Tray for dogs of small breeds – types and design, an overview of models from the best manufacturers with photos and prices

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If earlier the tray was exclusively a cat’s attribute, then in recent years, products designed specifically for dogs have become quite popular. Their acquisition is often thought of by pet owners belonging to dwarf breeds. You can order a suitable version of such a tray in a specialized online store with mail delivery. In addition, dozens of models appeared on sale, differing in both shape and size, and color.

Dog tray purpose

This type of product is a container with low or medium sides, a pallet that is similar in shape to a piece of lawn. For some trays, the presence of a special filler is a necessity, for others it is optional, because there is a grill at the bottom. The latter option will help to significantly save both the financial means of the owner and the time that he would have to spend on cleaning and replacing the filler.

Before you buy a dog tray, familiarize yourself with situations in which it becomes a necessity. Especially on buying it, owners of miniature dogs need to think about it, because such pets are more sensitive to temperature extremes. It is quite advisable to install such a product at home and walk with a dog on the street only under optimal weather conditions. Please note that walking your pet can not be completely replaced by home methods. For large breeds, the tray is not an option, but for everyone else it will be a good exit. This can be due to several situations:

  • the pet is sick or undergoes rehabilitation after surgery;
  • the work of the owners does not allow them to walk the dog 2-3 times every day (in such a situation it is even better not to make a four-legged friend);
  • the puppy before vaccination and after it can not be taken out for a while;
  • the weather was cold outside, so walking a puppy, a naked or a short-haired dog is not possible;
  • the owner is sick and therefore cannot physically walk his pet;
  • the dog is already in old age and cannot always endure walking – a backup option in the form of a tray will save the owner from unpleasant surprises.

Types of Dog Trays

Modern manufacturers of pet accessories offer a choice of dog toilets in several designs. At the same time, keep in mind that if your dog is in the process of accustoming to the tray, then it is not recommended to use detergents to wash the latter, otherwise you can completely discourage the smell of excrement. The most common dog toilets are:

  • A toilet equipped with a collector. The product is a relatively simple design, the kit of which consists of a container and a durable mesh that can be easily cleaned. A mat can be placed in this type of fixture and then filled with absorbent filler. To prevent unpleasant odor from spreading throughout the house, a disposable diaper should be placed under the net.
  • Product with a removable column. It is also a completely conventional design, which consists of a pallet and a grill placed on top. An additional detail is a column, which is designed to cope with the dog’s need for a familiar physiological posture, i.e. with a paw up. It is made of non-toxic materials, therefore it is harmless to both the dog and others. Washing is recommended at least once a day. Content is removed from such a container, and the structure is washed.

Product with removable column

  • Tray with absorbent filling. It looks like a design with a collector, but unlike it, such a dog toilet does not have a grid. A filler is placed in the container, which fights odors and absorbs liquid. This capacity is convenient, but has a significant drawback – often dogs (especially puppies) swallow various inedible objects and the filler is no exception. This can be avoided provided that preference is given to filler made from natural materials (wood).

With absorbent core

  • With a diaper. One of the most common options. Dogs quickly get used to doing their business on a diaper. If previously a hygienic single or reusable diaper was placed on a regular tray or directly on the floor, then at present it is possible to order a special tray with mounts for diapers. With this design, you can quickly train your dog to the toilet and protect the floor. The pallet itself does not absorb odors and is easy to clean..

With a diaper

  • Toilet box. Externally, this design is similar to a plastic carrying house. A tray is placed inside it, and the entrance is equipped so that the pet can freely enter and leave the toilet box. This option is ideal for puppies and shy pets of dwarf breeds, which everything around can distract from business.

Toilet box

  • Product with lawn grass. The original multi-level version of the tray for dogs, at the bottom of which is a roomy pallet. The top layer imitates a lawn, and the middle level is designed to protect against contact with the deck. The fluid flowing through the grass layer is retained in the container. Such a toilet for dogs is voluminous, so you can clean up after the pet only once a week. They are not afraid of unpleasant odors, because in the manufacture of this design, the technology of “locking” the smell. It is convenient to use a tray with a lawn both at home and outdoors – it is quite transportable.

Grass Lawn Product

Dog tray with a column

If you are looking for a tray for dogs of small breeds, then take a look at the Triol toilet. The removable mat that this design is equipped with will prevent your pet’s paws from remaining dry. For convenience, you can use absorbent bedding:

  • model name: Triol 0102266002;
  • price: 1392 r.;
  • characteristics: color – white / blue / brown, dimensions – 60×40 / 70×47 cm, column height – 16.5 mm;
  • pluses: a variety of colors, sizes;
  • cons: overpriced.

Model Triol

Another practical option for small pets is the Makar with a grill that will prevent the dog from getting dirty feet and a column. The product will not harm either the pet or people, as made of non-toxic polystyrene. It is recommended to clean such a toilet at least once a day:

  • model name: Makar;
  • price: 1419 p.;
  • characteristics: color – blue, material – plastic, dimensions – 40×60 cm, weight – 1.45 kg;
  • pluses: good workmanship;
  • cons: costs more than analogues, only one color.


More budget option – Hello PET Blue P159-05 with a removable column. A hygienic diaper is placed under the grate, which is securely held by the lateral clamps. The grille actively protects it from bites:

  • model name: Hello PET Blue P159-05;
  • price: 955 r.;
  • characteristics: color – blue / white, material – plastic, dimensions – 48x35x6 cm, weight – 0.9 kg;
  • pluses: low cost, good quality;
  • cons: no.

Blue p

Tray with weed for dogs of small breeds

Petzoom Pet Potty from an American manufacturer is a great opportunity to stop spending money on disposable diapers and toilet filler. The product is easy to clean, and a convenient retractable tray can hold up to 3 liters of liquid. Due to this, you can clean in a matter of minutes. The design is ideal for both small puppies and adult dogs:

  • model name: Petzoom Pet Potty;
  • price: 3899 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 63x51x6 cm, color – green, material – plastic, there is artificial grass;
  • pluses: no need to do cleaning daily, convenient, original in appearance;
  • cons: expensive.

Another great option for such a dog toilet is Potty Patch. The upper part of the structure always remains dry due to the membrane, which is able to pass all the liquid into the lower part. A special three-level system of such a toilet is able to neutralize unpleasant odors:

  • model name: Petzoom Potty Patch;
  • price: 3585 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 68×43 cm, material – plastic, color – green, there is artificial grass;
  • Pros: original, comfortable, no need to wash every day;
  • cons: high cost.

Lawn tray

Filling tray

On sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country there are dog toilets with a collector and a reliable mesh. A special filler (absorbent) can be poured into such a tray. The toilet for small dogs Dezzie from the Russian manufacturer has a thoughtful and practical design, high sides and a wide entrance. Under the grate, you can fill the filler, which will prevent the spread of unpleasant odors:

  • model name: Dezzie;
  • price: 1651 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 42x42x15 cm, material – plastic, there is a grill, a special container;
  • Pros: good quality, prevents odors from spreading;
  • cons: costs more than analogues.


The model from Triol is a product with high walls and a mesh. The design is ideal for puppies and dwarf dogs, which are often not recommended to walk outside in bad weather. Product Details:

  • model name: Triol 0102266006;
  • price: 1175 r .;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 40x40x16 cm / 52x40x15 cm, there is a net, sides, material – plastic;
  • pluses: compactness, usability, two sizes to choose from;
  • cons: no.

With sides

With a diaper

V.I.Pet “Japanese style” is a Chinese-made model with a hygienic diaper, which should be placed under the grate. The latter is securely held by the side clips:

  • model name: V.I.Pet Japanese style;
  • price: 1399 r.;
  • characteristics: color – brown / milk, blue / milk, etc., dimensions – 63x49x6 cm, material – plastic, package weight – 1.18 kg;
  • pluses: comfortable, a variety of colors;
  • cons: diapers are not included.

Japanese style

The toilet for training puppies Savic Puppy Trainer will help teach the dog to cope with the need for the right place in a short time. The diapers included in the kit have absorbent properties for 30 seconds. they absorb both moisture and odor:

  • model name: Savic Puppy Trainer;
  • price: 2098 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 48x35x4 cm, 7 diapers in a set, material – plastic;
  • pluses: the presence of diapers, a small height;
  • cons: no.

Savic Puppy Trainer


The Ferplast MAXI BELLA charcoal toilet box is made of innovative plastic and equipped with an easy-to-open / close pendulum door. Two containers of the tray are fastened together by reliable clips on the sides. This closed toilet is universal because Suitable for both cats and small dogs. To neutralize the smell in the kit there are special carbon filters:

  • model name: Ferplast MAXI BELLA;
  • price: 4080 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 65.5×50.47 cm, material – plastic;
  • pluses: the presence of filters, a convenient handle, easy to clean;
  • cons: expensive.


Pay attention to another toilet box, which can be a good choice for small dogs – MAK42 Light Blue. This closed box will cost a little cheaper than the previous one:

  • model name: MAK42 Light Blue;
  • price: 3022 p.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 62x46x46 cm, material – plastic, color – blue;
  • pluses: there is a pen, compact size;
  • cons: overpriced.

MAK42 Light Blue

With sides

Hello Pet Toilet Mat with Sides is a flexible and waterproof product that does not slip on the floor. It can be used both separately and together with hygienic diapers 30×40 / 60×40 cm:

  • model name: Hello Pet;
  • price: 1062 r .;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 60x45x4 cm, color – blue / light wood, material – silicone;
  • pluses: does not absorb odors, dries quickly, easy to clean;
  • cons: low sides.

Hello pet

If you are looking for an option with higher sides, then take a look at Percell. This model is equipped with a sieve. Perfect for both small and larger dogs:

  • model name: Percell;
  • price: 2345 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 63x63x15 cm, material – plastic, there is a sieve;
  • pluses: sides medium height, large size;
  • cons: expensive.


How to choose a dog tray

When choosing a suitable dog toilet, take into account several nuances and focus on the size of the dog. There are containers of various shapes and parameters on sale. Rectangular designs are often used, but a convenient angular option can also be purchased to help save space. In addition, please note that it is not recommended to use chlorine products to clean household toilets for dogs. Helpful hints:

  • Material. Any dog ​​toilet is made of plastic (e.g. polypropylene). The difference is only in quality and price. Expensive acquisition can last more than one year.
  • Beads. There are products with both a small and a large fence. Keep in mind that the larger your pet is, the higher the wall of the dog’s toilet should be. Sometimes it’s completely unnecessary.
  • The gender of the pet. For a male, high sides or a column will be an excellent option, and for a female a product with low walls is more suitable.

Consider how often your pet will use the tray. Pregnant dogs, old dogs or small puppies often go to the home toilet, so a cheap plastic product will not be the best choice. The best solution is to use a reusable diaper. For a puppy, a small tray with a filler is quite suitable. Small crevice flooring products are suitable for small pet owners like Spitz.

How to train a dog on a tray

Although dogs and smart animals, meeting their needs at home is unusual for them. So that the pet can quickly understand what the owners want from him, take the following measures:

  • Choose the most suitable place for the future dog’s toilet and put a diaper or piece of cloth there that needs to be soaked in pet urine.
  • If the dog is trying to do its job in the wrong places, treat them with special deterrents..
  • If you find a dog “at the crime scene”, then be sure to take it and put it in a special tray.
  • Always wipe puddles in the wrong places. In addition, it is recommended to treat them with a solution of vinegar, so that the dog fights off any desire to go there again.
  • Use a system of rewards and punishments. Mark successful moments with praise and a kind of reward, and bad ones with censure and discontent.
  • If the dog resists your attempts and still marks its territory, then it will be necessary to limit its movement. Put your pet in an enclosed space where you need to put the toilet tray. If the dog understands what you want from him, then be sure to give him a reward.

Dog in the tray

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