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Each gardener seeks to get a good harvest on his plot. In order for the plants to bear fruit successfully, it is necessary to create optimal conditions for them from the first days of life. For this, a special soil is used for sowing seeds, which provides fragile sprouts with nutrition, growth and future crops. The success of this difficult task depends on how well the soil is chosen..

What is the soil for seedlings

Soil or soil for seedlings is a source for plants of chemical elements and organic substances. They are necessary for seedlings for nutrition, active growth, reproduction and the formation of tasty and ripe fruits in the future. The soil also provides the root system with the required temperature, maintains humidity and air exchange. Not all the land that is on the site has the necessary properties, so experienced gardeners recommend using special soil mix for germinating grains. You can buy it in the store or prepare it yourself..


To the soil for seedlings, special stringent requirements are imposed. If you change at least one component, the seedlings will grow reluctantly, may disappear in the process or not rise at all. The issue of soil selection must be approached with all care, fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Friability. This concept refers to the physical structure of the earth. If it is taken in one lump, it is better not to take it, as well as stale soil. The earth must be airy, porous, moisture permeable, breathable, sprinkled between fingers.
  • The composition of the soil for seedlings. If in the ground you find fungus, mold, insect larvae or small weed roots, then this basis for plant growth is not suitable.
  • Fertility. The soil should contain the necessary trace elements needed for seedling growth.
  • Acidity. Pay attention to this indicator when choosing soil. Acidity must be neutral, i.e. The pH should be 6.0-6.7 depending on the preferences of the garden culture. Plants will not germinate in a very acidic or alkaline environment.
  • Toxicity. Good soil for seedlings is one that does not contain industrial waste, toxic oil products, salts, radionuclides. It must be environmentally friendly..

seedling soil

Varieties of purchased soil mix

It is easier and more reliable to purchase ready-made soil for planting seedlings in a store. Before making such a purchase, carefully study the composition of the proposed land. The following are popular soil grades and descriptions:





Living land for seedlings

Universal or special peat based primer

Peat, vermicompost, agloporite, mineral fertilizers. Nitrogen – 150 mg / l, potassium – 300 mg / l, phosphorus – 270 mg / l. pH is about 6.5.

55 rubles for 5 liters.


Multi-component special primer with carefully selected balance

Sand, peat, Gumimaks fertilizer. Ammonium nitrogen – 700 mg / kg, nitrate – 100 mg / kg, potassium oxide and phosphorus oxide – 800 mg / kg. pH 6.0-7.5.

350 rubles for 40 liters.

Garden land

Universal peat based primer

Peat, river sand, mineral fertilizers. Nitrogen 300 mg / l, potassium 400 mg / l, phosphorus – 300 mg / l. pH 5.5-6.0.

260 rubles for 50 liters.

Pay attention to the type of soil purchased. It can be universal or special. Manufacturers add one or another component in a larger amount to a special soil, which is well suited for a certain type of crop, for example, tomato, eggplant, pepper, cucumber, cabbage, onion, flowers, etc. Universal land is suitable for all plants, but you may need to supplement this soil yourself to give them the necessary composition for a particular type of plant.

DIY soil for seedlings

Experienced gardeners recommend preparing the soil yourself. Preparing the soil for seedlings is a simple matter, but the main thing is not to make a mistake in the proportions. Consider these features:

  1. When filling the finished soil into the boxes, do not forget to provide good drainage. To do this, put a layer of dry moss (sphagnum) or sand on the bottom.
  2. Sprinkle the soil on top of the drain. Do not regret, it should be covered with an even layer to the edge of the box, peat cups or other containers that are used for planting seedlings.
  3. Do not forget about extra nutrition. To do this, take suitable fertilizers and distribute them on the surface of the soil with an even layer, then mix thoroughly.
  4. If you take dry fertilizers, then the soil should be moistened before enrichment, but do not overdo it. The ideal option is the lack of fluid when squeezing the soil.
  5. Select the desired temperature, which is difficult in a home environment. Set up a micro-steamhouse on the balcony. Otherwise, limit watering, otherwise the seedling system will be weak in seedlings, and the green top with leaves, on the contrary, will be excessively high.

Ready soil for seedlings


To prepare a simple universal soil for seedlings, you will need:

  • turf land – 2 parts;
  • peat – 2 parts;
  • sand – 1 part.

These ingredients can be bought at a specialized gardening store. Peat can be replaced with humus or leafy soil. To further mineralize the resulting composition, i.e. increase its fertility, add 200-300 grams of charcoal or ash for every 10 liters. The composition is recommended to interfere with perlite, vermiculite or sawdust. These components make the earth light and airy. Another useful supplement is powdered egg shells, compost heaps..


Often, the quality and volume of the crop depends on how well the disinfection of the soil is performed. Disinfection is the removal of larvae and pupae of harmful insects, bacteria, fungi and other unnecessary microorganisms. The disinfection procedure can be carried out independently by any of the following methods:

  • freezing followed by thawing;
  • steaming in a water bath;
  • washing in boiling water in small portions;
  • baking in the oven;
  • microwave holding;
  • washing with a solution of potassium permanganate (3 grams of potassium permanganate per 10 liters of water);
  • dressing with Actara solution, fungicide;
  • phytosporin addition.

The drug Fitosporin

How to choose a soil mixture for seedlings

A large selection of types of soil for seedlings often baffles novice gardeners. The following tips come in handy when purchasing the right primer:

  1. If in doubt, which type of land is better – universal or special – take the first option. It is suitable for any seedlings, if necessary, it can always be supplemented.
  2. Pay attention to the label. It should contain information about the manufacturer, composition, properties. A prerequisite is the availability of instructions for use. If there is no label or the information on it is incomplete, it is better to purchase another soil.
  3. The composition of the earth is very important. It should include at least three ingredients. It is good if peat, vermiculite or sand with the addition of mineral fertilizers is present in the composition. There should not be too many chemical constituents. The amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus should not exceed 300 mg / l, otherwise it is better to dilute the soil.
  4. The consistency of the soil is very important, so evaluate this factor when buying. If necessary, take a test packet of land.
  5. To assess the acidity, you need to carry out the following procedure. Place a piece of glass on a dark horizontal surface. Top with a little soil and pour vinegar. If a large amount of foam forms on the surface, it means that the soil has an alkaline environment, the complete absence of foam indicates increased acidity, a slight foam formation indicates neutrality.
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