What is a hygienic shower – how to choose a mixer for a toilet or bidet, installation methods and prices

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Planning to equip a relatively small bathroom with a limited budget? Then you need to install a wall-mounted hygienic shower – using it is easy and very convenient. It is a great alternative to a bidet. Moreover, such a plumbing solution is becoming more and more popular every year. Both a cold and hot water supply system are connected to it. The use of this type of shower helps to create all conditions for intimate hygiene.

What is a hygienic shower

Having decided to buy a hygienic shower for the toilet with a faucet, first find out why such plumbing is needed. It is important that its presence allows us to simplify all the procedures necessary for personal hygiene. You will not regret it if you order the installation of a shower with the functions of a bidet – especially if you have a pet whose tray needs to be cleaned constantly. In addition, such a shower for the toilet can be used to wash the toilet, rinse large containers and other actions that cannot be performed in a regular bath (sanitary plan).

Hygienic shower in hand

Hygiene Shower Set

Such a compact sanitary ware, which is perfect for a small apartment, includes a shower head with a special control button, a hose, a holder (mount) for the watering can, a faucet – the latter is not always included in the standard delivery package. The main difference between a watering can and a regular one is the presence of a shut-off valve on the handle. The wall mount is always in the same kit as the watering can. a mixer with a hygienic shower or another type of product is almost always placed on the wall.

As for the material of manufacture, it should be environmentally friendly, high-quality and resistant to corrosion processes. In most cases, brass / stainless steel or other material is used to make the shower, the surface of which is coated with chrome. The flexible shower hose has a metal braid, and the watering cans are made of plastic with a special coating of metal / paint.


If you decide to use a special shower for carrying out hygiene procedures with or without additional functions, then first of all, familiarize yourself with its plumbing designs. Each model can be manufactured with a different set, so initially choose for yourself an option that stands out for its ease of use. To date, there are four varieties:

  1. Shower with a special mixer, which can be installed in the combined bathroom or where it is possible to integrate a sink with a faucet.
  2. Wall-mounted version – differs from other models in that the device is mounted directly on the wall near the toilet. In this case, the watering can is attached with a special holder.
  3. Built-in shower. This model has a special panel that is attached to the wall, and the mixer is installed directly behind it.
  4. Option with thermostat, the availability of which eliminates the constant adjustment of cold / hot water.


Having decided that you need a toilet with a hygienic shower, keep in mind that any models of such a sanitary product will look quite compact and modern, which is a big plus for a small toilet. Another advantage of such a device is that it is convenient to use for washing, especially the supply of liquid, if you purchase a mixer, will be carried out both from a cold and hot water supply system. Other advantages of the equipment include:

  • multifunctionality in application;
  • affordable price;
  • simplicity in installation;
  • possibility of installation in almost any place.

Hygienic shower on the wall near the toilet


If you are interested in a hygienic shower and a watering can in the toilet, then before you start familiarizing yourself with the catalog of available models, check out all the minuses. This plumbing fixture, although it is a convenient option, however, involves the analysis of some of the finishes when installing a hidden option. After that, you will need to repair the bathroom. In addition, to use it, you must have a constant, good water pressure, i.e. pressure. In separate bathrooms there is a need to buy a thermostat.

How to use

Such a watering can for a bidet with a shower hose is practically no different from an ordinary shower. The main difference is that it has a button-valve that shuts off the water. If you install this device correctly and correctly install the mixer, then washing will be easier than using a bidet. Using a flexible hose, you can easily wash intimate places.

Hygienic shower mixer

If, instead of installing a bidet, you decide to use a hygienic shower, which is suitable for any size of the bathroom, then take care to purchase a faucet in advance. With this product you will adjust the water temperature – the single-lever version is considered the simplest. Depending on the mounting method, the mixer may be wall mounted and connected to the sink with a faucet. In addition, there are concealed faucets and outdoor models. The first are wall mounted panels, the second are pipe mounted models.

Installation of a hygienic shower in the toilet

There are several ways to install this plumbing fixture, each of which is suitable for different sizes of toilet facilities. The main thing is to choose an option that will simplify the washing procedure. The easiest way to connect this system to the sink with a faucet. In this case, the watering can is located between the sink and the toilet lid. In order to prolong the operation of the shower after that, do not forget to shut off the water after the button is turned off, otherwise the shut-off valve in the watering can will be under high pressure. Other installation methods:

  • An option for installing a shower in the toilet, where there is only a toilet. Both in terms of labor costs and cost, this method is cheap – you only need to install a plumbing fixture relative to the toilet, for example, on the same wall behind it.
  • Hidden installation method. In this case, the liner is hidden in the wall, and on its surface there is only a watering can, hose, control panel. However, due to the analysis of part of the finish, a small bathroom repair is required.
  • Another way involves connecting the shower directly to the toilet. In this case, there is a need for the manufacture of special wiring.
  • The installation method with a thermostat is not much different from wall mounting and a hidden option. In contrast, the built-in mixer has a special outlet – an element through which water flows. The hose is connected to it.

Hygienic shower connected to the toilet

Installation height

To establish a hygienic shower competently, you need to decide on the appropriate height of its location. In this case, the sink is pre-installed so as not to make a mistake with the selected location. In most cases, this product is not placed too high, because used not only for hygiene procedures, but also for filling containers with water, cleaning the toilet. The optimal height, according to the opinions of experts and user reviews, is considered a distance of 80-85 cm from the floor.


Regardless of whether you purchased this type of plumbing at a low or high price, you will need to connect it correctly. When all the pipes have been laid and the finishing work has been completed, you will need to connect a mixer with a thermostat to the cold and hot water outlets. Tighten the nuts carefully to avoid leaks, but try not to break the threads. Further actions:

  1. Screw the hose with a watering can to the terminal of the thermostat / mixer using a union type nut.
  2. Take a drill on the tile, carefully make a nest – diameter 6-8 mm, depth 60 mm.
  3. Hammer the dowel into the nest made, then fix the watering can holder with the anchor.
  4. At the last stage, turn on the water supply, check the tightness of all connections, adjust the comfortable water temperature.

How to choose a hygienic shower

To choose a model that you can buy in an online store or in a specialized outlet, you need to be very serious. Look for the right kind of hygiene plumbing according to your preference. Please note that the watering can for the shower and bidet should not be too wide, otherwise the pressure will not be point. Ensure the integrity of the hose, which is made of plastic / rubber and tightened with metal. You can choose a multi-function mixer, which has an additional outlet / temperature controller.

Included hygienic shower in hand


German manufacturer Grohe sells quality bidets with a hygienic shower at affordable prices. Another German company, Hansgrohe, is pre-embedding models that are notable for their high cost but also have a longer service life. Another good option is the Hong Kong company Bossini, which implements a hidden mixer and wall mounted shower:


Price in rubles

Grohe bauflow


Cezares Olimp DIF 02 with mixer


Bossini Nikita C69002 BR




Photo of a hygienic shower

Hygienic shower with thermostat

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