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Buying a refrigerator is a responsible and serious matter. If you have enough free space in the kitchen, pay attention to the Side by Side two-door refrigerator. The very name in the literal translation means “side by side”, because the freezer and refrigerator in such household appliances are often located next door, and not one above the other, as in ordinary refrigerators. When buying a two-door swing refrigerator, keep in mind that such a unit is wider and has an impressive freezer volume.

How to choose a two-door refrigerator

On sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country you can find large two-door refrigerators of different sizes and configurations. Their distinctive feature is the location of the heat exchanger. Compared to Top Mount or Bottom Mount refrigerators, this element is located under the bottom of the unit, not on the back wall. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to put the household appliance close to the wall or integrate it into the kitchen. The heat exchanger of modern two-door models is equipped with a special dust-repellent device. Criterias of choice:

  • Dimensions The dimensions of double-wing refrigerators vary greatly: their height varies from 170 to 215 cm, their depth is from 63 to 91 cm, and their width is from 80 to 125 cm. The exception may be models that are developed and released for some European countries: their depth is 60 see. Pre-measure the place in the kitchen, which is reserved for appliances, otherwise you may make a mistake with the purchase.
  • Color and design. Decide on the appearance of the two-door appliance in accordance with the tastes of your household. Silver and black refrigerators are very popular today..
  • Camera capacity. Pay attention to the useful volume of the refrigerator – the bigger it is, the better. For a family of 3-4 people, 250-300 liters of equipment is quite enough. If the number of households is more (5-6 people), then opt for a household appliance with a useful volume of at least 350 liters.
  • Defrosting methods. Well, if the selected device has the No Frost function, which is the most modern way to defrost cameras. There is also drip and manual defrosting. In the first case, the equipment must be disconnected from the network and wait until the cameras defrost – this method was used in old refrigerators. With the drip method, moisture flows into the pallet along the back wall – this option belongs to the economy class.
  • Thermostatic system. Its availability is mandatory for Side By Side. This function is able to maintain the set temperature parameters in the freezer and refrigerator compartments. Thanks to modern systems, the temperature deviation from the initial parameters does not exceed 1 degree.
  • Number of shelves and drawers. Decide on the optimal value depending on the number of products that you store in the refrigerator on average. A nice addition will be a shelf for storing bottles.
  • Energy class. A very important parameter if you are looking for two-door appliances that are economical in terms of electricity consumption. The lowest class (i.e., economical) is A +++. Then alphabetically and the number of pluses are less energy-efficient refrigerators: A ++, A +, A, B, etc..
  • The number of compressors. Inexpensive devices have only one compressor, and better ones – 2. The latter are more economical, and if it becomes necessary to disconnect one camera (for example, for washing), the second will still work.
  • Management method. Cheaper and more reliable is the electromechanical control system. The electronic analogue is better in terms of the comfort of using a two-door unit, because allows you to fine-tune the temperature regime. Many modern two-door devices are electronically controlled.
  • Noise level. If possible, opt for a device with a noise level of about 40 dB.
  • Additional functionality. A nice addition will be the indicator of the open door, super-freezing mode, display, automatic water cooler, ice generator. Some two-door units feature an energy-efficient compressor and Quiet ZoneTM noise reduction system. In addition, some appliances are equipped with the “Vacation” mode, which saves electricity during a long absence of owners.
  • Manufacturer and cost. Give preference to well-known brands, but keep in mind that the price of a two-door unit is on average 100-150 thousand rubles.

Double-leaf refrigerators

Today you can buy a refrigerator with two doors in a specialized online store with mail delivery. It can be either a standard two-chamber Side By Side, or a three- or four-chamber with several doors. The cost of high-quality and modern units averages 100-200 thousand rubles. Well-known manufacturers of two-door devices include:

  • Vestfrost;
  • Daewoo Electronics;
  • Samsung
  • Bosch;
  • Hitachi;
  • Sharp
  • Liebherr.

Side by side and four chamber


The Vestfrost VF395-1SB double-wing refrigerator with a freezer is a practical and convenient model with two independent control panels. Each of them is equipped with temperature displays for monitoring the current cooling parameters:

  • model name: Vestfrost VF395-1SB;
  • price: 104990 r.;
  • characteristics: color – stainless steel, dimensions – 186.9x120x63.25 cm, weight – 137.7 kg, chambers – 2, freezing capacity (kg / day) – 14 (32 ° C) / 15 (25 ° C), total volume – 618 l, useful – 591 l, control – electronic, lighting – LED-backlight, shelves – 7, on the door – 5, drawers – 8, material of shelves and drawers – glass, plastic, refrigerant – R600a, power consumption – 436 kW / year, class – A +, compressors – 2, noise level – 44 dB;
  • pluses: quick freeze function, excellent capacity;
  • cons: consumes a lot of energy, a little noisy.

Vestfrost VF395-1SB

Another two-door variant of SidebySide from Vestfrost is the three-chamber unit VF 910 X. The equipment is equipped with light and sound prompts for users:

  • model name: Vestfrost VF 910 X;
  • price: 149990 r.;
  • characteristics: color – stainless steel, dimensions – 185x91x74.2 cm, chambers – 3, total volume – 620 l, freshness zones – 38 l, control – electronic, defrost – No Frost, lighting – LED, freezer capacity – 18 kg / days., compressors – 2, refrigerant – R600a, energy consumption – 481 kW / year, class – A +, noise level – 45 dB;
  • pluses: quick freeze function, large capacity;
  • cons: low energy efficiency, noisy.

Vestfrost VF 910 X

Daewoo electronics

The capacious two-door model of the Daewoo Electronics FRN-X22B5CW refrigerator has a display, electronic control and Perfect No Frost defrosting technology. Shelves in the device are made of glass with leakage protection. A distinctive feature is the compartment for quick cooling of cans:

  • model name: Daewoo Electronics FRN-X22B5CW;
  • price: 56130 r.;
  • characteristics: color – white, coating material – plastic / metal, dimensions – 177×90.6×73.5 cm, weight – 98 kg, compressor – piston, energy class – A +, noise level – 41 dB, refrigerant – R600a, total volume – 622 l;
  • pluses: turbo-cooling, affordable cost;
  • cons: only one compressor.

Daewoo Electronics FRN-X22B5CW

The FRNX 22 H5CW is another two-door unit from Daewoo Electronics that features a minibar and Digital Smart Control. There is a freshness zone in the refrigerator compartment:

  • model name: Daewoo Electronics FRNX 22 H5CW;
  • price: 60590 r.;
  • characteristics: color – white, dimensions – 177×90.6×73.5 cm, control – electronic, defrosting – No Frost, compressor – 1, total volume – 608 l, useful – 549 l, energy class – A, annual consumption – 530 kW, power of freezing – 16 kg / day., autonomous preservation of cold – 4 hours, shelves – 3, boxes – 2;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, super- and turbo-cooling function, there is a minibar;
  • cons: low energy efficiency, the presence of one compressor.

Daewoo Electronics FRNX 22 H5CW


When planning to order a dual refrigeration unit, pay attention to the premium Samsung RS552NRUA9M module. The device is equipped with a modern inverter compressor and sensitive sensors, thanks to which the temperature and humidity level in both chambers are controlled. Due to the multi-threaded Multi Flow system, the chilled air flows are evenly distributed across all sections of the device. The burgundy glass facade is harmoniously complemented by a touch LED display that is integrated in the door handle:

  • model name: Samsung RS552NRUA9M;
  • price: 104990 r.;
  • characteristics: color – burgundy, dimensions – 91.2x70x178.9 cm, weight – 117 kg, volume – 538 l, noise level – 41 dB, energy efficiency class – A +, energy consumption (annual) – 431 kW, freezing power – 12 kg / day, shelves – 9, on the doors – 9, boxes – 3, compressor – 1, defrost – No Frost, lighting – LED, door material – glass / plastic;
  • pluses: original design and glass finish, the presence of an ice generator, low noise;
  • cons: low freezing power, one compressor.

Samsung RS552NRUA9M

Samsung RSA1SHVB is a two-door unit with good roominess and functional filling. It is characterized by ease of use, on the outside of the door there is a display:

  • model name: Samsung RSA1SHVB;
  • price: 79990 r.;
  • characteristics: color – beige, dimensions – 91.2×73.4×178.9 cm, weight – 102 kg, volume – 538 l, noise level – 43 dB, energy efficiency class – A +, energy consumption (annual) – 447 kW, freezing power – 10 kg / day, shelves – 9, on the doors – 9, boxes – 2, compressor – 1, defrost – No Frost, lighting – LED;
  • pluses: there is a minibar for quick access to snacks, drinks, ergonomic design, reasonable price;
  • cons: a little noisy, low power freezing.

Samsung RSA1SHVB


The two-door refrigerator KAG90AI20R from Bosch is a very spacious and multi-functional unit with a digital display. Product Details:

  • model name: Bosch KAG90AI20R;
  • price: 173990 r.;
  • characteristics: color – stainless steel, dimensions – 91×67.2×177 cm, volume – 608 l, noise level – 43 dB, energy efficiency class – A +, energy consumption (annual) – 431 kW, freezing power – 11 kg / day, compressor – 1, defrosting – No Frost ;
  • pluses: water purification filter, superfreezing, ice maker;
  • cons: relatively low freezing power, one compressor.

Bosch KAG90AI20R

If you are looking for a cheaper purchase of a two-door Side by Side, then look at the Bosch KAN92VI25R. The special coating of the doors protects them from stains and stains:

  • model name: Bosch KAN92VI25R;
  • price: 104990 r.;
  • characteristics: color – stainless steel, weight – 131 kg, dimensions – 91x73x176 cm, volume – 661 l, noise level – 43 dB, energy efficiency class – A +, energy consumption (annual) – 495 kW, freezing power – 12 kg / day, compressor – 1, defrosting – No Frost;
  • pluses: large capacity, accelerated cooling and freezing modes;
  • cons: one compressor, high energy consumption.

Bosch KAN92VI25R


The Hitachi R-M 702 AGPU4X DIA refrigerator has a door opener, which makes this process very convenient. A built-in air ionizer together with an antibacterial filter helps to destroy harmful microorganisms. The refrigerator has a cold water supply system equipped with a fine filter:

  • model name: Hitachi R-M 702 AGPU4X DIA;
  • price: 325990 r .;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 92x72x179.5 cm, weight – 126 kg, volume – 538 l, noise level – 41 dB, energy efficiency class – A ++, energy consumption (annual) – 310 kW, freezing power – 11 kg / day, shelves – 8, on the doors – 5, boxes – 3, compressor – 1, defrost – No Frost, control – touch, lighting – LED;
  • pluses: 18 hours of storage when power is turned off, energy efficiency, design, glass finish;
  • cons: one compressor, it is expensive, low power freezing at that price.

Hitachi R-M 702 AGPU4X DIA

Hitachi R-S 702 GPU2 GS is a compact and capacious Side-by-Side refrigerator. The model is made in the stylish design of Glass Door. The inverter compressor of the refrigerator provides a long service life and quiet operation:

  • model name: Hitachi R-S 702 GPU2 GS;
  • price: 188990 r .;
  • characteristics: color – silver, dimensions – 92x72x177.5 cm, weight – 116 kg, volume – 589 l, noise level – 41 dB, energy efficiency class – A ++, energy consumption (annual) – 347 kW, freezing power – 11 kg / day, shelves – 9, on the doors – 6, drawers – 2, compressor – 1, defrost – No Frost, the outer coating of the doors – glass, material – glass / plastic;
  • pluses: protective coating against fingerprints, good capacity, energy efficiency;
  • cons: one compressor, not the most affordable cost.

Hitachi R-S 702 GPU2 GS


The relatively inexpensive Side by Sharp SJFP97VBK refrigerator has a unique engineering solution, thanks to which there is no internal vertical partition in the refrigerator. This model is equipped with a hybrid cooling system that combines the Sushi Panel and Multi Air-Flow. The air purification system and active deodorant protect the cameras from allergens and unpleasant odors:

  • model name: Sharp SJFP97VBK;
  • price: 76995 r.;
  • characteristics: color – black / stainless. steel, dimensions – 90x77x183 cm, weight – 107 kg, volume – 605 l, noise level – 37 dB, energy efficiency class – A, energy consumption (annual) – 487 kW, freezing power – 9.5 kg / day, compressor – 1, defrosting – No Frost, lighting – LED;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, quiet operation, capacity, built-in air ionizer;
  • cons: only one compressor, low freezing power, poor energy efficiency.


Another refrigerator with unique air purification and ionization technology is the Sharp SJ-F96SPBK. The model is equipped with electronic control with a digital display:

  • model name: Sharp SJ-F96SPBK;
  • price: 135890 r.;
  • characteristics: color – black, dimensions – 89x77x183 cm, weight – 110 kg, volume – 605 l, noise level – 41 dB, energy efficiency class – A, energy consumption (annual) – 573 kW, cameras – 3, freezing power – 9.5 kg / day, compressor – 1, defrosting – No Frost;
  • pluses: carbon filter, air ionizer, capacity;
  • cons: low power freezing, one compressor, consumes a lot of energy.

Sharp SJ-F96SPBK


Liebherr SBS 70I4 is a German-built two-door refrigerator with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The device is equipped with MagicEye Premium electronic system and a pair of compressors. The freezer is equipped with a No Frost freezing system. There is a SuperFrost mode with automatic shutdown after 65 hours. There is a sound indication of an open door and a light / sound alarm about a malfunction:

  • model name: Liebherr SBS 70I4;
  • price: 207000 r .;
  • characteristics: color – white, dimensions – 177.2 x 112 x 55 cm, energy class – A ++, energy consumption per year – 363 kW, total volume – 592 l, useful – 515 l, number of shelves (tempered glass) – 8, drawers – 12 , shelves on the door – 5, defrosting – No Frost, control – electronic, compressors – 2, noise level – 37 dB;
  • pluses: freshness zone BioFresh (99 l), convenient control, quiet sound;
  • cons: lower capacity compared to peers, high cost.

Liebherr SBS 70I4

The three-chamber Liebherr SBSes 7353-26 unit has an elegant design and a stainless steel case with a special coating that prevents the formation of stains and fingerprints on it. The device has a freshness area with a separate door:

  • model name: Liebherr SBSes 7353-26;
  • price: 199990 p.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 185.2x121x63 cm, weight – 163.2 kg, noise level – 40 dB, annual energy consumption – 350 kW, energy efficiency – A ++, freezing power (daily) – 16 kg, total volume – 654 l, shelves – 5 in the refrigerator and 5 on the door, boxes – 7, compressors – 2, control – touch, lighting – LED, defrost – No Frost and drip, display – digital;
  • pluses: energy efficiency, super-cooling and super-freezing modes, ice maker, good capacity;
  • cons: overall, expensive.

Liebherr SBSes 7353-26

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