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Cucumber is a popular vegetable crop among residents of Russia and neighboring countries. The fruits of the plant are widely used in the preparation of hot and cold dishes, appetizers, salads and even drinks. Cucumber seedlings are whimsical and require special care, therefore, for a good harvest, you should take care of the optimal growing conditions. Breeders are actively working on the development of hybrids suitable for planting in local soil.

Which cucumber variety is best for open ground

In crop production, there is a separation of vegetable crops by variety. The choice is determined by several factors: purpose (eating raw, rolling, adding to salads, etc.), the method of cultivation (seedlings, ordinary), climatic conditions, soil type, and more. Varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses and open ground are widely popular among summer residents and are actively grown on sites. There are the following popular classes suitable for planting in open ground:

  1. Zozulya is a class that gardeners love. The first gherkins appear 1.5 months after planting. Partially self-pollinated vegetables are considered the best, as they are resistant to sudden changes in temperature. Their peculiarity is considered to be good yield even in low light, while there is no need for pinching and pinching. At the initial stage of fruiting, the yield is up to 16 kg per square meter of planting, but during the month it continues to increase to 20. Cylindrical vegetables, on average up to 24 cm in length and weighing up to 300 g.
  2. Claudia is a self-pollinated species that does not need chemical treatment from insect pests. The vegetable is medium-sized cylindrical in shape, the skin is dark green with sparse light stripes. On average, the weight of the ripened fruit is 80 g, and the size is up to 12 cm.
  3. Masha F1 is a parthenocarpic class capable of forming a vegetable without fertilization and pollination. The first crop gives in a month. The plant is demanding on light, with insufficient lighting, a decrease in ovaries can be observed, therefore, if possible, turn on the backlight. Gherkin is cylindrical, medium-sized with large bulges, tasty, not bitter, resistant to various diseases.
  4. Chinese climbing – a class of late ripening. The first crop must wait almost two months. Bushes with a mixed type of flowering, pollinated by bees. Fruits, on average, reach a length of 13 cm, and weigh up to 130 g, the average density. Its main advantage is resistance to powdery mildew and the ability to tolerate a decrease in temperature. The variety is universal in use and has a good taste and appearance..

Cucumbers in the garden

Ultra-ripe varieties

Species that are quick to ripen the crop are gaining popularity among gardeners, are resistant to changing climatic conditions and have good taste and yield. It is proved that this category of plant is distinguished by its ability to fight diseases. Gherkins are distinguished by their versatility, suitable for use raw, do not lose their taste when pickled and pickled. Among the varieties of cucumbers popular for open ground, every summer resident chooses a favorite.


This subspecies represents a hybrid group of seeds. It has high commercial and taste qualities, productivity, is pollinated by bees, is resistant to powdery mildew. Bushes are highly branched, flowering type – mixed. The average length of a ripe vegetable is 13 cm, weight 100-108 g. Rare tubercles are located on the surface. Planting is recommended from early spring to the first month of summer in warm soil. Good yield requires frequent fertilizing with fertilizers, loosening of the soil and timely watering, the first crop appears on the fiftieth day.


This category is considered hybrid, universal. It ripens early, the first crop is harvested after 1.5-2 months. The hybrid is suitable for growing at home on the balcony, because it is compact, unpretentious to the temperature in the room, has a pleasant taste. The plant is fruitful, with proper care, it is able to produce up to 13 kg of fruits per square meter. The gherkin has a cylindrical shape with small white spikes. Due to genetic characteristics, it is not bitter, therefore it is popular among gardeners.

Medium ripening

It is recommended to alternate such cucumbers with early and late species in order to consume fruits constantly, until the first frosts. Mid-season are more resistant to diseases than early ones, and fertilizers require much less than later ones. Seedlings of medium maturity have the ability to grow a powerful root system, which will provide a high level of yield.


This plant variety is one of the oldest, but no less popular, its name comes from the Ukrainian city. The average length of the lash is two meters. Vegetable belongs to bee pollinated species and bears fruit after 1.5-2 months, they are suitable for consumption raw, for preservation and salting, because they have a very high level of quality. The pulp is juicy, with a characteristic crunch, the taste is sweetish. The peel is thin, with tubercles and small black spikes. Sprouts are disease resistant, for which they are appreciated by experienced growers.

Nezhinsky is recommended to be planted in open ground, covering with a film. When planting in a greenhouse, hoping for a large crop is not worth it, since this type of plant needs natural pollination, and cucumber loops, due to their length, need a lot of space. It is possible to grow seedlings and seeds. Pre-soaked seeds are recommended to be planted in mid-May in warm soil. To achieve the best result, the culture is grown on the ridges using trellis.

Far Eastern

The variety belongs to the class of mid-season, bee pollinated. The first fruiting occurs after 40-55 days from the moment of planting in the soil. Zelentsy of medium length, up to 15 cm, weighing 150-200 g. The skin of the cucumber is light green, covered with a faint waxy coating. The application is universal, the vegetable is used raw and for salting. The plant is able to develop a powerful root system, foliage is not plentiful, seedlings are resistant to drought.

Late ripening

Shrub plants of this class germinate well only in the third year. Late-ripening varieties for open ground are planted by vegetable growers for preservation or pickling. In total, there are more than 80 species of plants, including Dutch ones, of medium ripening time. Buy seeds for planting with caution, you need to purchase a small number of different items, so that after ripening the fruit to independently evaluate their taste and appearance. Several vegetables of your favorite classes should be left to ripen for seeds.

Relay race

Hybrid bee pollinated class. Collection is possible after 1.5-2 months. Dimensions of gherkins 16-20 cm, average weight 220 g are intended for the preparation of salads. The pulp is fragrant, the seeds are small. The skin is dark green, covered with tubercles with small spikes. Suitable for cultivation in the winter-spring period and is characterized by the ability to high productivity, an average of 30-35 kg per square meter. It has been proven that greens keep freshness well, so they are often sent for export.



Universal plant, used for salting and cooking salads. The fruit is oval, cylindrical in shape, strong, large (weight up to 180 g), reaches 16 cm in length. Surface with large tubercles, white spines present. The type of ovary is bunch, the flowering is female, the stem is long, on average it reaches 3 meters. The species is resistant to certain diseases, has a good taste and dense structure. Fruiting occurs 60-65 days after planting.

High yielding

An experienced gardener achieves high quality fruits. The main criterion for the selection of seed material is taste. Preparing and fertilizing the soil, loosening, weeding are mandatory procedures to guarantee a good crop. Any varieties of cucumbers for greenhouse cultivation and open ground require careful care. There are several popular classes of plants that guarantee a good harvest with proper care.


Cucumbers of this subspecies are among the promising leaders of their group. The plant adapts well to adverse weather conditions, resistant to disease. Fruits are cylindrical in shape, fragrant, not bitter, grow average length, 10 cm, and the mass does not exceed 80 g. Sowing is carried out in soil that has been loosened and warmed up to 14 degrees. The first crop is harvested after two months of cultivation and care.


This variety is unpretentious for planting, it can be grown both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions. Harvest ripens on the 36th day after planting, so the variety Dasha is early. Zelenets is slightly elongated, dark green in cylindrical shape, the length of ripe cucumber is 7-8 cm, weight up to 80 g, is characterized by high productivity and has good taste.


Earlier, gardeners favored varieties pollinated by bees for planting in open ground. Recently, vegetable growers are actively growing self-pollinated species, since they do not require special care. For active growth, cucumbers provide good humidity, fertilize the soil and provide the necessary amount of sunlight.


Gherkin variety of medium ripening period, resistant to deformation, overgrowing and some dangerous diseases. The fruits ripen on the 40th day after planting, have an elongated shape, on the surface there are small spikes and tubercles. Cucumbers of this species are juicy, grow up to 10 cm in length with a weight of 75-80 g, the seed chamber is small. Vegetables are suitable for salting, eating fresh.


Early ripe representative of cucumbers for greenhouses and open ground. Zelentsy are cylindrical, short, green. They have a pleasant taste without bitterness. Productivity 11-17 kg per square meter, vegetable 7-8 cm in length, weight up to 80 g. Hybrids are appreciated by gardeners for their resistance to certain diseases, early ripening of crops and high presentation. The purpose is universal – gherkins are suitable for salting and preservation, for fresh consumption..

Disease resistant

Unfortunately, this vegetable crop is susceptible to viral and fungal infections, which can cause a decrease in yield and death of the plant. Thanks to the efforts of breeders, varieties for open ground with disease resistance have been developed. They are unpretentious to the environment, so they are grown in greenhouse conditions and open ground.


The plant of this class is hybrid, it belongs to early ripening high-yielding varieties. The bushes are resistant to some dangerous diseases, such as powdery mildew, cladosporiosis, cucumber mosaic virus. Ripe salad cucumbers have high commercial and taste qualities, are used by hostesses for pickling and pickling. A fruit of medium thickness is cylindrical in shape with small tubercles. The length of green stuff is 10-13 cm, weight is up to 120 g. Benefis is a thermophilic vegetable, the optimum soil temperature for seed germination is 25-30 degrees. Harvest ripening speed – 1.5 months.

Variety Benefis


The representative of this variety of cucumbers for open ground belongs to the class of mid-ripening hybrids, the growing season of which is from 45 to 48 days. The fruits are saturated green in the form of a cylinder with large tubercles. The vegetable is resistant to olive spotting, cucumber mosaic, southern (powdery) dew. The plant belongs to high-yielding, suitable for salting, tolerates the increase in temperature.

Ground cucumbers for pickling and canning

Not every type of vegetable crop is suitable for salting and preserving. In order for the processing result to please, it is necessary to responsibly approach the selection of seeds. The best pickle for pickling and pickling is considered to be one that has thin skin and elastic flesh, which, under the influence of salt, does not lose crunch. If the goal of the gardener is to achieve the most pleasant taste of the canned cucumber, then you should rely on popular varieties suitable for harvesting in the winter.

Parisian Gherkin

An early ripe bee-pollinated species, which is a leader for salting and preservation, because it does not bitter. The first crop is removed on 41 days. The ripe fruit has a dense skin with large tubercles and black spikes. In length, the cucumber grows no more than 10 cm, and weighs 100 g. The plant is resistant to variability of climatic conditions and dangerous diseases.


These hybrid gherkins are characterized by abundant productivity. The variety requires pollination, can be grown in open ground or in greenhouse conditions. Ripening occurs on days 43-48. The vegetable is even, small in size, with thin skin, optimal for conservation. It differs in a bunch arrangement of ovaries, has a female type of flowering. Valued for disease resistance, lack of bitterness.

Son of the regiment

The plant is medium-sized with a green leaf of medium size, bee pollinated. Zelenets oval, green, with medium-sized tubercles, rarely located. The length of the fruit is 7-9 cm, has high palatability. The plant is resistant to scab. The ripened vegetable can be harvested in 40-45 days, it has a good yield, and for its small size is actively used for canning and salting.

New varieties of cucumbers

A bunch variety is also called a bunch. Seedlings take up little space and can bear fruit even on window sills and balconies. It differs in miniature size, but is a record holder for productivity. From one branch of the plant, you can get up to 10 kg of vegetable. All bushes with bundle ovary are hybrid; two subspecies that have the necessary characteristics are crossed for their breeding.

Relatively recently, Chinese cucumbers began to land. This plant is a type of ordinary vegetable, has an elongated thin fruit. The taste is brighter, the flesh is sweet, with a light watermelon aroma, the skin is not bitter. Almost all varieties of Chinese cucumbers are ripe, so they easily adapt to weather conditions and temperatures..

Winter storm

The variety is an early self-pollinated hybrid. Harvest ripens for 38 days. The leaves of the plant are medium sized, weakly growing. The fruit is cylindrical in shape with medium sized tubercles. When reaching a size of 6-8 cm, cucumbers continue to grow in width, so they try to shoot them small. The main advantages are resistance to peronosporosis and other diseases, high productivity, high taste. Unfortunately, cucumbers of this variety have a significant drawback – they are prone to the formation of voids in the middle of the fruit.

Sort of Blizzard


Good seeds of cucumbers for open ground – the grade “Master”. Gherkin of this class is a mid-season beam hybrid. On the branch, up to 6 ovaries are formed. Suitable for greenhouse planting and open ground. The skin is green, with tubercles and white spikes. The species is resistant to cladosporiosis, has good taste. On average, the green mass is up to 110 g.

Chinese farmer

Seeds of Chinese vegetable species are popular among gardeners and vegetable lovers. The plant of a farm variety is a bred hybrid of medium maturity with a strongly branched stem, it ripens well in open land. Harvest can be removed after 50 days. The fruits are even, smooth, about 40 cm long, resistant to disease and bad weather..


This variety is actively used for the preparation of salads. The plant is a female type of flowering, medium-branched, resistant to some diseases. Zelenets is long, dark green in color with small tubercles and a white edge. The bush gives a high yield and adapts perfectly to weather conditions and temperatures. The pulp is juicy, not bitter, has a sweet aftertaste. The vegetable is thermophilic, requires a large amount of sunlight, planting is carried out in heated ground.

The best varieties of cucumbers for open ground near Moscow

Russian breeders have decided to develop special types of vegetables adapted for the climate and soil characteristics of the Moscow Region. Researchers engaged in the active development and development of new hybrids, to increase productivity and quality of the finished product. Among domestic hybrids gardeners identified some leading species suitable for growing on open ground.


Cucumbers of this species are considered early ripe bee pollinating hybrids. From the time of emergence to harvest, it takes up to 47 days. The mass of ripened green stuff is 90-110 g, length is up to 11 cm. High productivity of the plant can be achieved when grown in open ground, under these conditions, the indicators reach 25-35 kg per square meter. Fruits with black and brown pubescence, cylindrical, dark green, medium-sized tubercles located on the surface.

Cucumbers Glance

State farm

A rare kind of vegetable that fully ripens in two months. The weight of a ripe vegetable is about 150 g, the color is dark green, light tubercles are present on the surface of the skin. The view is one of the most successful for planting in the soil of the Moscow Region, as it is adapted to certain climatic conditions. Universal cucumber, suitable for raw consumption for salads and preserves.


A variety of good productivity, belongs to the late varieties, begins to bear fruit on 55-65 days from the moment of planting. Green cucumbers, in length reach 10-12 cm, the average weight of 70g. The type of ovary is single, a bee-pollinated plant with mixed flowering. The hybrid has a high presentation and taste, is resistant to transportation. Vegetable is used for salads and for harvesting for the winter.

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