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New technologies are actively being introduced into our lives. They got to the TVs. Through devices that support the smart TV function, you can not only watch movies at any time, but also record them on a USB flash drive, flip through old photos, play, and chat on Skype. Thanks to the built-in browser, you can go to the social network, order goods, find the necessary information.

What is smart tv

Technology Description

This is an operating system embedded in the TV that provides Internet access via WI-FI or an Ethernet cable. Thanks to this, the user gets access to various applications, and the subject of household appliances turns into a multimedia center.

Unlike regular TV

Smart TV Features

  • With the help of LED-TV you can only watch programs, movies. To do this, you need to have a cable, analog or satellite antenna. Smart TV will not work without internet. When there is no access to the network, it turns into normal if the antenna is connected.
  • Simple TV owners can watch a movie on record. To do this, connect it to a DVD player or similar device. Smart TV users on the TV have access to information and entertainment resources. They can choose what to watch. There is no need for additional equipment for this..
  • Smart TV users can watch content from servers directly from the TV, which offer paid or free programs, videos and other products (Netflix, Hulu).
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What are the features of smart TV

  • Watching live programs and recordings.
  • Demonstration of films from libraries of Internet servers.
  • Online Games.
  • Access to social networks.
  • Interaction with other electronic devices (smartphone, PC).


Access to applications

TV with internet and wifi are released with basic settings. The owner of the device can expand its functions with the help of applications, on the principle of a smartphone or tablet. You can download programs from stores that are available for the device’s operating system.

Cheap models offer only popular services, while expensive models provide access to a huge range of services. Through applications, you can go to social networks, play music, multimedia, make online purchases, install games, the desired browser. On the screen, the options are located on one line with a scroll or in the form of a full-screen menu.

Web browsing

Yandex browser on the TV screen

Most Smart TV models have built-in browsers. Through them you can browse web pages, search for the necessary information. Many of them are bulky and inconvenient for navigation. You need to scroll through browsers using the remote control, use the on-screen or standard keyboard, voice control to search.

Streaming data

Smart TVs support streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Pandora. Some services require a paid subscription, but many portals provide services without money. Instead, the user watches ads.

Additional features

  • Video camera and built-in skype. This messenger is built into many models, and through the TV you can chat with friends without a smartphone or computer. If there is no camera, you need to purchase it and connect it to the device. Microsoft has stopped supporting Skype for TV, but there is a browser option through which you can easily access the messenger.
  • Connect storage devices. They store data from smart TVs on TVs, record movies and other information.
  • Wireless synchronization with a smartphone, tablet and other devices. From them directly to the TV you can transfer music, video, images.
  • Create your own program Using Zoomby, Netflix, Tvigle, Ivi, YouTube.
  • Interaction with other “smart” electronic devices that are connected to the Internet. Through the TV, you can control other smart devices in the house – lamps, door locks, refrigerators.
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How to use smart TV on TV

Device network connection

To do this, you need the Internet. Almost all models are equipped with an Ethernet port, built-in Wi-Fi. Older devices may need an adapter to connect wirelessly. For the system to work properly, the Internet must be very fast (broadband) and unlimited.

After connecting to the network, the user gets access to smart TV technology. Built-in applications and other necessary icons are in the main menu. In some devices, programs can be used without authorization. TVs LG, Samsung “want” registration.

Management methods

System Management Options

  • Remote.
  • On-screen or classic keyboard.
  • Vote. You can control the device thanks to virtual assistants who are able to recognize speech – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomePod. With their help, you can search for the necessary information. You just need to ask the question out loud. The assistant will “fetch” the content from the live broadcast, streaming services, Internet portals. He is not only able to find the necessary data, but also order pizza at home, call a taxi, manage “smart” household appliances.

Operating systems from different manufacturers

The brand





  • Quickly detects devices connected to TV, marks inputs.
  • Nice and intuitive interface.
  • Allows you to manage multiple connected devices with one remote.
  • Provides a wide selection of applications and games..



  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to connect additional devices.
  • Ability to open multiple windows. Thanks to this, you can simultaneously listen to music and sit on social networks, watch TV.


Android TV

  • Supports Google Cast, with which you can transfer content from your phone to TV.
  • There is access to Google Play and its services.
  • Compatible with all devices where Android, iOS are installed
  • Works with any browser.
  • TV can be controlled from a smartphone.


Roku os

  • Easy navigation.
  • Good search engine.
  • Not very extensive application library.


Amazon fire tv

  • Running android.
  • Provides access to popular streaming services.
  • There is Alexa voice assistant that helps you navigate the menu, manage the “smart home”.
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Smart TV Benefits

Watching programs in 3D

  • Internet connection via Wi-Fi or network cable.
  • Creating an account for quick work with applications.
  • Different control methods – remote control, voice, gestures, virtual or real keyboard.
  • Transfer photo, video, audio files from a PC, smartphone, tablet to the screen.
  • Compatible with other smart devices that are at home.
  • Watch movies, TV shows, anytime.
  • Internet TV on TV. Thanks to the network, you can not connect an external antenna.
  • Subscribe to interesting channels only.

Disadvantages of Smart TVs

  • Internet addiction. If the connection is poor, slow speed – problematic viewing of content.
  • Do not support .avi and .mkv formats.
  • Vulnerability to Viruses.
  • Tracking users through a video camera, applications and other programs.
  • High price compared to simple TV.
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