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For their loyal character, the sweetest creatures with bent ears were awarded a role in the cartoon about Carlson. Housekeeper Freken Bock adored her Matilda, and although the famous character is of the highland fold type with long hair, but she clearly demonstrates how devoted, unpretentious representatives of the Scottish fold family.

Scottish fold cat

Scottish fold or scottish fold kittens with characteristic features were bred half a century ago in Britain. Rapidly gaining popularity, the Scottish fold breed came to Europe, a little later – to America. The main feature of cats of this breed is the structure of the ears with the tips bent forward with a downward inclination. A round head, a wide nose, large eyes, muscular limbs – all these are the standards by which a Scottish kitten is classified as Scottish fold or Scottish straight (straight).


The perfect tranquility that these fluffy pets are endowed with by nature provides them with a high level of adaptation. They are diplomatic, often take a neutral position towards everything, are stable – that’s what the breeders and fans of this breed agree on. The Scottish fold cat, whose character is often calm and unpretentious, will protest with polite, creaky purrs, but not with screams. In a conflict situation, Scottish fold kittens begin to hiss and cling to the floor.

Scottish fold cat


There is no single standard, so the color of Scottish fold fur is different. The rich palette admits that the colors of Scottish fold cats can vary from plain colors (black, purple, blue) to a combination of three or more shades with a chinchilla pattern. Short-haired or long-haired British cats can be born by anyone, but the color affects the quality of the hair, therefore, choosing a kitten of an exotic color, there is a chance to get a pet with plush hair.


In the photo, lop-eared cats vividly demonstrate their natural individuality, but newborn kittens are almost no different from the rest of this four-legged species. Four weeks must pass from the moment of birth before a boy or a girl of Scottish Field breed acquires the main omen – bent ears. Features of the Scottish cat include rare water treatments, ear care with special fluid.

Scottish fold cat

Buy a fold kitten

Breeding pets of this breed involves a subsequent sale. To buy a Scottish fold kitten with an exemplary pedigree for exhibitions, you should contact the nursery, but the price will be three times the “ordinary” representatives of the breed. It’s not expensive to get a Briton through bulletin boards where breeders’ offers are met, you should be especially careful when buying at the “bird market”, even if the price is attractive.


If the desire to buy a kitten is balanced, it is better to contact the Scottish fold nursery, for example, such as these:

  • Silver Land offers kittens with documents of various colors. Before moving to a new home, breeders have been preparing furry pets for several months. In the nursery you can choose Scottish fold marble, spotted, silver tabby.
  • SuperFold is an elite metropolitan cattery where they have been breeding cats of this breed for more than ten years. The international status of the club, the work of professionals with a felinological education are an advantage, and for those wishing to buy a kitten of a rare color – an opportunity to fulfill a dream.
  • Ru-Star Fold is engaged in the development of a breed aimed at the birth of genetically healthy offspring. Coloring colors are not limited, in the nursery there are marble, white, purple Scottish fold kittens, there are lines on gold and tabby options.

How to choose a Scottish fold kitten

If there is a desire to buy a purebred fold Scot, and not a cross, then the price should fade into the background. You can buy such a kitten without cheating at the breeder under the auspices of the club. Low cost should alert, because there is a risk to get a non-pedigree cat, prone to illness or lack of vaccinations. How to determine a fold kitten or not? The breed standards provide for the presence of bent, lowered ears, and this feature will manifest itself when a pet reaches four months of age.

Scottish fold kittens

How to feed a Scottish fold kitten

The diet of the first week from the moment of birth and even a month will differ from the subsequent menu of pets with British roots. Natural products, including cottage cheese, kefir, fresh meat, fish, cereals, are mandatory items in the nutrition program. It is not forbidden to give dry food, but the quality requirements are very high. How to feed a Scottish fold kitten? The number of feedings of a 2-month-old pet does not exceed 5 times, the bowl of food after feeding should be removed, leaving only a container of water.


For the comfort of the future pet, you will have to provide a tray, a place to sleep, buy a scratching post, brushes, hygiene products. The toilet for lop-eared kittens should be selected in size, and the filler – after the appearance of the pet at home. The nails should be a stable design, and the “bed” should have a soft round bed. Caring for a Scottish fold kitten involves removing the undercoat, therefore a furminator is needed, and they also love massage.

How to educate

With the relevance of the question of how to care for a Scottish fold kitten, do not argue. Care, maintenance, proper nutrition of a pet is part of the owner’s responsibilities, but do not forget about another important aspect: how to raise a Scottish kitten? The first months of life, this is done by the mother, the breeders, and in the future, the owner will have to take care of himself, accustom to the clawfish, monitor the feeding regimen, play.

Universal rules of education state:

  1. Treat the kitten gently, do not scream, so as not to develop aggression.
  2. No punishment, rude actions that can cause pain.
  3. Training for a team or requirement one at a time.
  4. Punish misconduct immediately, without delaying later.

Lop-eared scottish fold


The cost of representatives of this breed varies significantly. Important factors are the presence or absence of a pedigree, external signs, purpose: for exhibitions, breeding or for the soul. Without documents, according to ads with photos on websites, the price of a Scotsman starts from 5 thousand rubles. How much does a fold kitten cost in a cattery? The minimum price is 20,000 rubles, and you will have to buy an elite kitten for 95,000 rubles or more.

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