Seasonal relocation. Tips for moving to the country with a bunch of things

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Preparing for the move

If you do not have experience of seasonal relocations, and this is your first time doing this, then estimate how many and what things you will need. If you want to provide comfort in urban conditions, you will need not only personal belongings, but also appliances, some furniture. To help you – a list in which everything that you need to take with you will be written.
After compiling the list, consider whether you can handle the transportation on your own. If there is a need for assembly / disassembly of furniture, loading and transportation of bulky equipment, you will need assistants and a truck with a driver.

Important: if transportation conditions are not followed, the furniture may be damaged. Also, you need to properly disassemble / pack / assemble it. The same with household appliances.

On the eve of the move, collect the things you plan to take with you in the same room or put them separately in each room.

Do not forget about essentials:

  • Clothing and shoes, hygiene items, food.
  • Children’s things and toys if you move with children.
  • Feed, things for animals.
  • Medicines.
  • A sufficient amount of cash (for settlements with loaders, a car driver, etc.).
  • Gadgets, chargers for them.
  • Furniture Assembly Tools.
  • Means for cleaning the room and washing.

Seasonal relocation

Prepare your things for packaging: group by type and degree of fragility.

Packaging and labeling

For packing things you need the following materials:

  • Scotch;
  • carton boxes;
  • adhesive stickers;
  • stretch film;
  • bubble wrap;
  • marker.

All this can be bought at any construction supermarket or ordered on the Internet..

Put things in boxes, be sure to wrap fragile things in an air-bubble film, seal each box with tape and mark it. Try to write in clear handwriting, mark where the top of the box is. Do not forget to write “Glass” or “Fragile”. You can also specify the placement: “Kitchen”, “Bedroom”, etc..

At this stage, you can attract a moving company. One of the Delicate Relocation services is packaging and labeling. This also includes disassembling furniture..
Seasonal relocation

Everything should be ready by the arrival of transport

Choose a company with extensive experience – there the scheme of work is run on many moves, employees work quickly, which significantly saves time and your money.

The cost of an hour of work of one specialist in moving companies on average starts from 460 rubles. Evening and night rates may be higher, there is a minimum order (for example, 4 hours).

Please note that the departure and work of employees outside the Moscow Ring Road in most cases are paid extra.

Loading, transporting and unloading things

For transportation, you need transport with a cargo compartment (the size depends on the number of things), in which there are mounts for transporting furniture and equipment.

During loading, check the placement of boxes marked “fragile” – they must be placed separately (they cannot be stacked on top of each other, placed on top). Such a load must be reliably secured so that it does not fall and is not damaged by sudden braking of a car. To fix the equipment you will need safety belts, belts with carabiners or rubber bands with hooks.

Important: the washing machine, gas stove and refrigerator are only transported in an upright position. Doors should be sealed with paper tape, shelves and trays should be removed and transported separately.

You can learn the rules for transporting your household appliances from the operating instructions. If they are lost, find online instructions for the same or similar models..
Seasonal relocation

It is necessary to fix with belts not only equipment, but also furniture

If you do not have freight transport and assistants, contact the services of specialists. There are two options:

  1. Hire a car and private movers.
  2. Contact a Moving Company.

The first option may be cheaper. But there are risks:

  • casual workers are not responsible for the safety of things, they may not know the rules of transportation of equipment, not be able to disassemble and assemble furniture;
  • no one will guarantee that your items of the same composition will reach their destination;
  • a car driver can change plans at the last moment and not come.

In the second option, you conclude an agreement that states: the place of moving, time, amount of things, etc. The moving company assumes financial responsibility for the safety of the property, as well as the observance of precautionary measures and technical safety.

Important: after unpacking things, the company’s employees will remove and take out the used packaging materials.

Temporary storage

If during the seasonal relocation you do not leave the apartment empty (rent, make repairs), then you may need the service of temporary storage of the remaining things.

You can rent a box and put everything in it, but you have to pack, load, transport and unload things yourself. And then do the same thing in reverse.

Temporary storage

In such boxes you pay for the rented area (regardless of the number of things)

You can also contact the moving company. Its employees themselves will pack and take things to the warehouse, and at the agreed time they will bring them back and put them in their places in the apartment. You sign a storage agreement, according to which the company assumes financial responsibility for the property, and pay only for the actual amount of things.

What can be stored:

  • Personal items.
  • Furniture and furnishings.
  • Kitchen utensils, dishes, small things.
  • Household appliances and sports equipment.

The cost of the service is on average from 26 to 35 rubles. per day for 1 m ?. For storage of a large number of things (for example, from 30 m?) Discounts are possible.


  1. Plan your upcoming relocation to the cottage: make a list of necessary things, arrange with assistants or contact a moving company.
  2. Do not forget about essentials: they should be at hand immediately after arriving at the cottage.
  3. Do not save on packaging and labeling – this will ensure the safety of things and save your time.
  4. Learn the operating instructions for transporting your household appliances from the operating instructions. Take along a furniture assembly tool.
  5. Hire a truck for transportation, but be careful with the choice: drivers for ads do not guarantee the safety of your property.
  6. If you need to arrange a move quickly and with a guarantee of security, contact a moving company.
  7. Take care of temporary storage of the remaining things, if necessary..
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