Steam station for ironing – which is better to choose for the house by function, manufacturers and cost

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For modern hostesses, the steam station will become an indispensable appliance in the house – the unit consisting of an iron and a steam generator for horizontal and vertical ironing. Technique accelerates this home task, improves the quality of the process. Among the manufacturers’ proposals there are devices with different power indicators, steam supply strength, with additional functionality for the most comfortable ironing.

What is a steam station

A modern ironing steam station is a device consisting of an iron and a steam generator. The device is designed for fast and high-quality ironing. In real and online stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, a wide range of different brands of such designs is presented. Before ordering a device with delivery by mail, you should understand the features of its work, technical nuances that provide the process of ironing ease and excellent results.

Technical features

This professional appliance is intended for domestic use. Water is poured into the tank, which heats up, turns into steam and enters through the connecting hose to the iron. Through special openings, steam under pressure smoothes things. Depending on the power that provides steam, the weight of the unit, the volume of the tank and other nuances, the speed, convenience and quality of ironing are determined.

Philips Steam Station

Benefits of using

Modern technology is designed to provide maximum comfort to the user, reduce time spent on homework without loss of quality. Steam iron-steamer meets all the requirements for modern units. The following advantages of the steam station can be mentioned:

  • the ability to smooth multilayer structures;
  • lack of stains and spots from the escaping steam;
  • any types of fabrics can be ironed with a steamer;
  • due to the not too high temperature of the sole of the iron, the risk of damage to the fabric is minimized;
  • things are sanitized, steam kills ticks and germs.

Steam generator, iron and ironing board

Types of steam stations

An innovative household steam generator is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Its convenience and reduced time spent ironing attract the attention of consumers. Many companies are engaged in the production of such equipment, each of which strives to improve the unit, endow it with practical functions, a good steam supply rate and high power indicators. Among the options on sale:

  • steam generators with a built-in boiler;
  • stations with a separate boiler.

Siemens steam station

A professional station for home use is offered by Siemens. Even the most stubborn folds will smooth out under the powerful steam jets of the following equipment:

  • model name: Siemens slider SL22 extremePower;
  • price: 21000 r.;
  • characteristics: 3100 W, steam pressure – 5, 5 bar, reservoir – 1.3 l;
  • pluses: a timer about the need to enable the self-cleaning function, an energy-saving option;
  • cons: high cost.

Siemens slider SL22 extremePower

Simple use of the device, ease of use, reliability are the advantages for which the next unit is in demand among a wide range of consumers. In the following technique, the manufacturer uses a special steam distribution system on the sole, ensuring maximum ironing quality:

  • model name: Siemens TS45XTRMW;
  • price: 20800 r.;
  • characteristics: 3100 W, removable water tank – 1, 3 l, pressure – 6 bar;
  • pluses: high rates of energy saving, a special locking system for storage and transportation;
  • cons: high cost.

Siemens TS45XTRMW


Modern ironing equipment is offered to consumers by Tefal. The unit is designed for quick and comfortable ironing at home:

  • model name: Tefal GV8962;
  • price: 14890 rubles;
  • characteristics: power – 2200 W, steam pressure – up to 6.5 bar, steam boost;
  • pluses: self-cleaning system, automatic shutdown;
  • cons: no anti-drip system.

Tefal gv8962

Compact home steam appliances with good steam pressure can be purchased at an affordable cost. The body is made of bright plastic, and the sole is covered with smooth ceramics for perfect gliding on the fabric:

  • model name: Tefal GV4630;
  • price: 7488 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 2300 W, maximum vapor pressure – 4.2 bar,
  • pluses: automatic shutdown, with vertical steaming.
  • cons: has a small boiler capacity without the possibility of topping up during ironing – 0.7 l.

Tefal gv4630


Scarlett steam steamer has gained popularity among buyers at an affordable cost and decent quality. The surface of the sole of this technique is made of stainless steel, which ensures uniform heating and high wear resistance of this element. These stations are equipped with a steam intensity adjustment function:

  • model name: Scarlett SC-SS36B01;
  • price: 3120 p.;
  • characteristics: power – 2000 W, weight – 2.2 kg;
  • pluses: the possibility of dry ironing, power-on indication, heating time – 1 minute;
  • cons: small tank – 750 ml.

Scarlett SC-SS36B01


Under the well-known Bosch brand, several types of ironing equipment are on sale. The undoubted advantages of the steam station from this company are high quality, thoughtful details. High steam power provides the following options:

  • model name:
  • price: 11500 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 3100 W, maximum vapor pressure – 6 bar;
  • pluses: a large tank volume – 1.4 l, steam supply adjustment;
  • cons: there is no fastening and automatic winding of the cord, self-cleaning system is not provided.

Another popular steam generator from a renowned company in which steam is supplied under high pressure, with a self-cleaning system and anti-scale protection, has a higher cost, but does not lose its leadership position in sales:

  • model name: Bosch TDS6041;
  • price: 13910 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 2400 W, tank volume – 1.5 l, with constant steam up to 120 g / min;
  • pluses: steaming function vertically, steam supply adjustment, outfitting the sole with special coatings;
  • cons: high cost.

Bosch TDS6041


A worthy place in this segment of the consumer market is Philips products. The next option is small, but highly efficient:

  • model name: Philips GC 7703/20;
  • price: 8751 r.;
  • characteristics: power – 2400 W, vertical steam, maximum steam pressure – up to 5 bar;
  • pluses: a large tank – 2.2 liters;
  • cons: fragile material of the sole of the iron – ceramics.

Philips GC 7703/20

With a reliable and durable stainless steel soleplate, with noteworthy power and pressure indicators, the following steam equipment remains in demand by consumers, although its cost is high:

  • model name: Philips GC 9315;
  • price: 15630 r.;
  • Characteristics: steam pressure – up to 6.5 bar, steam boost, vertical steam;
  • pluses: steam supply adjustment, automatic shutdown;
  • cons: no anti-drip protection.

Philips GC 9315


If you are looking for a vertical steam iron, pay attention to the products of the company Vitek. The following version of the iron with steam supply stand is in demand due to the good ratio of cost and quality:

  • model name: VITEK VT-1284;
  • price: 8739 p.;
  • Characteristics: maximum steam pressure – up to 6 bar, 2400 W;
  • pluses: steam boost mode, automatic shutdown;
  • Cons: fragile sole material – ceramics.


For fast and high-quality ironing of fabrics in domestic conditions, Vitek company offers several worthy options for technology. The following unit is equipped with all the necessary functions:

  • Model Name: VITEK VT-1224 B
  • price: 8590 r.;
  • Characteristics: pressure – up to 4 bar, vertical steam;
  • pluses: protection against a scum, indication of readiness;
  • cons: fragile ceramic sole of the iron.


How to choose a steam station

For sale are steam ironing stations from different manufacturers, equipped with standard functions or with improved features. To choose a model, you need to pay attention not to a cost indicator, but to its capabilities. Products can be expensive or cheap, sold at promotions, discounts, or sales. When buying, pay attention to the following indicators:

  1. Power. High power is needed for good vaporization. Options with an indicator of less than 2000 watts should not be considered. Too high power (from 3000 W) is a significant expense of electricity and a significant load on the wiring. For home use, such stations are not always practical..
  2. Steam supply parameter. Indicators of 80-100 g / min will provide high-quality ironing. It is important that the steam system provides for a smooth adjustment of the steam jet.
  3. Steam pressure. It is not worth buying options for steamers with indicators less than 3.5 bar. The average indicator for this parameter varies from 5-5.5 bar, in productive stations – up to 7.5 bar.
  4. The volume of the water container. Uncomfortable equipment options in which the tank holds less than 1 liter of water. Removable containers are convenient in operation.
  5. Outsole Material Aluminum – short-lived and cheap, stainless steel – uniform heating and durability, ceramics, teflon, cermets – glide easily, but are fragile.
  6. Additional functions. Self-cleaning system, a signal of readiness for work, auto power off, auto mode for all types of fabric make operation more convenient.
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