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For the manufacture of kitchen utensils, a variety of materials are used. Stainless steel metal dishes enjoy considerable popularity – high-quality pots with convenient handles and a non-stick layer will last long and reliably. This material has been used in the manufacture of dishes for about 100 years. For a century, stainless steel kitchen products have proven their worth. Thanks to their excellent performance, they are the sales leaders to this day..

Than good stainless steel cookware sets

Before ordering a stainless steel pan with a thick bottom or a whole set of such dishes, familiarize yourself with the advantages of this material. You can buy suitable products in any specialized online store with delivery by mail. True, note that stainless steel products do not have good thermal conductivity. The main advantages of stainless steel kitchen utensils include:

  • Durability, reliability. Stainless steel is a high strength and deformation resistant material. On the dishes that are made of it, the formation of chips is impossible and scratches almost never appear. The service life of stainless steel cookware without losing its original appearance can be at least 10 years.
  • Benefit for health. Dishes, which are prepared in stainless steel products, well retain the beneficial trace elements of the original ingredients. This is due to the fact that this type of material, even under the influence of high temperatures, does not react with acids and alkalis contained in many products.
  • Hygiene, environmental friendliness. Due to the fact that during operation on the surface of pots, pans and other utensils, no cracks, scratches and chips appear from the stainless steel, the risk of creating an environment for the development of harmful microbes and bacteria is excluded.
  • Ease of care. Stainless steel utensils can be easily cleaned of food debris using ordinary detergents and a smooth sponge. The easiest way to remove soot from it, which is formed on any dishes. To do this, use abrasive particles that are not recommended for washing dishes from other materials..

Russian-made stainless steel pans

On sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country you can find a large assortment of kitchen utensils of domestic manufacture. In terms of quality, some products are not inferior to imported counterparts. You can easily pick up a set of metal utensils with the appropriate volume of pots, wall thickness and modern design. Famous domestic brands include Katyusha, Gourmet, Amet.

Amet stainless steel pan


If you plan to buy a set of pots made of stainless steel, then take a look at the products of the Gourmet trademark. Such dishes are made of Russian-made steel. A good purchase will be the “Pro” pan with excellent coating quality, the volume of which is enough to prepare first and second courses for 5-6 people at once:

  • model name: Pro;
  • price: 3500 r.;
  • characteristics: volume – 5 l, diameter – 24 cm, height with cover – 17.5 cm, weight – 1.98 kg, case thickness – 0.7 mm, bottom – 6.5 mm;
  • pluses: good quality, capacity;
  • cons: no.

Professional steel pan

If you are interested in smaller cookware, then pay attention to the “Classic”. The utensil is suitable for cooking for 1-2 people:

  • model name: Classic;
  • price: 2350 p.;
  • characteristics: volume – 1.5 l, diameter – 16 cm, height with cover – 15 cm, weight – 0.98 kg, case thickness – 0.7 mm, bottom – 6.5 mm;
  • pluses: ease, compactness;
  • cons: expensive for such a small volume.

Pan with lid


Another Russian brand that offers stainless steel cookware of good quality is Amet. To save on the purchase, order utensils in large retail outlets, as during promotions, sales, they offer discounts – sometimes up to several tens of percent. Inexpensive set of dishes from Amet:

  • model name: Classic-prima;
  • price: 4965 r.;
  • characteristics: 2 pans (1.75, 4 l), a frying pan (1 l), 3 covers, color – light gray;
  • pluses: thermal distribution bottom has many layers, versatility, low cost;
  • cons: no.

Model Classic-prima

Those who need only one stainless cookware, such as pots, need to look at the “Country” series. The product has sheet handles, a plastic button and a matte polish:

  • model name: Country 1s814;
  • price: 1021 r .;
  • characteristics: volume – 1.75 l, weight – 570 g, case diameter – 16 cm, external polishing – matte;
  • pluses: it is cheap, lightness, compactness;
  • cons: no heat distribution bottom.

Pan with a cover Country 1s814


Utensils made of steel of the Katyusha trademark are relatively inexpensive domestic products with an acceptable level of quality. If you are interested in acquiring a whole set, then you will be interested in a set, which consists of 12 items of different sizes:

  • model name: Katyusha art. 600;
  • price: 6350 p.;
  • characteristics: 5 pans – 1.5 / 2 / 3.5 / 4.5 / 6.5 l, roasting pan – 5 l, lids – 6 pieces;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, functionality;
  • cons: no.

Set of ware from Katyusha stainless steel an art. 600

The following products are presented in one pan only. It is made using advanced technology and high quality materials. The product fully complies with the existing world standards in the field of ecology, safety:

  • name: Katyusha art. 55;
  • price: 2430 r.;
  • characteristics: volume – 5.5 l, weight – 1.5 kg, cover material – glass, color – silver;
  • pluses: good capacity, low cost;
  • cons: no.

Pan Katyusha art. 55

German stainless steel cookware

German cookware is European quality, strength and durability. Among the offered assortment you can find both budget items and luxury dishes that emphasize the rich decoration of your home. A set of German stainless steel pots is suitable not only for cooking, but also for storing ready-made meals in the refrigerator. They perfectly tolerate temperature changes. Among the famous brands can be identified Fissman, Zepter, Gipfel.

A set of dishes from the German brand


If you are interested in buying premium dishes, then take a look at the product line of the German brand Gipfel. In recent years, it has gained considerable popularity and distribution in Russia. A great purchase would be the Gipfel 0604 pan from the Mozart collection. Its bottom is equipped with an induction coating. The product handles are made of silicone, and the glass handle:

  • model name: Gipfel 0604;
  • price: 8550 p.;
  • characteristics: volume – 3.5 l, height – 12 cm, diameter – 20 cm, wall thickness – 1.2 mm, bottom – 6 mm, color – steel;
  • pluses: a good degree of quality, ease of use;
  • cons: expensive.

Casserole Gipfel 0604

An interesting option is a pan intended for spaghetti from the Shantal collection. The lid, like the previous product, is made of glass:

  • name: Gipfel 0729;
  • price: 6382 r.;
  • characteristics: volume – 9.5 l, height – 18 cm, diameter – 26 cm, wall thickness – 0.5 mm, coating – induction, color – steel;
  • Pros: large volume, ease of use;
  • cons: high cost, thin walls.

Large pan Gipfel 0729


To answer the question which stainless steel utensils are of the highest quality, take a closer look at the products of Zepter and other German brands. Take a look at the rich set from the Zepter Smart Life series. The kitchen utensils included in the kit are made of high quality AISI 316L stainless steel:

  • model name: Standard-Z;
  • price: 62400 r.;
  • characteristics: 2 pans (5 / 4.2 l) – 20×16.3 / 20×13.5 cm, a combi bowl with a plastic lid (2l) – 20 cm (diameter), a double boiler (2.8 l) – 20×9.7 cm , double basket (2 l) – 18×7.7 cm, stewpan (3 l) – 24×6.8;
  • pluses: a large set, functionality, there is a vacuum pen-suction cup;
  • cons: very expensive.

Set of dishes from the company Zepter Standard-Z

Zepter buckets are a convenient device for milk, the demand for which is in every home. The material does not oxidize, does not enter into chemical reactions with products:

  • name: bucket TF-022-16-s;
  • price: 12288 r .;
  • characteristics: volume – 2 l, diameter – 16 cm, material – stainless steel Chrome / Nickel 18/10;
  • pluses: a large set, functionality, there is a vacuum pen-suction cup;
  • cons: overpriced per product.

Bucket with lid TF-022-16-s


The Fissman pan is a durable and durable product with a large volume. It is suitable for making macaros for a family of 5-6 people. The product is specially equipped with a colander. True, in comparison with domestic counterparts, this dishware is somewhat more expensive:

  • model name: Fissman 5096;
  • price: 4273 r.;
  • characteristics: volume – 6.8 l, case diameter – 24 cm, bottom – 22 cm, pan wall height – 15.5 cm, weight – 2.7 kg;
  • pluses: suitable for any stove, for the oven;
  • cons: high cost.

Fissman 5096

If you like to cook manti, then take a look at the dishes with three inserts, double boiler. The product is of higher quality in comparison with analogues of other brands:

  • name: Fissman 5108;
  • price: 5677 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 28 cm, side height – 12 cm, weight – 5.39 kg, there are three inserts;
  • pluses: functionality, capacity;
  • cons: heavy weight.

Steamer pan Fissman 5108

Other stainless steel cookware manufacturers

Steel utensils may have a layer of aluminum or copper between two layers of stainless steel. Thanks to this, a thermal storage bottom is obtained, which heats up faster, heat is distributed better and holds it longer. Some products have an extra layer of non-stick coating. In addition to domestic and German manufacturers of kitchen items made of stainless steel, take a look at the products of other equally popular brands, for example, BergHOFF, Tefal, Lessner.

Stainless Steel Cookware Set


This French brand of tableware and household appliances for the kitchen has become widespread in Russia. A good purchase would be a kit with products with a strong encapsulated bottom. The aluminum disc is integrated under pressure into the stainless steel disc. This capsule is soldered to the body, capturing its outer edges. This becomes a guarantee of good thermal conductivity and protection against any deformation:

  • model name: Tefal 126849;
  • price: 9999 r.;
  • characteristics: two pans 2.9 and 5.1 l, bucket – 1.4 l, 3 lids (diameter) – 16, 20 and 24 cm, handles – soft bakelite with rivet fastening, the bottom is three-layer;
  • pluses: quality; comfortable handles; rich set;
  • cons: expensive.

Tefal Set 126849

E87 4S 574 Jamie Oliver is another rich kit from the French brand. The products are made of stainless steel with a decorative frosted strip. The edges are bent for easy draining:

  • name: Tefal E87 4S 574 Jamie Oliver;
  • price: 9989 r.;
  • characteristics: two pans – 3 and 4.7 l, diameter of lids – 20 and 24 cm, bucket volume – 1.4 l, diameter – 16 cm;
  • Pros: many items, suitable for any heat sources;
  • cons: high cost.

Two pots and tefal E87 4S 574 Jamie Oliver ladle


English brand ТМ Lessner, under which steel kitchen utensils of acceptable quality are sold. This is a worthy alternative to dishes of expensive brands. Particularly popular were Lessner pans, which are convenient to use, durable, and unpretentious in maintenance. The branded utensils of the English brand will perfectly fit into almost any interior of the kitchen, no matter in which style it is executed. Relatively inexpensive, but rich kit:

  • model name: Lessner 55857;
  • price: 1232 r.;
  • characteristics: two pans – 2.2 / 4 l, diameter – 16, 20 cm, wall thickness – 0.5 mm, bottom – capsule,
  • pluses: low cost, durability;
  • cons: no.

Two pans Lessner 55857

The next purchase will also cost you relatively inexpensively, but at the same time 4 pots with a lid are included. Polishing outside, inside – 100% mirror:

  • name: Lessner 55858;
  • price: 2472 r.;
  • characteristics: the volume of pans – 1.9 / 2.6 / 3.6 / 6.1 l, diameter – 16/18/20/24 cm, wall thickness – 0.5 mm, the bottom is capsule;
  • pluses: affordable cost, reliable riveted fastening of handles;
  • cons: no.

4 pieces set Lessner 55858


This trademark is Belgian, but BergHOFF kitchenware is manufactured in China. If you are more interested in acquiring the whole kit, then take a look at Hotel BergHOFF. The bottom design of each product makes cooking more energy-efficient, evenly distributing heat over the entire surface. The products are made of 18/10 stainless steel for hygiene and increased durability. Covers ideally close each product, keeping the juices of ingredients, natural moisture inside. A secure grip is ensured by an ergonomic handle:

  • model name: Hotel 1107100-BH;
  • price: 20790 r.;
  • characteristics: bucket – 16 cm, 1.8 l, pan – 20 cm, 3.9 l, broth pan – 24 cm, 7 l, pan – 26 cm, 2.4 l, weight – 8.25 kg, there are 3 covers, bottom – three-layer;
  • pluses: a rich set, quality, durability;
  • cons: not the most affordable cost.

Stainless steel kitchen set Hotel 1107100-BH

BergHOFF Invico Vitrum Casserole is suitable for preparing all types of dishes in small portions. The product has a 6-layer bottom, providing fast and energy-efficient cooking. The lid is made of glass, so you can observe the ingredients during cooking:

  • Name: Invico Vitrum 1103396-BH;
  • price: 4250 p.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 16 cm, height – 8 cm, volume – 1.6 l, weight – 1.68 kg, exterior finish – mirror;
  • pluses: multilayer bottom, non-heated handles;
  • Cons: high cost, small volume, can not be used on direct heat sources.

Invico Vitrum 1103396-BH

How to choose stainless steel cookware

To answer the question of how to choose a stainless steel pan, check out the criteria to consider. In addition, do not forget that the financial component of the issue is of primary importance – too cheap products are unlikely to be durable. Helpful hints:

  • First of all, pay attention to the markings of stainless steel. The preferred option is “18/10” – this indicates that the kitchen utensils are made of medical steel.
  • Carefully inspect stainless steel items. Moreover, both outside and inside. Grinding should be perfect without defects, i.e. chips, scratches, dents.
  • The main advantage of stainless steel products is the presence of an encapsulated bottom, which consists of three layers. It evenly distributes heat and quickly heats the surface, so its presence is required.
  • Make sure that the lid fits snugly and is durable.
  • As for the bells and whistles in the form of temperature sensors, a copper layer in the bottom capsule, their presence is not necessary, on the contrary, they increase the price.
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