What is an air humidifier for?

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To make a person feel comfortable, humidity should be 45–65%. Too dry air negatively affects the condition of the skin, mucous membrane, promotes the spread of viruses, bacteria, allergens, and provokes an exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases. A steam humidifier will help get rid of this problem, the purpose of which is to humidify the air in the apartment.

What is a humidifier?

The device of steam and ultrasonic humidifiers

Device types:

  • Traditional. Humidification occurs naturally. First, the tank is filled with water, which, during switching on, is supplied to the evaporation element. The air is sucked in by the fan, and then it is passed under high pressure. Also, there is a cleaning from dust and other harmful substances. Disadvantages – it is necessary to periodically change the filters, limiting the humidity level to 60%.
  • Steam. Water is heated to boiling point, the liquid evaporates intensively, moisturizing the space. This type has its drawbacks – high energy consumption and high outlet temperature – 50-60 ° C.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier. Water turns into a vaporous substance using ultrasonic vibrations. The device works without noise, has little power, produces cold steam. Disadvantages – often change the filter, which is quickly contaminated, and use only distilled water.

Humidifier functions

Crane device

  • Cleans from dust, viruses, germs, fungi, allergens.
  • It neutralizes unpleasant odors from mold, cigarette smoke, and aromas from the kitchen..
  • Eliminates electrostatic discharges.
  • Maintains optimal microclimate of the apartment, office and other premises.
  • Air ionization.
  • Purifies water with ultraviolet light.
  • Flavors.

When you need a humidifier

Optimum room humidity

The device is used in homes, offices, hospitals, kindergartens. It helps maintain optimal humidity in greenhouses, conservatories. Permissible dry air rates are regulated by GOST 30494-2011. A hygrometer is used to measure performance.

The benefits of humidification in the apartment

Air wash

The climatic device allows you to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the room, which is especially true in winter when the heaters are working. In a humidified building, viral activity is reduced. The body is protected from dehydration, and a comfortable climate helps get rid of fatigue, headache, and malaise. To make the device work more efficiently, it is recommended to install it in an enclosed space.

Upper respiratory tract protection

What reduces and increases humidity

If the air is too dry, the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract loses supporting functions. The respiratory epithelium, which traps bacteria and viruses, dries out, so the infection enters the body unhindered. Using the device helps to achieve an optimum humidity of 40-60%. Due to this, the mucous membrane will not dry out, and its protective functions will remain at a high level..

Moisturizing the sinuses and mucous membranes

Human feeling

In dry air, the human body actively loses moisture – up to 1 liter per day. The mucous membrane of the eye, nasal sinuses dries out. With a humidifier, moisture loss can be halved. This will help to keep the sinuses clean, faster to deal with nasal congestion..

Prevention of influenza and SARS

With abnormal room humidity (high or low), viruses live longer and multiply faster. Therefore, a comfortable climate supports the immune system. Using a humidifier, you can create less favorable conditions for the spread of bacteria and infections.

Reduces dry skin and lips

Influence on the condition of the skin

For the health and youth of the skin, constant moisturizing is necessary. The skin is 70% water, 12% is in the upper stratum corneum, which performs protective functions. If the epidermis dries, moisture begins to evaporate from the bottom. This leads to premature aging and withering of the skin. A moisturizer prevents dehydration of the skin.

Relief of cold symptoms

During diseases, a lot of mucus is secreted, which helps to quickly remove pathogenic bacteria and viruses from the body. In a dry room, sputum becomes viscous and difficult to get rid of. With the help of a humidifier, it will be possible to maintain an optimal level of humidity, prevent mucus from drying out, and effectively remove it from the body.

Allergy and asthma reduction

Boy with inhaler

When the air is dry, allergens circulate actively, which, once in the respiratory tract, cause an acute immune response. If the humidity is within normal limits, the activity of irritants will decrease, so the risk of developing an allergic reaction will be minimized. A moisturizer is useful for asthmatics because it eliminates unpleasant odors, dust, which cause attacks. People with asthma are advised to buy models equipped with an ionization function..

Getting rid of snoring

Man snoring

In dry air, the oral cavity is not sufficiently lubricated by saliva, the airways are narrowed. This can cause snoring. A humidifier will help to control the indoor climate and get rid of such problems. Breathing becomes deeper, deep sleep.

Rise in temperature

A steam humidifier produces about 50 ° C at the outlet of the steam, therefore, in a short time it increases the temperature indicators in the room. After a while, the air heats up and the climate becomes more comfortable. It is worth knowing that 23 ° C is considered optimal for a person.

Humidification of indoor plants

Values ​​for plants, furniture and humans

A household appliance maintains an optimal level of moisture, which favorably affects plant health. They look fresher, grow faster, release oxygen more actively. With regular ventilation, you can create a natural microclimate for home flowers.

Durability of wooden furniture

With low humidity, wooden furniture becomes overdried, cracks appear on it. The climatic device maintains wood in a normal state, providing it with durability. This applies to furniture, wooden crafts, flooring from boards..

Risks and side effects

  • Using a steam appliance may result in burns..
  • Excess moisture spoils wall coverings, furniture, objects.
  • Salt deposits may form on surfaces..
  • Microbes accumulate on removable cartridges, which, if untimely replaced, enter the atmosphere and settle in the airways.
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