Weed Eliminator – Herbicide Application Instructions

The chemical destroys all processed vegetation, including its aboveground and underground parts. The action of the product on annual weeds is manifested for 3-4 days, perennial grass dies within 7-10 days. The big plus of the Liquidator is the lack of soil activity, which other herbicides from weeds cannot boast of.

The drug Eliminator from weeds

The active substance of the drug is isopropylamine salt of glyphosate at a concentration of 480 g / l, an additional component is an aqueous solution. Means for the destruction of weeds has the form of a water-soluble concentrate and belongs to the group of the third class of toxicity to humans. The price for a 60 ml bottle is 65 rubles.

A systemic preparation, after entering the leaves and stems, penetrates the roots of plants. The visual effect such as yellowing or withering of the tops of annual grass is observed for 2–4 days, perennial – up to 10 days, shrubs – for a month. The use of a chemical is considered one of the most effective ways to clean fields and garden patches of unwanted grass, which is propagated not only by seeds, but also by rhizomes or root processes (field bindweed, wheat grass, sow thistle).

The herbicide Liquidator is used on the eve of the harvest of sunflower, rapeseed, garlic crops – this allows to improve the quality of the crop by reducing weediness of crops and lowering the level of humidity. The liquidator is low toxic, in 2 weeks it quickly decomposes in the soil into natural components – phosphates, water, carbon dioxide, therefore it does not pose a threat to crop rotation.

The liquidator that sprayed the garden 2-3 hours ago is not washed off by precipitation. The liquid penetrates the plant through the leaves and young shoots, without exerting any effect on the plant through the soil, therefore it does not interfere with the germination of seeds and provides for the possibility of processing areas near fruit, garden crops or immediately before planting useful plants. The drug is ideally combined with herbicides from the group of sulfonylureas and phenoxy acids.

Means Liquidator

Instructions for use of the weed eliminator

The chemical preparation is recommended to be used 1-2 times during the spring-summer season: the solution provides the result and eliminates unnecessary weeds for a period of 2-3 months. The main method of treatment with a pesticide is spraying. Using the table, you can determine how to use weed control, depending on their type.


Kind of weed

Dosage of the drug (ml per 10 l of water)

Mode of application

Citrus, fruit crops, grapes

Perennial cereals, dicotyledonous weed grass


Directional treatment of weeds that are in the early stages of vegetation (from 5 to 15 cm), subject to crop protection. The drug consumption is 5 liters per 100 square meters. m

Annual cereal, dicotyledonous weed grass



Perennial and annual cereal crops, dicotyledonous weeds


Spraying vegetative grass 2-5 days before emergence of crops. The fluid flow rate is 5 liters per 100 square meters. m

Plots along roads, fences, near buildings, not intended for growing garden crops

Perennials and annuals of cereal and dicotyledonous type


Treatment of vegetative weed. Pesticide consumption is 5 liters per 100 square meters. m

Land for sowing different crops

Perennial cereals, dicotyledonous weeds


Spraying vegetative weed in the fall after harvest. Consumption – 5 liters per 100 square meters. m

Dicotyledonous and cereal annuals


Herbicide application

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