary in shape, size, design.

What is scaffold

Structurally, this is a vessel that has several removable sections, united by one stand. Such segments are intended for filling with food, especially relevant on a small table. You can use such an original dish for all dishes, but in this case there are structural differences not only in shape and size, but also in the material of manufacture. Mistresses have already purchased such a stylish accessory, actively use it in practice and did not regret the perfect acquisition. Translated from French, the term “Melanger” means “mix”.

What does it look like

Externally, this is a plate-puzzle, which has removable segments, as separate complete dishes. It is mounted on a stand, is a portable design. More often, scallops in the table setting are used as a salad bowl. Each cell is filled with a separate ingredient, the sauce is poured, the salad is served in separate form on the table. Before the meal, you need to combine the ingredients and get a gourmet dish ready for use at the exit. The scissors can be used at social events or in high-end restaurants, at home for greater convenience.

Varieties of dishes

When choosing such a valuable device, many hostesses have a number of additional questions. It is important to understand that the design of the scallops is different, but the most important difference is the device, functions, purpose. Competent culinary specialists distinguish the following classification:

  • removable sections with a common stand;
  • tiered dishes with sections for all kinds of snacks.

In the first case, special attention is paid to the stand, for example, for first courses, it is desirable to give preference to wooden scaffolds or heat resistant ceramics. The removable sections with a common stand are convenient and practical, compact on a festive and everyday table. Among the disadvantages – it is not recommended to combine dishes with radically opposite tastes, for example, meat and fish, pickles and sweet desserts.

In the second case, tiered dishes are multifunctional, since dishes, such as hot dishes, side dishes, salads, and snacks are placed on each tier. It is convenient and original on the festive table, in addition, you can save on the cost of utensils. Scaffold is a French word that translates as “mix”. But in the case of longline dishes, this is not an exact definition..


What is a scrambler for?

Each housewife has an individual perception of such a dish, but not a single feast can do without it. A scaffold plate is necessary for serving a festive table and filling dishes, but there are certain nuances in this matter. Here’s what you need to know when buying removable sections on one stand:

  1. One section can be used only for one dish, while it is important not to combine ingredients that differ in taste.
  2. If the device consists of two sections, one is necessary for the main dish, the other for the side dish.
  3. Often 3-4 segments are intended to be filled with individual ingredients for the purpose of further mixing in one dish already on the festive table.
  4. 5 or more segments of the scissors are intended for placement of salads, snacks, sauces and caviar.
  5. Longline variations are necessary for serving fruits, sweet desserts, cakes.

Salad serving

If the scrambler serves as a salad bowl, the first thing to do is to observe the proximity of food products. Fish and meat ingredients cannot fit on one dish, otherwise their individual taste will be completely ruined. For example, in elite restaurants, each cell is filled not with cooked salads, but with individual components of one dish, ingredients for sauce, dressing. The scrambler rotates, and the visitor mixes the ingredients on his own, but already at ease. This is one of the options for serving salads, which is followed in an elite society..

If you use a tiered scrambler for a salad, one dish can combine dishes with different tastes, since they are separated from each other by the height of the tier. This is convenient if the festive table is small. But more often such floor constructions are used for sweet or table setting with fresh fruits, berries. For example, a candy bar, which was successfully beaten, like a salad bowl for all variations of dishes. It turned out very original, exquisite.

For appetizers

Cold snacks can also be served on the table in a scrambled dish; rolls and sushi are a vivid example of this. In this case, use a rectangular dish made of wood as the base, on which carefully separate different types of rolls, wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce are laid out in separate sections. This type of table setting can be found in sushi bars, repeated at home. For a party, you can use devices from two sections, where the salad is laid out on the first and the dressing for it on the second. And there are many such options.

Serving the components of one dish individually

Beautiful scissors decorate the festive table, but it is especially original to serve on the same dish the individual salad ingredients, according to the recipe, in an unmixed form. This is exquisite and superfluous evidence that fresh food was used. This salad dressing method is suitable for Kaleidoscope, Olivier, crab stick salads. To cheer you up, you can use square, round, oval-shaped scaffolds, and choose geometric or curved partitions for departments. It all depends on the preferences of the hostess, the solemnity of events.

For desserts and fruits

In this case, it is better to choose tiered scissors, which become a pleasant addition to the festive table, pleasing to the eye. In this case, we are not talking about a portioned serving of dishes, this is more of a decoration, the main thing is to choose the appropriate design. Fruits are stacked whole, but design in the form of an original cut is also welcome. There are plenty of models of scissors, manufacturers of such exquisite dishes too.

Longline scaffold

Packing ready-made meals in a container box

In modern society, it has become fashionable to use such a plastic model for packaging and transporting ready-made food. Such disposable containers are very popular in the delivery of sushi, rolls, Chinese food, fast food. For convenience, scaffolds are made with a lid and can maintain a constant temperature. Such plates are not only convenient, but also become a spectacular addition, for example, a buffet.

What can be put

You can store and carry food in a scaffold, for example, lunch for work or order lunch. In this way sushi, rolls, cheese, vegetables are transported, you can take it especially for fruits. If we are talking about a festive table, then more often buy porcelain or crystal models, which are actively involved in the professional setting of the festive table. Stack salads, sliced, cold and hot dishes. Designs for pizza, for cake and desserts are provided, but you can still use them for fish, even for bread with its figured slicing.

How to choose

To make the right choice, before buying, you need to understand in detail for what purposes such an original and multi-functional tableware is necessary, but do not forget about the extensive price and model range. It is better to consult with experienced housewives or table laying professionals first. Below are the main criteria for making the right choice so that as a result such useful dishes do not gather dust in the cupboard unnecessarily.


It is advisable to trust trusted brands and not save on buying. Only in this case, a properly served table will look elegant and expensive. Below are the most popular and popular models in a given direction. It:

  1. Hangzhou Jinding Import & Export. Most often, these are porcelain positions in several sections, made in restrained tones, having a streamlined shape. This model is perfect for a gift, effectively complements any holiday table..
  2. Mayer & Boch. Well-known manufacturer that offers products from different materials. Most often, these are crystal or porcelain models in several sections, which can be supplemented by colorful drawings.

The form

The shape and size are selected individually, according to their own preferences and purpose. In this way, you can only emphasize the culinary skills of the hostess, and all the guests gathered will only admire her ability to serve the festive table in an original and catchy way for a noisy feast and not only. Here are the best options for the occasion and without:

  1. Leander Mary Ann “Green Flowers.” A scallop with a diameter of 29.5 cm, round shape. It looks elegant and streamlined, helps to save space on the table. It has three branches, made of porcelain, but is not cheap – about 8,000 rubles.
  2. Wilmax. This is a budget option at a price of 350 r per unit. The model is characterized by a triangular shape, there are three compartments, the total diameter of the dish is 20 cm. Compact and convenient model, it is always useful in everyday life.


Production material

Many housewives are particularly acutely concerned about product quality. The choice of material depends on the dishes that will be stored in the scaffold, for example, for the second dishes you can take the tree as a basis, for the first – it is better to use porcelain. Here are the best options:

  1. Porcelain Manufacturing Factory Flower Harmony. Made of porcelain, has an original design and 4 sections, more suitable for ceremonial serving of salads and cold appetizers.
  2. Rosenberg RCE-070006-NY. Made of high quality ceramic, structurally has 5 sections. The baskets, as the base, are made of stainless steel, and the model itself attracts attention with a colorful pattern. Ideal for a table in a small kitchen.

The number of tiers and sections

In this matter, the choice is great, the range is pleasantly pleasing to the eye. It can be square, rectangular and round scissors, which you can choose and buy in the online store at a decent cost, while receiving free shipping. Here are the best options:

  1. PETERHOF “Vintage”. The dish is round in shape, consists of 5 practical sections. It can be made of glass or earthenware, plastic positions are extremely rare. Has a very beautiful design.
  2. Luminarc. A rating manufacturer of cookware, which, among an extensive assortment of cookware, offers multifunctional porcelain or earthenware salad sets. Affordable price, the scooper looks impressive.


Such dishes were invented for convenience, making the treats refined and especially desirable. To comply with the rules of etiquette, the choice of scallops is carried out taking into account the future purpose of the specified products. Here are the time-tested options:

  1. Association “Gzhel”. This is a domestic ceramic or porcelain tableware in blue drawings. The sophisticated option is for first and second courses, but can be used for snacks..
  2. Compartmental dish. Made of high quality ceramic or white clay with a transparent structure. You can place sliced, cold dishes. The prices of such a brand are inflated, but the quality is consistent, and the scalloped dish becomes a table decoration for every taste.

How much is a scaffold



Price, rubles

3 Pcs “Cardinal” CR069HB-9

Rectangular shape, porcelain


Scaffold Elan gallery “Poppies” art. 470147

Porcelain, faience, round, pattern – poppies


Good tree

Three-section, made of ceramic, diameter up to 36 cm



4 sections, ceramics, for first and second courses



In the shape of 3 petals, made of earthenware, with an original pattern


Mayer & boch

Ceramic models with a discreet design for greater sophistication


Association “Gzhel”

Thematic “frosty patterns” on sections of all shapes and sizes



Everyday running model



Ceramics or faience, compact size, convenience



The original model at a budget price of glass or porcelain


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