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Every day, modern technologies are developing, improving the functionality of the equipment and expanding the capabilities of the equipment. New TVs give you an excellent choice: you can watch digital or other channels anywhere. More recently, analogue television was the pinnacle of desire, and now it’s time to know how to tune digital channels. This new product is becoming more accessible every day to people who buy TVs..

What is digital television?

Even the concept itself is unfamiliar to many people. Digital television is a modern method of transmitting a video signal and receiving it in a compressed form. With its help, it is possible to reproduce pictures of impeccable quality. Such television in comparison with analogue has the following advantages:

  1. High quality video and sound. Broadcast is virtually unaffected.
  2. Mobility. The signal gets to the user, bypassing the extra cables, equipment. You can easily set up your equipment in the country or on vacation.
  3. The number of channels and programs will satisfy everyone (children and adults).
  4. Connect the TV will be as quick and easy. Specialists do not have to be called.
  5. Television provides Internet access and other additional services.

Ways to tune digital channels

There are different methods for connecting to television. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before setting up high-quality channels, you must decide on the connection method, and it should be noted that each option has a different cost. If you choose the wrong setting method, you may be faced with the fact that the TV cannot find digital channels.

How to set up digital television via antenna

Through the antenna

Want to know how to set up digital terrestrial television? To do this, you need to connect the antenna and amplifier to the receiver, and it to the TV. The easiest way to use auto search: it will take a long time, but in the end you will get about 20 channels. An antenna for digital television will find them, and the adapter will offer to add them to the menu. If too many programs are duplicated, then use the fine or manual tuning.

Through receiver

Digital television without a console is very popular. Owners of DVB-T2 receivers can use one remote control instead of two. In addition, the device provides broadcasting of federal channels. The tuner even connects to an ordinary room antenna, thanks to it it is possible to watch many programs in good quality. In order to configure, you need to use the auto search function. The approximate cost of the receiver is from 1100 p. up to 1700 r.

DVB-C receiver with remote control

Through cable

Many providers, such as Dom ru, MTS, Cascade TV, provide the ability to view digital channels. To configure, you will need a stand-alone DVB-C receiver with a remote control. However, in almost all modern TVs, such a card is already integrated. In order for programs to be displayed, you just need to connect the cable with the provider’s signal to the antenna jack. Turn on the auto search function to configure. The amount of payment for a cable TV package per month is small, it is 500-1000 p. per month (depending on the package).

Satellite prefix Tricolor

Via satellite box

This method, how to set up a digital TV, will be considered using the example of the Tricolor provider. The first item is choosing the right place for the antenna. To be sure that you are right, get the installation wizard consultation. When this stage is behind, you may think about how to properly configure the digital channels. The process is divided into stages, and the set-top box is connected to the TV with a high-frequency or low-frequency cable.

Features of these options:

  1. Treble. All equipment needs to be disconnected from the network. Insert the cable into the antenna, connect to the “RF out” output on the receiver. Connect the devices to the network, start the auto search on the receiver. If the system works correctly, it will stop at the “No Signal” item..
  2. LF. Connect the receiver and the TV with a cord with “tulips”, set the video mode and wait for the message “No signal”.
  3. Turn on the menus with the “Signal Strength” and “Signal Quality” scales. You can find it by turning on the “i” key on the remote control. Turn the plate up and down, left and right until both scales are as full as possible.
  4. Then check the image quality on the screen. If you did everything right, the picture will be clear, without any interference.

There is another option: contact the adjusters, who will not show and tell, but will do the work quickly and clearly. Cons – this is not free, and you will be tied to the time of their visit. The approximate cost of setting up the receiver by specialists is 3500 rubles, but the amount of the monthly payment depends on the package you choose and other conditions (promotions, bonuses, special offers, etc.).

Smart tv

Smart TVs have appeared in the last decade, but they are convenient, have advanced functionality, support the DVB-C format. How to quickly set up digital channels is described in the instructions for the device. You only need 7-10 minutes of free time, a little patience. A Samsung digital TV, LG, or a model of another manufacturer will automatically change frequencies, find programs, and store them in memory. The main advantage of this method is that it is free and does not require additional equipment.

Latest LG TVs

Setting channels on the TV

The principle will be the same for all devices. See how to configure channels on the latest LG series, for example. If you have a TV of a different model, but modern, then the process will not differ much. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Select the button on the remote control Settings.
  2. A menu will appear on the screen. In it, open the Channels item and click OK.
  3. Select Auto Search by clicking OK again.
  4. In the menu that opens, highlight Cable TV.
  5. In the tab that appears, select Other operators, click OK.
  6. The “Cable TV Preset” menu opens. In the type of arrows on the remote control, select “Full”.
  7. In the search options, tick “Only digital” and click on the “Run” button to start the search. You can not tick, then in addition to the TV will find also cable.
  8. After a while, you will see how many programs the TV catches. The automatic channel update function must be disabled. Click Finish.
  9. To sort the channels, select “List” on the remote control. Use the arrows on the remote control to move the programs to the positions you need..

Why doesn’t it show digital television? Open the instructions for the TV, go to the section that describes common errors, ways to overcome them. Finding an answer to your question is not difficult, and the sequence of actions allows you to repeat the setup procedure and this time do everything right. Channels found, displayed in the correct order, it remains to enjoy watching!

Watching TV, the image on which meets your ideas about quality, is easy. To do this, you need to learn how to configure digital channels, and visibility will help to carry out the procedure quickly and simply. The video will be a great tip for you. Connect yourself with a new TV, enjoy watching your favorite movies, TV shows and TV shows.

Auto setup on Samsung

T2 in manual mode

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