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The head is round, the limbs are muscular, the hair is soft, and the disposition is friendly – this is how you can briefly describe the breed of Scottish cats. Such an original appearance of pets at the peak of popularity, but because of the minimum information, most owners are afraid to buy these kittens. What is their secret, what are the features of care and price?

Scottish fold cat

A lop-eared Scot, or Scottish fold, bears his muscular large body on short legs, and a playful short tail with a round tip resembles a children’s lollipop. The ears are very small and always bend forward. In some cat breeds, the ears are small and can be folded forward and down more than once, but as many as two or even three, resembling a shell in appearance. This feature does not spoil the appearance of the animal.

Highland fold

Scottish fold longhair cat has its own name – Highland fold. This pet differs from its ancestors only in the length of the coat. If the standard Scottish Fold breed has very short hair and feels like a teddy bear to the touch, then in posterity the hairs are much longer throughout the body and a little shorter closer to the shoulders.

Scottish Straight Cat

Scottish Scottish straight is a cat of medium length and thickness, but strong and muscular, its nose is short. The cat’s paws are not long, and the paw pads fit snugly against each other. The muzzle is rounded with puffy cheeks, it seems as if they completely pass into the neck. Such Scottish erect kittens are endowed with moderately protruding, strong chin. The ears resemble locators: erect, wide, but with pointed tips.

Scottish Straight cat

Highland Straight

In the process of working on Scottish Straights, another breed was bred – Scottish Straights. Children differ from their parents by long hair and short nose. The length of the coat is the same as that of a Persian cat, but softer, sometimes even silky. Due to this feature, Highland Straights do not need to be combed daily, which greatly simplifies the daily maintenance of a pet..


The advantage of the breed is color. There are red, gray, snow-white and even lilac shades of wool. Among breeders there are such beliefs about the colors of kittens:

  • Black Panther – for lovers of the mystical and unusual. There is a legend that if a young girl buys a black cat, within a couple of months she will find love.
  • Chinchilla for good luck – for those who have little luck in life. You can’t buy a cat of this color anywhere, just a cute kitty. Gray-haired bring comfort and good fortune to the house.
  • Totem of wealth – for lovers of exoticism. The chocolate color of Scottish cats is especially rare and valuable, because as soon as they bring litter of all colors and shades. In addition, such animals are real healers.
  • Marble aristocrat – lovers of the classics. Gray, black and light tones are successfully combined on the kitten’s fur with a noticeable base “M” on the forehead. These animals are a symbol of calm, prosperity and measured life..

Scottish cat


The whole Scottish breed is the work of human hands. These pets are very attached to their owner. This suggests that even the smallest kitten will be cozy and comfortable in a new house, where he is loved and appreciated. You need to know that a highly developed habit can harm a pet. A long lack of attention or the departure of the owners from home is a psychological trauma for a Scottish cat.

By nature, Scottish cats are calm and balanced. They will not secretly spoil the slippers, but prefer to silently retire from the aggressor. At the same time, cats have developed self-esteem, they will always show sympathy for the owner, but they will also softly make it clear when he crossed the border. If a dog or other cat already lives in your house, Scottish will treat this normally. Do not be surprised when in time the Scottish cat will sleep or play with an adult dog.

Features of Scottish Cats

If you decide to bring a small fluffy kitten to the house, then you should not only study the character, but also take into account some features of the care:

  • Scottish Straight and fold are very smart cats. However, it is worth considering that the pet will only absorb information that will bring him maximum benefit. To teach an animal something, you will first have to motivate the pet, to increase the value of knowledge.
  • Soft undercoat is another feature of Scottish cats. It must be combed regularly, otherwise the cat, when licking, can swallow lumps of wool, which will lead to indigestion, constipation and even bowel obstruction.
  • Often, after the wrong selection of a mating partner, kittens are born with a curved spine. Especially often this happens during the pregnancy of lop-eared cats. To prevent deviations, cross Scottish folds with straights..

Scottish Straight

Where to buy a Scottish kitten

A few decades ago, you could admire the little fluffy happiness only in the photo. These elite animals were sold for fabulous sums, so they were often bought for an exhibition or participation in show programs. Years passed, much has changed, the price has fallen, and you can buy a Scottish fold or straight kitten everywhere: by announcement, from breeders, in nurseries or ordered from a catalog on the Internet.


If you wish, you can buy a kitten in an online store using a photo, but why pay a lot of money and at the same time not be 100% confident in the health of the animal? For those who live in big cities, choosing a good cat is much easier. There are a lot of specialized nurseries, for example, in the Moscow region this:

  • L’MUR. The direction of this cattery is breeding cats of Siamese and marble color. If you are looking for an unusual pet at an affordable price, be sure to look at the photos of the Scots here.
  • Mos Charm is a good cattery of Scottish fold cats. Registered in WCF World Cat Federation and TICA International Cat Association.
  • Superfold – is considered the elite nursery of Moscow. Graduates work here, thanks to which the community has gained international approval and recognition, and the animals bred here travel around the globe.

How to choose a Scottish cat

When choosing a kitten, you should pay attention to several factors at once:

  • Age. It is important that the animal reaches at least 3 months, since it will not work in advance to determine a fold-eared kitten or not..
  • Temper. If you want to have a calm cat in the house, choose the quietest kitten. When you want to get a little tomboy, pay attention to the baby who will reach for you in his arms.
  • Health. Before buying, it is important to make sure that all vaccinations are given to the cat in time, there is a metric and a medical record.

Scottish fold kitten


How much does a scottish fold cat cost? The answer will largely depend on your needs, for example:

  • A show-class cat that has an unusual pattern on the fur. The price is about 30-50 thousand rubles.
  • Brid-class – short-haired cats for breeding, have a price of 20 thousand rubles.
  • PET class – Scot for the home, any color. It costs a breeder inexpensively – up to 10 thousand rubles.

How to feed a Scottish cat

What to prefer for feeding a thoroughbred cat – dry food or natural products? Even veterinarians still have not come to a consensus, so you have to choose for yourself. If there is absolutely not enough time, then it is better to turn to ready-made feeds:

  • Economy class – it contains by-products of animal origin, preservatives, flavor enhancers and food additives. From the pros – low price.
  • Commercial feed – inside also contains offal, but of better quality, and on the package it is indicated that food helps prevent cat diseases.
  • Premium class – the most expensive type of feed, made from natural meat and cereals. It contains almost all vitamins and minerals. The cost of such food is high.

What else to feed a Scottish cat? The animals of this breed are perfect for canned food, but you need to know that you can only give such food at room temperature, and store an open jar for no more than 3 days. If the time for caring for the animals is a little longer, try mixed food: take good dry food as the basis, and milk, fish and other products for feeding.

Cat dry food in a bowl

How to feed Scottish kittens

If you bought an animal from a professional breeder, he will tell you what and how to feed the Scottish kittens. If the kitten fell into your hands from the street, it is easy to accustom it to natural food. List of allowed products:

  • boiled chicken breast;
  • oat, buckwheat and rice groats;
  • boiled liver and beef;
  • low-fat varieties of marine fish;
  • dairy products;
  • boiled vegetables.

Scottish cat – care

Special care for Scottish Straight and fold is not needed, however, the owners need to consider some features of the breed:

  • Scottish cats are very picky about the toilet and require the same treatment from the owners. The tray should always be washed and filled with fresh filler, otherwise the pet will do the trick. Check out effective methods to teach a kitten to a tray in an apartment..
  • You need to bathe Scottish Straight no more than 1 time in 2 weeks, the price for rebellion will be spoiled beautiful cat hair or a catarrhal disease. This is especially true for long-haired breeds..
  • In molting season, comb Scottish fold should be daily, in normal times, this procedure can be given only 1 day per week.
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