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Real estate agencies often try to generate extra income by manipulating sonorous foreign names. When it comes to choosing housing, investing, it is useful to know the differences between a penthouse and a townhouse. This will help to purchase apartments that match the level of income, your needs..

Penthouse concept


The English word penthouse is translated as a technical attic. According to the architecture plan, the penthouse is a roof structure that is pushed away from the exterior walls. It does not fill the entire roof of the apartment building, part of the space is reserved for the terrace. It may have playgrounds for children, picnic areas or a winter garden.

What is a penthouse? This is an apartment with a beautiful interior, comfort for the owner.

A cozy mansion on the roof of a skyscraper has amazing views, individual layout. Often, housing is equipped with a personal elevator and stairs..

Distinctive features of the apartments

Panoramic windows

The penthouse sometimes occupies the upper or several floors of a high-rise building. On a large area there are various rooms: dressing rooms, pools and jacuzzis, saunas, sports and dance halls. In apartments of this class, improved sound insulation, although the neighbors are just below.

Given the high cost of the penthouse, developers are planning this housing in the best areas of cities.

Panoramic windows often occupy most of the walls and offer breathtaking views. Apartments with a luxurious interior should not be confused with an apartment of an improved layout on the top floor.

What is the difference between a penthouse and a townhouse


The European-style townhouse is a low-rise house, which consists of sections, designed for several families. It looks like a single architectural complex. Each block of this structure has a separate entrance, a life support system, a garage and a small plot of land. Sections united by one roof.

Cottage type houses (two or three-story) are multi-level housing, each section of which is intended for a separate family.

Under the general roof there is a different number of blocks – two (duplex), three (triplex). The construction of such houses is usually carried out on the outskirts of the city.

The layout of the townhouse includes the first floor, where the entrance hall, kitchen, living room, bathroom and storage rooms are located. The second floor has bedrooms, an office, a games room and a library. Often the layout provides for the basement floor, where there is a gym, sauna.

Comparison table:





On the top floor of a high-rise building in an elite area of ​​the city

Detached building on the outskirts or in the suburbs

Heating, water supply


Proprietary system


Down below

One or two sides



Available at medium income

Pros and cons of buying penthouses

Moscow City


  • Good location in the central areas of the city allows you to move freely and quickly. Busy roads do not affect the time of appearance at work. Developed infrastructure – kindergartens and schools, restaurants, salons, shops are within walking distance.
  • Calm secluded atmosphere in the middle of the metropolis with no extraneous noise. Residents of neighboring apartments do not bother, city bustle.
  • Large area of ​​apartments, free layout. The ability to zoning a living room according to your desires.
  • The increased amount of panoramic glazing opens up amazing views of the surroundings.. The terrace does not just increase the area of ​​the apartment. Residents or guests can have a picnic in their own barbecue area right in the city center or use it for other purposes as they wish.


  • High cost of housing, high costs of public services.
  • Overload or breakdown of the elevator creates additional inconvenience.
  • Fear of heights.
  • Leaking roof may require investment.
  • Maintenance, cleaning of large areas, including terraces.
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