Spraying tomatoes with iodine serum: proportions for processing

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Among tomato pathologies, there are often intractable and insidious, for example, fungal infections such as late blight. He is capable of destroying all vegetable plantings in a short time, depriving the summer resident of the crop. To combat fungus and other diseases, gardeners use serum with iodine.

What is useful for plant serum

Milk, as the basis of the product, is ideally suited to tomatoes during their growth, when the need for culture is especially high. Fertilizing based on a dairy product contains a lot of useful substances that positively affect the development of culture. These include:

  • lactose (detrimental to pests);
  • potassium, copper, phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese, other trace elements;
  • amino acids (activate vegetable growth).

After processing with milk, a film forms on the leaves of tomatoes, which protects the plant from fungi and insects. Spraying tomatoes with iodine serum has such positive effects:

  • the process of assimilation of useful substances that are contained in the soil is accelerated;
  • metabolic processes improve;
  • increasing the efficiency of fertilizers such as compost, etc..

Milk serum

The benefits of iodine for tomatoes

This chemical substance ensures the proper development of the culture. With iodine deficiency, tomatoes will grow and sing more slowly, which will affect the yield and quality of the fruit. The benefits of iodine in the garden are as follows:

  • soil disinfection, destruction of harmful microorganisms on tomatoes;
  • improved survival after planting and germination of vegetables;
  • strengthening immunity, improving tomatoes;
  • yield increase;
  • providing fruits with greater benefits;
  • improving the maturity of ripe vegetables.

The use of iodine from late blight

Spraying rules

You can use whey for tomatoes growing both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions. Spraying is carried out at a certain time and taking into account such rules:

  • in the absence of active sunlight (morning or evening);
  • in dry weather, without wind and precipitation;
  • using a finely dispersed atomizer (it is important that the product covers all the leaves of the plant);
  • at a temperature of about 17-19 degrees.

The first spraying is carried out 2 weeks after planting the tomatoes in the garden. Further, the processing of the vegetable crop is repeated twice a month. If there are signs of late blight or another disease, serum spraying can be carried out daily. The best time for the treatment and prevention of tomato pathologies with a dairy product is the beginning of July, when plants are in dire need of amino acids for growth.

Spraying Tomatoes

Disease iodine serum

Milk iodine solution is effective in various diseases that affect tomatoes. Depending on the pathology, the rules for spraying and preparing serum may differ slightly:


Remedy recipe

How to spray

Brown spotting

10 drops of iodine are taken per 500 ml of skim milk.

The treatment is carried out in dry, calm weather for the prevention or treatment of the disease. It is convenient to spray plants with a manual spray gun. For prevention, the procedure is carried out 1-2 times with an interval of a couple of weeks, and for treatment – 3-4 times every other day..

Gray rot

Milk is diluted with water 2: 1, add 10 drops of iodine.

Spraying begins from the bottom of the bushes, since the spread of gray rot begins from there. Repeat the procedure every day (only 3 times).

Fusarium wilt

The solution is prepared from 10 liters of water and 1 liter of low fat milk. 20 drops of iodine are also added here..

Plant treatment is carried out as often as possible until the symptoms of the disease disappear. To do this, use a garden spray.


10 drops of iodine are added to a liter of milk or kefir.

Sick plants are removed from the garden and burned, and the remaining several days in a row should be sprayed with a dairy composition early in the morning or after sunset.

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