The use of meat and bone meal for dogs, chickens or pigs – production technology and useful properties

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When feeding pets, people often use special mixtures. In order to provide a complete diet for a pet (it can be a dog), poultry, it is important to use bone, meat composition (the recommended dosage of the product is indicated below). Vitamin-mineral mixture will allow you to balance the nutrition of the animal, which will positively affect the productive characteristics of pets, poultry.

What is meat and bone meal?

The product is a brown, milky powder with a specific odor (remember that it should not be musty). Before you buy meat and bone meal, pay attention to uniformity (get a composition with no lumps), the color of the mixture. It is not recommended to buy a product of a yellowish tint. As a rule, this color is obtained by adding chicken feather. If the animal consumes such a mixture, it will harm its body. When using such a product, the egg production rate of a bird is reduced, for example.


It is proposed to study the chemical composition of the mixture. It is made from:

  • water;
  • fat
  • squirrel;
  • ash.

On the shelves of specialized stores often there is a product of class 1 (the price for it and other types of complexes are presented in a special table below). It includes no more than 9% water, 13% fat, 50% protein, 26% ash. A mixture of class 2 consists of 10% water, 18% fat, 42% protein, 28% ash. Class 3 includes a powder containing up to 10% water, 20% fat, 30% protein, 38% ash. It is worth noting that, regardless of the classification of the product, its composition contains about 2% fiber. Keep in mind that for the full development of livestock it is not recommended to buy too oily powder.

Meat and bone meal in a plate

Meat and bone meal production technology

Before making a purchase, study the production of meat and bone meal. When creating it, the carcass of a dead animal is used (as a rule, a complex is often created from dead animals, the meat of which is suitable for consumption). “Raw” is checked for infections. Often, for the manufacture of the vitamin complex, meat from previously ill animals is used (meat from farm animals that have non-communicable diseases is taken). The waste of a specialized enterprise can be used (for example, it can be a meat processing plant).

The “raw material” is boiled, then cooled to a temperature of 25 °. The product is crushed (special equipment is used for this), sifted through a sieve. Magnetic separators remove metal additives. A food supplement containing potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, magnesium and other elements is carefully processed with antioxidants, packaged in packages (note that the price per pack is different).

The use of meat and bone meal

Meat and bone meal must be present in the diet of animals and birds (approximately 7% of the total amount of grain and other products). If you give protein-mineral powder (its cost is described below), then you will be able to improve the health of livestock, increase the level of productivity of the bird, normalize the immune system, increase the protective functions of the body, which will help fight various viruses, infections.

For dogs

The vitamin complex (its price can be from 16 rubles per kilogram) should be added especially to the compound feed of lactating, bearing puppies of bitches. The by-product compensates for the lack of vitamins during the period of change of milk teeth in puppies, helps to restore the strength of the dog after childbirth. Bone meal for dogs is recommended for rickets, osteoporosis, a deficiency of minerals in the body, problems with joints, spine, heart.

Calculate the required amount of the mixture according to the recommendation: 1 tsp. powder (about 5 g) is used for every 10 kg of pet weight. So, if the dog weighs 20 kg, then the daily dose of flour will be 10 g. For puppies, nursing mothers, multiply the indicated value by two. An increase in the daily dose for an adult dog should occur solely on the recommendation of a veterinarian.

Dog eats from a bowl

For chickens

An experienced farmer knows that about 3-7% of the meat and bone product of the total amount of dry feed should be present in the daily diet of chickens. If the bird will consume the powder in such an amount, it will contribute to the full assimilation of the necessary vitamins, nutrients by the body. Flour is recommended to be added to concentrated feed, mixtures of grass, hay. If bone meal for chickens is used, then it should be added in an amount of 0.6-0.8% of the total weight of dry mixes.

It is not worth exceeding the indicated dosage of the vitamin complex. Remember that if there is an excess of product in chicken food, this will lead to the development of gout, amyloidosis. Keep the powder free of soy. If chicken flour is used regularly, then you will notice an increase in egg production, which will help save money on the purchase of feed compositions.

For pigs

If you are interested in animal husbandry, then make sure that the quality of the powder is good (excellent formulations are sold below the firms presented, the price of the powder is acceptable). For pigs, this product is a source of amino acids, calcium, phosphorus. High-ash meat meal is often recommended for pigs (in this case, the product contains elements of Ca, P, Na, Fe).

Vitamin-mineral complex is recommended to be included in the diet of animals in the amount of not more than 5% of the total amount of dry feed. If you are thoroughly studying agriculture, then be aware that the supplement is not recommended for too small piglets (include the complex in the menu of two or three-month-old pets in the amount of 2% of the total weight of the food offered).

Two little pigs on the grass

The price of meat and bone meal

Price for 1 kg

Company name (includes Moscow and the region as a whole)

16 p.


21 r.


21 p. 50 to.

LLC “RostKorm”

22 p.

LLC “TORGlyuks”

22 p. 60 to.


25 r.

LLC Trading House Complex-Agrotrade

29 p.

LLC MosAgroGrupp

32 r.

IP Konovalov A.N.

40 r.


75 r.


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