Stones for a bath – which is better to choose for a steam room by properties, sizes and cost

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Fast heating and maintaining the set temperature are the main requirements for the bath. To convert the thermal energy of firewood or electricity when using an electric heater into heat, a material is needed that will quickly heat up and slowly cool. Natural material that has such properties is stone. The bathing history spans several hundred years and during this time people have made many attempts to use different stones for the bath, but not all of them are suitable for all stoves and stoves, they are durable and clean in environmental parameters.

What stones are used for a bath

Sauna stones are subjected to multiple cycles of temperature changes – they are watered with cold water to form steam. Heat-resistant materials can remain whole and not collapse under the influence of these differences. The ability to retain heat for a long time is called heat capacity. When choosing them, it is necessary to monitor the absence of foreign inclusions. The stones used for the bath are very hot, so the choice should be made from rocks whose appearance temperature is 2-3 times higher. Chipped stones have a large surface of evaporation of water in comparison with polished.

Properties of stones for a bath

The heat resistance of a stone is proportional to its density. Check the stones for the steam room by heating and lowering in cold water. Cracks are evidence of low heat resistance of the selected specimen. The size is selected from the type of heater and the power of the heating equipment. Stones for a bath stove more than 15 cm are inappropriate to use due to long heating. For an electric heater with a small distance between the heating elements, a small bath stone from 5 to 7 cm in size is suitable. Larger pieces from 7 to 15 cm in size are used for wood stoves.

The distribution of heat through the stones in the furnace

Rating of stones for a bath

Important properties of stones are the ability to withstand temperature, low water absorption. Important factors are environmental issues. Heating to a high temperature can cause melting and release of gases harmful to humans. There are several types of minerals that differ in their heat resistance, purity and do not contain harmful impurities or accidental inclusions. Minerals of bright pink or white colors can give a noble and solid look to the sauna. All stones offered for sale can be used for Russian and Finnish baths (saunas).

Stones of different sizes in the furnace


A fine filler for the stove can serve as jade for a bath. This is a semi-precious stone of green color, the chip of which has a beautiful brilliant color. It has a healing effect on the human body – it normalizes blood pressure, improves the functioning of the digestive system, liver, stomach.

  • name: jade chipped sawn;
  • price: 260 rubles per kg;
  • Characteristics: The melting temperature is 1250 degrees Celsius, therefore, it is not recommended to contact it with an open flame, or with heater heaters;
  • pluses: beautiful appearance;
  • cons: expensive.

Jade stones

Raspberry quartzite

Raspberry quartzite has excellent characteristics of heat resistance and heat capacity. For the bath, chipped and rounded (galtovannye), which are obtained by mechanical grinding, are suitable. Small streamlined stones for a raspberry-colored stove fit well in small stoves, heat up quickly and retain heat for a long time, do not crack when water is applied and give good soft steam.

  • name: Raspberry quartzite gallant;
  • price: 26 p. / kg;
  • characteristics: large – 13-15 cm, medium – 8-10 cm;
  • pluses: evens out pressure, heals the lungs;
  • cons: not marked.

Raspberry Quartzite Stones


Intensive operation of the sauna requires a strong, dense heater filler, with high thermal resistance. Talcochlorite possesses such characteristics, which is obtained by splitting large blocks. The natural properties of this mineral can saturate steam with life-giving forces. Steam formation on talchochlorite has properties that enhance immunity, lower blood pressure:

  • name: Talcochlorite chipped;
  • price: 20 p. / kg;
  • characteristics: the rock is dark gray, may have yellow, red, black or green inclusions and veins;
  • Pros: adds a couple of lightness;
  • cons: not marked.

Talc Chlorite Stones


The best qualities for a bath among natural minerals are rocks of volcanic origin. Dunite is a deep-seated rock that has been cleansed by volcanic eruption. It is used as a refractory in metallurgy; since ancient times it has been used in the Urals as a stone for baths and saunas. Regular bathing procedures with this mineral normalize blood pressure, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, and soothe nerves:

  • name: Dunite 20 kg, box;
  • price: 290 p.;
  • Characteristics: 90% Dunite consists of the mineral olivine, known as peridot, chrysolite, forsterite;
  • pluses: has a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on radiation safety;
  • cons: not marked.

Three Dunite Stones


Not only minerals of volcanic origin, but also metamorphic rocks, which are formed by changing them under the influence of deep processes, find application for saunas. A similar breed is rhodite, which has a small coefficient of thermal expansion, which increases the service life in conditions of constant temperature changes in the baths:

  • name: Rodingite bunched 20 kg, box;
  • price: 920 p.;
  • characteristics: amphibole minerals, feldspar, pyroxenes prevail in the composition, along with them there are garnet, a precious mineral chromium-vesuvian;
  • pluses: light steam without any odors, impurities;
  • cons: not seen.

Baked rodingitis


The most popular breed among bath enthusiasts is boned jadeite (from the Spanish “kidney stone treatment”) – a mineral of metasomatic origin, which is a monomineral breed, without additional inclusions. This leads to uniform expansion during heating and compression during cooling, which is the main condition for the absence of cracks. The advantages of jadeite are pure breed, dense structure and healing effect of soft steam.

  • name: Jadeite chipped for an electric sauna heater 10 kg, bucket;
  • price: 1 700 r .;
  • characteristics: rare mineral, has decorative properties, labor-intensive mining, complex processing;
  • pluses: high heat resistance;
  • cons: high cost.

Stones for stoves jadeite

White quartz

The leading place among all the minerals for the bath is white quartz. White dense beautiful stone with a natural structure will become a decoration of the sauna. This mineral is able to ozonize the room of the bath, contributing to the saturation of blood with oxygen. Saunas with environmentally friendly white quartz have healing steam, bathing wellness procedures contribute to the removal of toxins, rejuvenation.

  • name: White quartz chipped;
  • price: 55 p. / kg;
  • characteristics: for large stoves – 13-16 cm, for electric and wood-burning stoves – 8-10 cm;
  • pluses: produces ozone with a sharp temperature difference;
  • cons: not seen.

White quartz crystal


The ideal stone for the sauna will be basalt – it is poured out and solidified lava. Physico-mechanical properties of basalts depend on the conditions of their crystallization, gas saturation of the lava. At the same time, porous basalt for a bath is not suitable. Its best varieties for this purpose are dolerite, diabase, which have the highest strength, good heat capacity and are able to fill the steam room with high-quality steam:

  • name: Basalt, bag 10 kg;
  • price: 192 p.;
  • characteristics: density of 2.6-3.25 g / cc, thermal conductivity of 0.4-3.5;
  • pluses: beautiful appearance;
  • cons: not marked.

Basalt stone


Wealthy people in Russia have long used jasper for bathing procedures. This is a semiprecious mineral that has been used in Russian folk medicine to treat diseases of the internal organs, heart, and insomnia..

  • name: jasper, a bucket of 10 kg;
  • price: 1 600 p.;
  • Characteristics: possesses a latent crystalline structure, massive, multi-oriented texture, green, yellow, red, variegated;
  • pluses: universal healing properties;
  • cons: expensive.

Jasper stones


The noble black filler of the heater – chromite – is associated with immortality and rebirth. This is a heavy mineral with a high density, it is called the heroic stone. It has a beneficial effect on the human reproductive system..

  • name: Chromite, boned 10 kg;
  • price: 1 000 r .;
  • characteristics: igneous rock, it contains up to 90% chrome spinels, melting point 2180 degrees Celsius;
  • pluses: very high density;
  • cons: not seen.

Chromite stones


A simple and cheap volcanic rock is porphyrite. The mineral has high heat resistance, heat capacity. Porphyrite sauna will relieve headache, migraine, strengthens the nervous system, improves the respiratory system.

  • name: Chipped porphyrite;
  • price: 20 p. / kg;
  • characteristics: brown, reddish-brown, gray-black;
  • pluses: has a hygienic certificate;
  • cons: plain look.

Porphyrite Stones

Gabbro Diabase

Among the volcanic rocks, minerals of deep occurrence are especially distinguished. They are characterized by high heat capacity. This is the cheapest filler for the heater, but with the properties of its more expensive semiprecious breeds. Able to fill the sauna with light steam, create a healing microclimate.

  • name: Chipped gabbro-diabase;
  • price: 13 p. / kg;
  • characteristics: chipped and polished breed in pieces of 7-15 cm;
  • pluses: has a certificate of radiation safety;
  • cons: not marked.

Gabbro diabase stones

How to choose stones for a bath

The choice of stone size and laying density depends on the type of heater. Woodburners will require minerals from 7 to 15 cm in size to be placed in the grid around the heater. For electric heaters, chopped and tumbling stones of 4-7 cm in size are recommended, which are recommended to be laid loosely for better airflow. River pebbles, sandstone or Karelian marble will be good fillers for the heater. Avoid the use of rocks with red blotches that can produce harmful iron oxides when heated..

According to complex indicators, experts rank jadeite and peridotite as the most durable and long-lived minerals in the heater. White quartz is able to give a noble appearance to a sauna and ozonize air during bath procedures. You can buy stones in the bathhouse in online stores, where their photos, specifications, and expert recommendations are presented. After the purchase, the stones must be washed, properly laid in the heater.

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