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The appearance of unpleasant insects, causing a sense of disgust and disgust, can be dangerous to health. The destruction of cockroaches in the apartment by processing with special drugs becomes an important task. What to do, to cope with it on your own or to invite specialists are sore questions for many housewives. It is worthwhile to understand ways and means to combat parasites.

Why is it necessary to destroy cockroaches

It is a mistake to think that insects appear only in unscrupulous hosts. They can crawl away from the neighbors, appear with new furniture from the store or come in a suitcase from vacation. The danger of their coming – one female individual per month is able to produce up to 300 cockroaches. Insects need water to exist, but they can eat everything, including paper, garbage.

Why is it necessary to destroy cockroaches? Unpleasantly, when they crawl around the apartment, they leave black dots everywhere with a nasty smell. The main reasons for the extermination of parasites in their ability:

  • carry infectious diseases;
  • spoil food;
  • provoke skin pathologies;
  • spread harmful bacteria, eggs of worms;
  • disrupt the operation of household appliances;
  • create danger to small children;
  • provoke allergies.

How to get rid of cockroaches

To protect the home from unsolicited insects, first you need to clean it up. This measure will help after the destruction of parasites to prevent them from returning. In the kitchen, in the rooms should:

  • do not leave products;
  • wash up;
  • remove food debris;
  • to deprive cockroaches of water;
  • exclude pests from entering the house – block all possible paths;
  • tighten the exhaust holes with a net;
  • close the cracks in the balcony;
  • keep clean;
  • Do not leave unattended food for pets;
  • throw garbage on time.

To get rid of insects, you can use various methods:

  • Professional extermination.
  • Ultrasonic Repellers – Tornado, Typhoon.
  • Poisons – powders, gels, aerosols, act on the nervous system of parasites, causing death. Means are effective, but dangerous to health due to the highly toxic effects on the body – Chlorophos, Karbofos.
  • Traps. Boxes with bait differ in the principle of action. It can be: electric current, gluing the parasite inside the trap, infection with one individual of all the others – Raptor, Combat.

Cockroach and bread

Cockroach disinfection

Those who think – how to destroy cockroaches in the apartment forever – can be recommended professional disinfection. Although the control of insects, unlike cheap traps or sprays, is expensive, but the effectiveness and safety of methods is at a high level. Use of such methods is preferable provided that:

  • a large number of insects;
  • the need for processing several rooms;
  • extermination of parasites in an apartment building.

Disinfection from Prusaks is carried out with liquids or aerosols containing insecticides that are sprayed on indoor surfaces. For destruction, special installations are used that allow you to process the most remote corners not only in the apartment, but also in specialized institutions of any size – warehouses, garages. For an effective result, you can choose the methods:

  • cold fog;
  • hot spraying of compounds;
  • cooling to subzero temperatures;
  • wet disinfection.

The destruction of cockroaches by fog

The basis of this technique for protecting premises from insects is the possibility of penetration of the smallest particles of the active substance into the most remote corners. Spraying the working fluid under high pressure with a special unit. Particle sizes range from 5 to 80 microns, visually resemble fog. Features of the destruction method:

  • safety;
  • lack of toxicity;
  • the ability to quickly process large rooms;
  • penetration of the composition into inaccessible places.

The resulting fog, depending on the type of installation, is cold and hot. Aerosol generators use water with insecticides, which in the latter version is heated to a high temperature. The destruction of cockroaches by fog has the advantages of:

  • excellent performance;
  • performance of work in a short time;
  • instant extermination of parasites;
  • profitability – processing is enough for a long period;
  • prevention of the new occurrence of pests;
  • the simultaneous destruction of other parasites;
  • the possibility of barrier protection against external insects.

Hot fog

Small particles of liquid with a size of up to 30 microns produced by an aerosol generator have a high temperature. Upon contact with the cold air of the room, their concentration increases, the hot fog from cockroaches condenses on the surfaces. Features insect killing:

  • high temperature enhances the activity of drugs;
  • the action lasts a long time;
  • in parallel, the destruction of fungus, mold;
  • Cons: hot drops due to a long stay in the air can not get into hard to reach places; complete precipitation occurs after 10 hours.

Hot fog from cockroaches

Cold fog

With this method, the temperature of the composition and the air in the rooms are the same. The particle size is larger than with hot spraying – up to 80 microns. Under pressure, cold fog from cockroaches fills the interior of the room. Particles with insecticides:

  • penetrate into all remote and inaccessible places;
  • fill gaps near the floor during subsidence;
  • kept in the air for four hours;
  • quickly process large areas – hangars, sheds;
  • act instantly;
  • destroy other pests at the same time.

Remedy for the Prussians

You can carry out the destruction of inexpensive means – gels, sprays, crayons or traps, if cockroaches in the house appeared recently. Locations where they are more common should be identified. Popular and effective remedies for Prussians:

  • Global paste – balls roll, when you use a potent remedy, one cockroach infects everyone;
  • Get – diluted with water, sprayed;
  • Regent powder – applied on the surface, acts quickly;
  • Dichlorvos spray – sprayed in places of accumulation;
  • Dohloks gel – affects the nervous system, applied by a dashed line.


This drug has no restrictions on use – it is used against garden pests, domestic insects. Wafatox from cockroaches is placed in the bait with the addition of vegetable oil. The action of the drug is based on damage to the nervous system of pests. Due to its high toxicity, safety conditions must be observed. The drug has a long-lasting protective effect against cockroaches. With the help of Vofatoks, you can starve larvae, adults.

Do it yourself cockroach

You can destroy insects in the house very cheaply. In the kitchen, they will quickly disappear if the windows are left open for two hours in the cold. A simple way is to clean the floor with ammonia. It is easy to make an effective remedy for cockroaches with your own hands, if you use boric acid. Safe for humans, it is fatal to parasites. For the manufacture of:

  • take boiled egg yolk;
  • add 40 grams of boric acid;
  • pour vegetable oil for the smell;
  • roll up balls;
  • spread out in cabinets, on the floor where parasites appear.

Boric acid with an egg

The most effective way to get rid of cockroaches

To help the destruction of insects in the house are capable of means of speed, ease of use, safety. An effective way to get rid of cockroaches is to destroy them with gel preparations. When using them, it is not necessary to clean the furniture, the products are safe for children, animals, easy to apply, and are not addictive in cockroaches. The gel is squeezed out with thin strokes or drops, the pest colony quickly dies. Among the popular drugs for killing insects:

  • Globol;
  • Storm;
  • Raptor
  • Clean house;
  • Foresight;
  • Absolute.

Cockroach Destruction Service

Why is it more convenient to order disinfestation rather than do it yourself? Professionals will perform processing with potent agents using special equipment and in a short time. The owner will only have to ventilate the apartment, do a wet cleaning, and collect parasites with a vacuum cleaner. The appeal to experts is convenient:

  • all rooms are being processed;
  • when insects appear again, free disinsection is performed;
  • a guarantee of quality for the work performed.

The service for the destruction of cockroaches suggests pre-preparing the premises for the provision of services to combat parasites. It is necessary to remove food, close the equipment with a cloth, cellophane, remove animals, remove excess from the room. Why are the actions of professionals more profitable for the destruction of pests? An important role is played by factors that are not always taken into account by customers:

  • safety precautions;
  • insect killing experience;
  • high speed of execution;
  • harmlessness of drugs on pets, people;
  • Pest Prevention Information.

What poison cockroaches disinfectants

During professional processing of premises, cockroaches are baited with special preparations. The choice of substance depends on the method of disinfection. Effective means of destruction are:

  • for cold fog – Xulat, Tetrix, Del-zone;
  • at hot spraying – Fendon 1,5 SC, Sinuzan 48% ke, K-Otrivin VG 250;
  • for freezing insects – nitric oxide or chladonite.

During the sanitation of apartments, medical facilities, industrial premises, disinfectants poison cockroaches with active chemicals that have a wide range of effects on insects. Effective tools for the professional destruction of pests:

  • Sulfac;
  • Chlorpimark;
  • Fufanol Super;
  • Cypertrin;
  • Sychlor;
  • Sinusan;
  • Minap-32;
  • Lambda zone;
  • Get.

Extermination of cockroaches

The price of processing cockroaches in the apartment

Departure of specialists to the place is by reservation. How much does it cost to poison cockroaches in an apartment? It depends on the number of rooms, type of processing. It affects the cost – cockroaches will be disinfected in Moscow or a small town. The creation of a protective barrier is taken into account. The price of processing cockroaches in an apartment, taking into account common areas, for the capital is:

Type of processing

Number of rooms

Average price, rubles

Cold fog









Hot fog









Barrier protection of the entire apartment


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