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A special device called a thermometer is provided for measuring water temperature. His presence in the house is simply irreplaceable, especially if the family has small children. Anyway, in everyday conditions, such a thing will always come in handy, and should be in every bath. The range of thermometers is especially large, so before buying, you need to make the right choice.

What is a water thermometer?

This is a special thermal device needed to measure the temperature of the water in the bathroom or other containers. The device is compact, differs in small dimensions and streamlined, so it does not take up much space, it should always be stored among household trifles. The water temperature meter is convenient for everyday use, and depending on the purpose it provides the following conditional classification:

  • aquarium thermometers (glass, electronic);
  • children’s (for measuring the temperature of the water in the baby bath);
  • electronic and digital (for domestic, everyday needs);
  • mercury-free (a safe device that is used in pediatrics and not only).

Types of thermometers for water

Some bathtubs install special temperature sensors (light or sound), but in domestic conditions this function is performed by a thermometer for hot water. Several well-known brands are engaged in serial production of such relevant products, the differences are in the structure, operation principle, purpose and pricing policy of rating positions. It’s time to study each of the classifications and its prominent representatives.

Various instruments for measuring water temperature


The temperature of the water in the remote baby bath should be no more than 37 degrees, otherwise bathing the newborn or infant can cause harm. Therefore, many young mothers do not choose mercury, but more accurate digital models that are actively used in everyday life. The choice is purely individual. Below are a few rating positions that you can order from the catalog and buy in an online store at an affordable price:

  • name: BabyOno Fish;
  • price: 190 rubles;
  • Characteristics: mercury-free model for water, the temperature range varies from +10 to +45 degrees;
  • pluses: bright color, original design, ease of use, affordable price, free sale, mail delivery;
  • cons: none.

It was a budget option, many trust products more expensive, referring to its high quality. The second no less reliable and time-tested water meter:

  • name: Maman RT-17;
  • price: 436 rubles;
  • Characteristics: electronic thermometer, for water, there is a sound signal;
  • pluses: children’s design, easy to use, compact size, protection against water ingress;
  • cons: high cost.

Electronic thermometer for water in the form of a toy

If you are interested in cheaper products, here is one domestic position, which is in high demand among modern mothers. Below is a brief description of it:

  • name: Bebe confort 32000236/32000235/32000212;
  • price: 370 rubles;
  • characteristics: there is protection against water, a temperature range from +10 to +45 degrees, a mercury-free model;
  • pluses: stylish design, high accuracy of the result;
  • cons: cost.


In recent years, such positions are especially relevant, since they are considered the most reliable and safe for the child. Before deciding on a choice, it is necessary to study the rating of favorites and their features:

  • name: Thermal device “Fish”;
  • price: 75 rubles;
  • Characteristics: mercury-free, for water, there is protection;
  • pluses: original design, accurate measurements, ease of use;
  • cons: none.

If buyers are more interested in imported products, there is a decent alternative. The second name is well known in modern pediatrics, it is the best value for money:

  • name: Happy Baby 18003;
  • price: 185 rubles;
  • Characteristics: Mercury-free, used for water, temperature range varies from +10 to +50 degrees;
  • pluses: lack of mercury, original design, reasonable price, for repeated use;
  • cons: small marking.

Mercury Free Thermometer

Mercury-free models are more practical, safe for children’s health. The third version of the popular thermometer, widespread among the masses, is as follows:

  • name: Bebe-Jou for the bath;
  • price: 735 rubles;
  • Characteristics: for water, there is special protection, a small scale, a housing made of plastic, a mercury-free model;
  • pluses: convenient and stylish in everyday use, gives an accurate result, works without failures;
  • cons: not everyone suits the overpriced.

With probe

Choosing a thermometer for measuring water temperature, many prefer models with a probe. This is very convenient, since the thermal device is universal for kitchen and domestic purposes. Submersible in design, equipped with indication. A thermometer for liquids and alcohol tinctures, including should be in every kitchen, the following are the most rated models:

  • name: TP101;
  • price: 250 rubles;
  • characteristics: electronic model of submersible type for water and oil liquids, the presence of a dipstick, the scope of application – domestic needs, cooking;
  • pluses: cheap, convenient to use, necessary for everyday use;
  • cons: completely absent.

Thermometers with a probe can be purchased at the pharmacy, be sure to check for integrity. The second, no less relevant offer of well-known manufacturers:

  • name: ST-9231;
  • price: 1500 rubles;
  • Features: stainless steel thermometer with a plastic handle, the presence of a built-in LCD;
  • pluses: a convenient model for kitchen needs and cooking, the presence of a cover;
  • cons: high cost, in case of malfunction gives a high error rate.

This device is distinguished by its versatility, but some buyers are not satisfied with the price. A low-cost thermometer for measuring water temperature with a probe is described below:

  • name: WT-1;
  • price: 450 rubles;
  • Characteristics: metal probe, plastic handle, liquid crystal display;
  • pluses: convenient model, used for domestic needs, affordable prices;
  • cons: none.

Instrument with probe


Such devices are considered “favorites”, have a large screen and large numbers. Differ in high accuracy of measurement, convenience of daily use, an extensive model and price range. When buying a thermometer for hot water, you need to pay attention to such electronic items:

  • name: Philips AVENT SCH550;
  • cost: 900 rubles;
  • characteristics: electronic thermometer, temperature range from +10 to +45 degrees;
  • pluses: stylish flower-shaped design, accurate results;
  • cons: high cost.

The second offer for the price is not much different, but it attracts with its original design. Here is a model from well-known manufacturers:

  • name: Electronic thermometer Beurer JBL 08;
  • cost: 700 rubles;
  • Characteristics: made in the shape of a toy, the temperature range varies from +20 to +60 degrees;
  • pluses: original design, clean plastic with hypoallergenic properties, accurate result;
  • cons: expensive for some.

You can find another children’s thermometer for water, which is characterized by the optimal ratio of parameters “price – quality”. Here is a brief description:

  • name: Miniland Thermo Bath;
  • cost: 1460 rubles;
  • Characteristics: made of hypoallergenic plastic, has a sound signal, temperature range from +10 to +50 degrees;
  • pluses: it is made in the form of a children’s toy, it looks original, you can buy it at a sale with a good discount and fast delivery;
  • cons: tangible cost of goods.

Electronic toy thermometer

For water and air

A water thermometer can be actively used to measure ambient temperature. There are many options, the most popular are presented below, are available for free sale:

  • name: Ramili Baby ET1003;
  • cost: 1400 rubles;
  • Characteristics: for air, design of a children’s alarm clock, electronic model with a liquid crystal display;
  • pluses: high accuracy, harmonious addition of a children’s room;
  • cons: high price.

The second proposal is budgetary and not as expensive as the thermometer described above. Here is a brief description with advantages and disadvantages:

  • name: Kurnosiki “Steamboat”;
  • cost: 110 rubles without a discount;
  • characteristics: mercury-free, the range of action varies from +10 to +50 degrees;
  • pluses: simple and convenient in everyday use, cheaply;
  • cons: none.

Another thermometer for air and liquid is described below. The proposed model is ideal for home use every day:

  • name: Roxy kids Giraffe;
  • price: 140 rubles;
  • Characteristics: mercury-free thermometer; measured temperature varies from +15 to +45 ° C;
  • Pros: affordable, easy to use, stylish design, quality material;
  • cons: none.

Universal mercury-free device


If the house has an aquarium with fish, then a thermometer for measuring the temperature of the water can also be found. This is a mandatory component for the care of domestic fauna, and high accuracy is required in this matter. Here are some good deals you can find on free sale:

  • name: Sera Precision (high frequency);
  • price: 235 rubles;
  • Characteristics: alcohol, made of materials – rubber, plastic and glass, equipped with a suction cup for attaching to the aquarium;
  • pluses: high accuracy of measurements, simplicity of design;
  • cons: none.

The second option for the aquarium, no less convenient and practical, has significant advantages. Its characteristics are presented below:

  • name: Barbus;
  • price: 51 rubles;
  • characteristics: glass, thick, with a suction cup, 12 cm in length;
  • pluses: cheap, affordable, accurate;
  • cons: unreliable suction cup, risk of falling.

The third proposal, relevant for the maintenance of the aquarium, is more expensive, but is distinguished by high quality material, versatility. A brief description is provided below:

  • name: Tetratec TH Digital Thermometer;
  • price: 410 rubles;
  • characteristics: digital model, the presence of a liquid crystal screen, wire;
  • pluses: the opportunity to buy at a stock, the availability in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • cons: none.

Aquarium thermometer with remote sensor

How to choose a thermometer for water

Before you buy a water thermometer for a bathroom or for culinary purposes, you need to carefully study the main selection criteria. Otherwise, the purchase decision may be erroneous, and the money was wasted. Here are the main parameters for evaluating all existing thermometers in free sale:

  1. Manufacturer and price. The two parameters are interrelated, and it is not recommended to save on buying. Rating manufacturers provide a guarantee of quality, and the purchase will last more than one year.
  2. Model selection. For a child, it is better to choose mercury-free thermometers, for culinary purposes – with a probe, for a children’s room – from hypoallergenic materials.
  3. Functions In this matter, it is desirable to give preference to universal positions that are suitable not only for measuring the temperature of water, but also air.
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