Vacuum cleaner for the pool – the principle of operation, varieties, a description of models with characteristics and cost

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Not everyone thinks that having built a pool and having considered all the nuances of arrangement, it is unlikely that they will have to carelessly enjoy swimming or water procedures. The reason is that initially clear and clear water begins to cloud over time due to the appearance of an incomprehensible suspension and mud, various debris. You can solve this problem by buying a special bottom water vacuum cleaner for the Intex, Zodiac, Blaster or other pool.

What is a pool vacuum cleaner

A water vacuum cleaner is a very convenient and indispensable equipment that helps to clean small particles of debris and dirty deposits from the bottom and walls of the bowl. At the same time, a minimum of time and effort is spent on cleaning. Underwater vacuum cleaners that differ from each other in power, hose diameter, nozzles and other equally important characteristics are an urgent need. Proper care of the surface of the bowl significantly extends the life of the pool and lengthens the operation of auxiliary equipment for filtration cleaning.

Why do i need

Vacuum cleaners for pools help to remove debris and suspensions that accumulate in the pool that appear on the surface of the water. A high-quality and powerful model is able to remove pollution of any nature from the bottom and walls of the bowl. In addition, during the implementation of sanitary-hygienic measures, there is no need to drain the water, because the equipment works under it. Another important point – with the help of such a vacuum cleaner, even a beginner can cope with cleaning a stationary, inflatable or frame pool.

Vacuuming the bottom of the pool

How does it work

When planning to buy one of the underwater vacuum cleaners to clean the walls and bottom of the bowl, first get acquainted with the principle of its operation – it is identical for almost all modifications. The device draws in contaminated water, then passes it through a filter and throws it back into the body of water. To start the handheld device for the pool, you need to connect one end of the hose to the cleaning brush and the other to the skimmer. The filtration pump should be running at this time. Before cleaning the hose with a brush must be immersed in water so that it displaces the air.


Underwater vacuum cleaners, presented on the modern market, vary in power, performance and other characteristics. You can order suitable products in a specialized online store with delivery by mail in Moscow, St. Petersburg or any other city in the country. On sale you can find both simple designs and stand-alone modifications with a remote control. To date, the following varieties are distinguished:

  • hand held;
  • semi-automatic;
  • robotic vacuum cleaners.

Automatic vacuum cleaner in the pool

Models of vacuum cleaners for the pool

When planning to buy a pool vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom, bowl walls, pool waterline, check out popular modifications. In addition, when choosing the best appliance, take into account the dimensions of the pool so that the selected vacuum cleaner can perform the necessary work efficiently. Well-known brands of underwater vacuum cleaners include Blaster, Zodiac, Dolphin and some others. Some of the most popular models are:

  • Intex Auto Pool Cleaner 28001;
  • Dolphin SUPREME M5;
  • RV 4400 Vortex PRO 2WD from Zodiac;
  • Bestway 58324;
  • Bravo.

Bravo pool vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaner for the pool

This type of underwater vacuum cleaner is the simplest, and in terms of design it consists of a telescopic rod with a handle, a corrugated hose, a special brush, an electric cable and an engine. A feature of this device is the direct connection to a skimmer of a reservoir or a vacuum nozzle by means of a specially developed adapter. Suitable for any artificial reservoirs, whether it is a country pool or a stationary analogue of large sizes. Such a device is characterized by affordable price and ease of operation. A good purchase would be:

  • model name: BestWay 58427 BW;
  • price: 5299 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 515x150x165 mm, weight – 2.11 kg, telescopic handle length – up to 3 m;
  • pluses: independence from an electric network;
  • cons: expensive for a manual model.

The manual vacuum cleaner for the pool BestWay 58427 BW

The cost of the next product is indicated at a discount of 22%. The manual vacuum cleaner described below has adapters for connection to any filter system and a vacuum nozzle:

  • model name: Bestway kit 58234/58237;
  • price: 2800 r.;
  • characteristics: aluminum bar – 2.79 m, hose – 6 m, diameter – 32 mm, there is a brush for the bottom, weight – 3 kg;
  • pluses: it is cheap, cleans the surface of the bowl well;
  • cons: no.

The manual vacuum cleaner for the pool of Bestway set 58234/58237


Such a device independently copes with the task. The principle of operation of an automatic or robot vacuum cleaner is based on computer technology, thanks to which you can set certain program parameters. This approach provides a complete shutdown of equipment after cleaning. In general, an automatic vacuum cleaner is an autonomous programmable mechanism, the functions of which are to qualitatively filter water and clean the walls and bottom of the pool. Reliable and powerful automatic robotic vacuum cleaner:

  • model name: Zodiac Vortex 1;
  • price: 37900 r.;
  • Characteristics: for a pool up to 5×10 m in size, pump capacity – 11 cubic meters / h, cable length – 18 m, weight – 6 kg;
  • pluses: power, compactness, low weight;
  • cons: no remote control, high cost.

Automatic water vacuum cleaner Zodiac Vortex 1

The Vortex 4 4WD is a functional and state-of-the-art appliance that is able to cope perfectly with any kind of pollution. The device is based on VORTEX technology:

  • model name: Zodiac Vortex 4 4WD;
  • price: 139900 r.;
  • Characteristics: for a pool up to 15×7 m in size, pump capacity – 16 cubic meters / hour, length – 21 m, weight – 9.5 kg;
  • pluses: several operating modes, there is a remote control, a trolley;
  • cons: very expensive.

The automatic vacuum cleaner for the pool of Zodiac Vortex 4 4WD


The design of such devices provides for hydraulic operation with the ability to adjust the speed of the water flow. A distinctive feature of the semi-automatic vacuum cleaner is the presence of a special bag for collecting garbage and direct connection to the skimmer without additional tools. Another important feature that increases the efficiency of the device is the presence of a valve. This helps to automatically adjust the water flow and provides a high cleaning rate:

  • model name: Zodiac T5 DUO;
  • price: 30016 r.;
  • Characteristics: for pools 6×12 m in size, suction power – 8 cubic meters per hour, hose length – 12 meters, movement speed – 6 meters per minute, weight with packaging – 9 kg;
  • Pros: DiaCyclone technology increases the suction power by 40%;
  • cons: cost.

If you are interested in buying a cheaper semi-automatic device, then take a look at products from Bestway. The vacuum cleaner has a ribbed disk that allows the device to glide smoothly along the bottom of the pool:

  • model name: Zodiac T5 DUO;
  • price: 7939 r.;
  • Characteristics: for a pool with a length of 6, hose length – 6 m, suction power – 5.6 cubic m / h;
  • pluses: the membrane suction system ensures quiet operation;
  • cons: walls are cleaned only manually.

semi-automatic vacuum cleaner for the pool Zodiac T5 DUO

Intex pool cleaner

To save on a purchase, go around as many stores as possible – this is a great chance to get on a sale or a promotion and make a really profitable purchase. If you have not made a choice, then pay attention to the Intex Pool Auto Cleaner. All you need is to connect a water hose and start the device. The pool will be cleaned automatically. More details:

  • model name: Intex Auto Pool Cleaner 28001/58948;
  • price: 4489 p.;
  • Characteristics: suitable for a hose with a diameter of 38 mm, hose length – 750 cm, pump filter capacity (recommended) – 4542 – 13248 l / h;
  • pluses: automatic change of direction;
  • cons: no.

The high-performance automatic vacuum cleaner for the pool Intex Auto Pool Cleaner 28001/58948

To maintain the cleanliness of the artificial pond, take a closer look at the handheld cordless vacuum device. Powerful batteries provide the necessary suction power:

  • model name: Intex 28620;
  • price: 4390 r.;
  • characteristics: telescopic handle – 236 cm, operating time from a single charge – up to 50 min., package weight – 3.3 kg;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, there are 2 brush brushes;
  • cons: no.

Powerful semi-automatic water Intex 28620 vacuum cleaner

How to choose a pool vacuum cleaner

If you are interested in buying a simple and inexpensive vacuum cleaner for the pool, then opt for a manual model. It is great for cleaning small ponds and pools. The main thing is that the handle of the telescopic rod is convenient for you and with its help it could be delivered to the bottom. Of no less importance is the cable length. A more effective and powerful option is a semi-automatic model. A good choice would be a model with a special bag.

If you have enough finances, then an automatic robot vacuum cleaner will greatly simplify the task of cleaning the pool. When choosing it, pay attention to the battery life – some devices can operate up to 8 hours without the presence of an operator. It will be good if the device has a remote control. In addition, find out what the brush is made of. The advantage is better to give expanded polystyrene.

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