Washing a down jacket in a washing machine: modes and means

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Many manufacturers of winter clothing based on natural fillers in the care instructions advise cleaning the product only in dry cleaners. Improper washing of a down jacket in a washing machine at home can lead to irreversible consequences, there will always be a risk of spoiling the thing. To prevent a jacket or coat from losing its attractive appearance, it is important to know how to properly wash such winter clothes.

Can I wash the down jacket in the washing machine

Washing a down jacket at home is possible only when the label indicates that this item of clothing is allowed to be cleaned by hand. Often, winter clothes on top are treated with water repellents. Cleaning and handling of such things should be safe and careful to avoid damage to the surface. Internal fillers, feather and down, can also go astray, so the less often you clean, the longer the down jacket will last..


Washing a down jacket in a car requires preliminary preparation. Incorrect processing can deteriorate clothing, so it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Check and empty pockets.
  2. Unfasten removable parts: lining, hood, fur, jewelry. If there are decorative elements that cannot be removed, but they can be damaged, it is recommended to wrap them with cling film or scotch tape.
  3. Check clothing for holes; if there are any, sew up. When feathers sticking out of the lining of the jacket, it is better to refuse washing in the car.
  4. Turn the thing inside out, fasten all buttons, zippers, buttons. This will ensure the safety of the product..
  5. Check clothing for stains. The most polluted places are often the collar, sleeve cuffs, pockets. All old stains are best cleaned with a soft brush and laundry soap. Powder may leave white marks.
  6. Separately soak is not required.
  7. Only one winter item should be placed inside the washing machine; it is forbidden to combine washing with other items.

In the process of wearing, not only dirt appears on clothes – it is impregnated with sweat. Bad breath is the effects of the decomposition of pathogenic bacteria that remain on the surface. It is often difficult to remove it by washing. You can destroy bacteria with the help of low temperatures (- 25-30 degrees). To eliminate the smell, pre-frost a jacket or coat in winter on the street, balcony, in the summer in the freezer. Keep in the cold until the unpleasant odor disappears.

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine

Before loading into the drum, a jacket or coat must be weighed. A standard washer holds 5 kilograms of dry cotton clothes, 2 – synthetic, 1 – woolen. A down jacket is equivalent to things made of wool. If its mass is more, it is recommended to wash it with your hands so that household appliances do not fail. Do not use semi-automatic machines or activator-type machines for washing outerwear.

The rules for washing down jackets in the washing machine are simple. They will help preserve the product. Recommendations are as follows:

  1. Load clothes into the machine.
  2. Choose a gentle wash program.
  3. Add detergent. It is better to use liquid, because powders are more difficult to rinse. Rinse aid must not be used due to the risk of fluff bonding..
  4. Activate launch.
  5. Washing a down jacket at home without streaks should be with repeated rinses. We recommend using the extra rinse function..
  6. Spin lightly at 400–600 rpm.
  7. At the end of washing, hang clothes on a hanger away from the heat source. Shake the item periodically. Repeated spin in the car as the jacket dries will not let the fluff go astray.

Girl in a down jacket and a washing machine

What mode to wash

The correct choice of the method of washing affects the appearance of any clothes. The mode of washing the down jacket in the washing machine should be gentle. On machines they are designated as “Delicate”, “Bio-fluff”, “Wool”, “Synthetics”, “Manual”, “Careful”, etc. Machines with such functions perfectly spot stains on multi-colored and monophonic things. Water temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees, speed – 400 rpm. Models of washing machines that have gentle modes:

  • Indesit;
  • Electrolux;
  • Samsung;
  • Kediyaer;
  • Bosh;
  • Lawine;
  • Beco;
  • Uniqlo;
  • Electrolux;
  • Thinsulate.

Mode selection

Is it possible to squeeze

It is impossible to squeeze down products strongly. It is allowed to make a light spin at a minimum speed of 400-600 revolutions. Tennis balls or special balls, which are put together with the jacket in the drum, will help prevent things from deforming and not knocking off the filler. This procedure will prevent the formation of lumps of feathers. It is advisable to pre-wash the balls with your hands to exclude their “molting”.

What to wash

For washing jackets it is recommended to choose liquid products with a gel-like consistency, tablets, capsules, compressed cubes, balms. Liquid products are sold in bottles. For heavily soiled things, you will need approximately 60 ml of the product, in other cases 30-40 ml. If there is no measuring scale on the bottle with the product, you can pour the right amount of solution using the cap. Its standard volume is 40 ml.

Powder for washing a down jacket in a washing machine may leave stains on clothes. The most common remedies include:







Price, rub.)

Nordland Washbalsam Sport,

750 ml, balm


  • anionic surfactants 5–15%;
  • n-surfactant 5%;
  • soap;
  • phosphonates;
  • enzymes.
  • for washing sportswear and shoes;
  • down jackets;
  • jackets;
  • overalls;
  • thermal underwear;
  • impregnated fabrics and membrane tissues.
  • neutralizes the smell of sweat;
  • no dyes;
  • economical consumption;
  • valid at +20 ° C;
  • up to 7 washes.



Down and Wool Wash, 250 ml


  • 5-15% n-tensides;
  • flavorings;
  • phosphonates;
  • soap.
  • for washing down jackets;
  • sleeping bags and other down products;
  • used for machine and hand wash.
  • protects fluff from brittleness;
  • keeps elasticity, breathability.

Small volume


Woly Sport, 260 ml


  • water;
  • a-surfactant> 5%;
  • glycerol; stabilizer; perfume.

Suitable for all types of climate membranes.

Keeps breathability of fabric.

Small volume




  • lanolin;
  • a-surfactant 15%;
  • n-surfactant 15%.
  • for jackets;
  • sleeping bags.

Creates natural protection for fluff and feather structure.



Eco Nordland Sport tablets,

24 pcs


  • soap;
  • zeolites 15-30%;
  • oxygen bleach 15-30%;
  • polycarboxylates 5-15%;
  • nonionic surfactants 5–15%.

Suitable for all types of fabric except wool and silk..

  • without phosphates, odor, preservatives, dyes;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • safe for sensitive skin.

Not found


Domal Sport Fein Fashion, balm,

750 ml


  • 5-15% a-surfactant;
  • n-surfactant;
  • phosphonates;
  • preservatives.
  • for down jackets;
  • thermal underwear;
  • jackets and ski overalls;
  • membrane clothes.
  • universal;
  • preserves tissue properties.



Concentrate Profhim,

3 l.


Contains substances that prevent scale formation in machines.

Universal remedy.

  • does not contain phosphates, bleaches, dyes;
  • dissolves well.

Not found


Nordland Washbalsam Sport

How to get rid of grease stains

Often on the down jackets, especially for children, oily spots appear. To remove them, it is necessary to pre-wash. The best solution is dishwashing liquid; gels are often used. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Prepare clothes.
  2. Hand wash greasy stains. For better removal, it is recommended to leave the clothes on for 30 minutes with the product applied to dirty places..
  3. Wash contaminated areas under running water, rinse thoroughly.
  4. In delicate mode, wash the down jacket completely.
  5. Rinse Intensively.
  6. Dry in a standard way.

Brushing the product

How to whiten a white down jacket

White downy things are very beautiful, but they easily get dirty, quickly turn yellow. There are several methods to bring clothes into proper shape:




Spots appeared

  1. Vanish or other product to stain.
  2. Stand for several minutes (depending on the degree of contamination).
  3. Machine wash delicate.

If it is forbidden to wash at home, use dry cleaning..

Clothes turn yellow or gray

  1. Use bleach, you can “Profhim”.
  2. Dissolve it in water according to instructions.
  3. Wet – 12 hours.
  4. Wash delicately with bleach.
  5. Repeat 3-4 times until the desired result is obtained..

If there is no ready-made product, then the recommended composition of the bleaching solution is as follows:

  • water – 12 liters;
  • ammonia – 3 tbsp. l .;
  • hydrogen peroxide – 3 tbsp. l .;
  • salt – 8 tbsp. l .;
  • washing powder.

Wash after soaking in delicate mode.

  1. To prevent streaks, rinse in intensive mode.
  2. Do not keep the thing in solution with ammonia for more than 4 hours.

How to dry a down jacket after washing without streaks

After the winter jacket or coat is washed, it is important to dry the clothes correctly. To do this, immediately after washing, hang it. Additionally you need:

  1. Unfasten all the locks, buttons.
  2. Turn to the front.
  3. Shake several times so that the filler straightens out.
  4. Hang on a coat hanger in a well-ventilated place, away from heating appliances.
  5. Do not dry winter clothing in a horizontal position. The product must be well ventilated..
  6. Shake periodically during drying.
  7. If there is an unpleasant odor (sometimes with improper or insufficient drying), wash again with rinse aid, freeze for a couple of days, then dry until completely dry in the room.
  8. It is impossible to iron, it is better to use a steamer.

Dry down jackets

What to do if fluff is lost

It often happens that washing a down jacket in a washing machine leads to the fact that the fluff can clog down at the bottom of the cells. If vigorous shaking does not help, you can use the following tips:

  1. Use a dust beater. Beating should be moderately strong..
  2. Apply a vacuum cleaner. Remove the nozzle and vacuum the jacket from the inside at the lowest power (the wrong side is more suitable for this method) from the bottom up. This method will break the lumps formed..

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