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It is recommended that you choose a doorphone with video communication very responsibly, because the safety of the family and the safety of property depend on this purchase. Here it is impossible to be guided only by beauty or convenience. To make sure that the system is suitable for you and your apartment, you will have to study the technical specifications, deal with the principle of the device.

Video on-door speakerphones for apartments with connection to the driveway

In order for the on-door speakerphone to benefit owners living on any floor, a high-quality video picture should go to the device monitor from the entrance door. Recognizing the guest, letting him in the house should be simple. Video intercoms for an apartment with connection to an access device, consistent with it, correspond to these requirements. It is ideal to install video equipment together with the commissioning of an access control device for video monitoring, but this is not always possible.

There are two ways to solve the problem:

  1. Purchase and install a videophone for an apartment that is suitable for combining with a specific access system.
  2. Install the so-called interface module that connects the access doorphone to your home video phone.

With the first option, you will have to forget about your own preferences. The choice of a video call for you will be limited to models compatible with the doorphone access system. With the second option, everything is simpler: the module is installed behind the video panel, hiding its switching behind the case or in the distribution panel of the floor, in its low-current part, where the access doorphone line passes. In case of failure, a cheap module is easy to replace. Repair of the video device in the first version is difficult, requires the dismantling of the entire intercom.

It is important to remember: when you connect a videophone to a common system, the quality of your device becomes dependent on the parameters, quality, reliability, accuracy of operation of the public device. If the access doorphone is damaged, the home may not work correctly, or even fail. The sound quality and image, the speed of the lock will depend on the impeccability of the overall system.Intercom with color Commax video camera

With a record

When the owners at work, or in the apartment are only children, not all guests become joyful. Do not worry in vain for those who show interest in your home. For such a case, there are video intercoms for an apartment with a record that will definitely tell you who specifically came to visit you in your absence. When you use a call with a camcorder for an apartment, turning on the recording function, the conversation is recorded in the device’s memory. Such a video intercom can be wired or wireless, support one, two or more surveillance cameras.

In order to save space on the memory card, manufacturers have developed intercoms equipped with a motion sensor. Video recording is included in case of movement of objects near the owner’s apartment. The device may have the function of saving photos of everyone who approached your door. A modern video intercom with a camera has high quality images and video recorded on a memory card, it has a scalability function (it equally accurately translates recording from different distances). The system is easy to install and maintain..


The creation of a complex type of security system for individual apartments is facilitated by the appearance on the domestic market of special intercoms. Modern wireless video intercoms for apartments do not depend on communications. For them, you do not need to ditch the walls and lay wires. The camcorder, broadcast, even the control of the lock is carried out remotely. The videophone consists of the street and internal console. Outside – one or more cameras and a call button, and inside the apartment – a monitor and a mobile intercom.

Wireless intercoms with video surveillance for an apartment – a device close to perfect. It gives the owner the opportunity to monitor their home via the Internet, manage a security system, block or open an electronic lock. Users note many advantages, but for an objective picture you need to have an idea not only about them. When choosing a video intercom, note:

  • Wireless connectivity responds to abrupt weather changes. Thunderstorm, snowfall, excessive cloudiness can affect the quality and stability of the signal.
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment requires qualifications. Do not try to install the system yourself, you will need a specialist.
  • Compared to other systems, the cost of a wireless intercom is high.Wireless video intercom with color camera

Buy video intercom for an apartment

To secure your property, give peace and confidence to your family, buy a video intercom for the apartment in which you live. Leading manufacturers offer many models of intercoms that connect to access systems, have the function of recording and saving video surveillance, and are mounted using wires and without them. Responsibly make choices, safety is an aspect of life in which experimentation is not appropriate..


Modern security systems and video surveillance – this is Tantos. A team of Chinese professionals develops and manufactures equipment that can operate in extreme conditions for at least 30,000 hours. The company pays special attention to the apartment safety line. The most popular models of this series are Tantos Prime Slim, Tantos Amelie, Tantos Sherlock, Tantos Stark. These intercoms are reliable, easy to manage, beautiful, user reviews about them are always positive.

Tantos sherlock+

  • Price: 13 593 rubles.
  • Features: The device has a large display with a diagonal of 10.1 inches; controlled by buttons; can be connected to an entrance videophone of the Tantos type or to others through the interface module. Supports Intercom system (it allows you to call from intercom to intercom)
  • Pros: Reliable device for its price. Has a Russian-language menu. You can connect two call panels, install two cameras, integrate up to four monitors into the system.
  • Cons: There is no calendar and time display on the screen, the minimum number of functions, which is typical for devices of this price category.

Tantos stark xl

  • Price: 20 217 rubles.
  • Product specifications: The device has the ability to record, is turned on using a motion sensor. Any activity will be noticed and saved on the memory card. The diagonal of the display of the video doorphone is 9 inches, touch control, the menu is composed of the type of pictograms of modern gadgets. Supports Intercom. The security system can combine up to four video phones.
  • Pros: Support for microSD memory cards, on which not only videos are stored, but also MP3 melodies for setting up calls. You can upload photos and use the device in photo frame mode.
  • Cons: When using a system of several video intercoms, the initial setup is complicated, it is better to entrust it to specialists.Tantos


Created almost fifty years ago, Komax (Kommaks) is today one of the most famous manufacturers of equipment for security and video surveillance. Seven out of ten doorphone sales in Russia last year belong to Commax TM. The equipment of this company is reliable, affordable, modern and very beautiful. The company produces video intercoms and components of different price categories, satisfies the consumer with any level of income and unlimited requirements.

Commax CDV-70P (paired)

  • Price: 7760 rubles
  • Product specifications: Video intercom that supports basic functions, equipped with a seven-inch screen. The maximum number of cameras is five, there are four outdoor panels (3 + 1 access). Beautiful polyphonic ringtones, image clarity on the monitor and unmatched design – all this makes the operation of the device very pleasant.
  • Pros: exclusive design, reliability, ease of management and configuration, low price.
  • Cons: the minimum set of features specific to devices in this price category.

Commax CDV-72BE

  • Price: 22500 rubles.
  • Product specifications: The video intercom has a seven-inch monitor, a telephone receiver. It has the function of saving photos of apartment visitors (automatic and manual mode), which can be increased. The image from four cameras is simultaneously displayed on the screen, it is possible to create a video communication and surveillance system by adding two more screens. The number of call panels is four. Intercom works.
  • Pros: 64 saved photo frames, the ability to create a complex video surveillance system, Intercom.
  • Cons: setting up a complex system will require a specialist, one call melody.With Commax brand color camera


The visit is a domestic company that has proven itself in the production of equipment for home safety. Multichannel access and individual video intercoms – direction number 1 for this brand. A modern video intercom visit for an apartment consists of a monitor with a handset, a panel with a bell and a microphone, video surveillance cameras. Often a single multi-channel system is installed at the entrance, but it is possible to connect a new videophone to it through the built-in interface module.

VIZIT M406 (monitor)

  • Price: 9207 rubles.
  • Product specifications: A solid intercom with a screen of 5.6 inches and the handset can work with two panels for calling. One of the channels can be connected to the driveway video system. The ability to adjust the volume of the signal and audio communication will take into account your individual preferences. Lighting control will allow a good view of the visitor at any time of the day. The electric lock of the apartment is opened by pressing a button.
  • Pros: low price with sufficient reliability, simplicity and functionality.
  • Cons: Only the most necessary options, which is typical for intercom technology in this price category.Budget Visit


The wifi video on-door speakerphones have fantastic capabilities. The device includes the functions of an intercom, registrar, security alarm and is controlled from a mobile phone using a special application. Some of them, such as a DIY wifi IP video intercom, are about the size of a mobile phone and can handle many of the features of a modern phone. You can not only watch the house in real time, but also open the door, lock the lock from anywhere in the world. The main characteristics of such models can be considered on the example of the Slinex SL-10IP video on-door speakerphone.

Slinex SL-10IP

  • Price: 17,700 rubles
  • Product specifications: The video intercom has a seven-inch color screen, motion detection (the camera turns on when activity is in its area), the maximum capacity of memory cards is 64 GB, simultaneous video transmission from four points, control from a mobile phone.
  • Pros: Security under full control, wherever you are. Stylish design, touch control.
  • Cons: high price, it can be difficult to synchronize with the phone.With wifi module


The products of this young company appeared in Russia in 2005 and immediately fell in love with the domestic user. Stylish, modern, multifunctional devices for video control are available in various price categories. Any Falcon video on-door speakerphone, whether it is inexpensive or elite, will work out its price of conscience. Reliability is Falcon’s core concept.

Falcon Eye FE-74R

  • Price: 7 680 rubles.
  • Product specifications: The budget version of the recording video intercom, which can be connected to the coordinate (driveway) panel, is suitable for an apartment or office. Screen size is seven inches. The type of memory card is micro-SD. Works in Hands free mode (no handset).
  • The main advantages: many functions that are not inherent in the budget technology, the maximum memory capacity is 32 GB, time setting, motion detection function.
  • Cons: they are not. Excellent value for money.

Falcon Eye FE-101wt

  • Price: 29930 rubles.
  • Product specifications: The video intercom has a huge screen (10.1 inches), the ability to additionally connect four cameras with IR illumination, two call panels. You can integrate up to four monitors into a system. Landline phone and intercom are connected to the device. Video recording and photo saving.
  • Pros: reliability and durability, answering machine, great design, digital photo frame.
  • Cons: high price.Falcon


Under the Kenwei brand, various access control devices, intercoms, components for security and surveillance systems are produced. So Kenwei video on-door speakerphones are used both for private households, and for apartments in entrances. The rating of the company is growing from year to year, it has received official recognition at exhibitions in Spain and the United States, is among the top ten companies in China that produce goods for Europe.

Kenwei kw-s701c.

  • Price: 11 000 rubles.
  • Features: A seven-inch color screen, There are functions to adjust brightness, contrast, volume, change melodies. The video intercom works with two connected panels and two cameras, which are connected additionally. The device supports CD cards and is able to save photos of visitors.
  • Pros: intercom support, 12 ringtones, great design, reasonable price.
  • Cons: for this price category they are not.

Kenwei (IIS) SA20C- PHM200

  • Price: 20 267 rubles.
  • Features: Ten inches of the screen, touch control, the ability to output images to an external screen, four-channel video – these are the main features of the model. The connection is wired, the type of power is 220-240 V. The built-in and additional (up to 32 GB) memory helps to record and save video at the time of activity, photos of visitors.
  • Pros: you can connect to the city telephone network, use an additional (external) speaker, record melodies and voice messages.
  • Cons: the price is high, but the model is worth it.Kenwei


Eltis, along with Cyfral and Vizit, specializes in the production of access doorphones and accessories for them. They also release video phones that can be connected to a common panel. The Elits catalog does not contain variety, but the products of this brand are in demand due to quality and reliability..

Eltis VM500-5.1CLM

  • Price: 10 273 rubles.
  • Product specifications: Designed to work with access systems Eltis, Cyfral, Vizit. Perhaps a network device of four monitors, works with two call blocks, four cameras.
  • Pros: Ability to save up to 500 pictures of visitors with date and time.
  • Cons: there are no cons for this price.Eltis

How to choose a video intercom for an apartment

Responsible for this matter is the choice of a video intercom. Before you order and buy in the online store. Access control equipment, find out the intercom system installed in your entrance. Make a list of features important to you that are required for the device you buy. Read the information on manufacturers’ websites, user reviews, watch video reviews. The catalog of your favorite brand will help you make a choice.

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