Which gas meter is better to install in an apartment or private house – types, description and cost

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To control the amount of fossil fuel consumed, a gas meter should be installed in each private house or apartment. The device will help to save, significantly reduce the cost of paying for services. They are household, utility, industrial, electronic, mechanical. All devices differ from each other in type, principle of operation, and the price of a gas meter also depends on this..

What is a gas meter

A device such as a gas meter is designed to account for the volume of natural fuel passing through it in cubic meters. The device is installed for a long period, so it is important to choose a high-quality and safe meter. Some devices are designed for outdoor use, others can only be installed indoors. Some gas metering products can be expensive, but due to savings after installation, they quickly pay off.

Household gas meter


All existing devices for accounting for consumed natural gas are divided into the following main types:

  1. Rotary. They are used in boiler houses and large enterprises. They do not require a power supply, do not have sensitivity to system overloads, and have high discharge capacity.
  2. Membrane This type of accounting devices is used in apartments and houses; they are reliable, accurate, inexpensive..
  3. Whirlwind. These meters work due to fluctuations arising from pressure during fuel flow..
  4. Drum Used in laboratories.


It is necessary to approach the choice of a gas meter responsibly – this will help to avoid possible problems in the operation of the device, as well as save natural fuel and money. The most popular meter today is the Grand, which gives very accurate readings, infrequently fails, and can be installed both horizontally and vertically..

No less popular are Gallus membrane-type devices. These devices are manufactured by a French-Ukrainian joint venture and are used in public utilities. Many models of gas meters Gallus have a slot for a smart card, which reads information about the status of the device, indications for further payment of bills. In addition to the above products, goods of Elster, Betar and Elehant companies are in considerable demand..

Buy gas meter

You can find out how much a gas meter costs, pick it up and order in a specialized online store where a wide selection of such devices is presented. Thanks to various promotions, discounts and sales conducted by manufacturers, each buyer has the opportunity to buy a gas meter relatively cheap. There you can see photos of goods, learn about the configuration, and also arrange delivery of the product by mail to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia.


One of the popular gas meters is the device of JSC Elektropribor. It is designed to account for gaseous fuels in housing and communal services. The company provides a guarantee for 24 months from the date of installation. Short description:

  • model name: OJSC Elektropribor, SGK – 4.0 (with KMCH);
  • price: 1900 rubles;
  • characteristics: maximum flow rate – 6 m3 / h, pressure – 3 kPa, weight – 2.5 kg, produced in Voronezh;
  • pluses: temperature range from -20 to +60 degrees, the kit includes mounting parts;
  • cons: not detected.

Household gas meter SGK-G4

The Betar household gas meter is designed to serve private consumers; it operates at a temperature of -10 to +50 degrees. It can be installed in horizontal and vertical positions, has a display for displaying readings. Main characteristics:

  • model name: SGM – 1.6 Betar, household, with a pulse output;
  • price: 1915 rubles;
  • characteristics: measuring range up to 1.6 m3 / h, weight – 0.67 kg, pressure – 5 kPa, pulse counter;
  • pluses: inter-verification interval – 12 years;
  • cons: not detected.


The utility sector received a lot of professional, positive feedback from the meter produced by the German company Elster, which keeps track of the consumption of natural gas and liquefied fuel vapors. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors (with a temperature corrector). Key performance indicators:

  • model name: VK G10T (fur) Du32;
  • price: 24310 rubles;
  • Characteristics: manufacturer – Elster (Germany), pressure – 50 kPa, weight – 4.5 kg, maximum flow rate of 16 m3 / h;
  • pluses: temperature conditions from -20 to +50 degrees;
  • cons: installation parts not included, dear.

Often used in utilities is a gas device from the Gazdevice company, in which the possibility of transmitting information to the central energy metering system is laid. The advantage of the device is the high accuracy of measurements, the ability to calibrate at seven points. Brief product description:

  • model name: Gazdevice CJSC, UBSG – 001 G6;
  • price: 11805 rubles;
  • characteristics: productivity – 10 m3 / h, pressure – 100 kPa, weight – 1.6 kg;
  • Pros: it is possible to use a smart card;
  • cons: inter-verification interval – 6 years.

The common house gas meter CJSC Gazdevice UBSG - 001 G6


Among industrial equipment, there is a lot of positive feedback on the product for metering the consumed gas SG-16 MT 100-4000. The principle of its operation is based on the rotation of the turbine due to the energy of the gas flow. The turbine speed is counted on an integrator showing the volumetric amount of gas that has passed through the meter. Key indicators of the device:

  • model name: SG-16 MT 100-4000;
  • price: 46800 rubles;
  • characteristics: weight – 5.5 kg, pressure – 1.6 MPa, inter-check interval – 5 years;
  • pluses: allowable temperature -30 – +50 degrees;
  • cons: high cost.

To measure the volume of natural gas and other dry gases in boiler rooms, gas distribution stations for the purpose of commercial metering, the gas device RSG Signal-100-G250 is often used. The product can be mounted both in horizontal and vertical positions. Short description:

  • model name: RSG Signal-100-G250;
  • price: 148500 rubles;
  • characteristics: measured medium from 1:20 to 1: 160, mass – 43 kg, type – rotational, inter-check interval – 6 years, pressure – 1.6 MPa;
  • pluses: low pressure loss;
  • cons: dear.

Industrial gas meter RSG Signal-100-G250


The latest invention in the history of gas meters is the electronic product SGB-1.8G from Elehant, which not only calculates the consumption of natural fuel, but also retains all the previous results, creates a consumption history. In addition, the appliance has a removable cover, which, if desired, can be changed to another to match the color of the kitchen unit. Brief product description:

  • model name: Elekhan, SGB-1.8G;
  • price: 1485 rubles;
  • characteristics: manufacturer – Elekhan, weight – 0.3 kg, pressure – 5 kPa, maximum flow rate – 1.8 m3 / h, connecting thread in inches – G1 / 2, electronic counting mechanism;
  • pluses: compact sizes (110 * 66 * 65), interchangeable multi-colored linings, cheap;
  • cons: not detected.

The second in the rating of electronic gas meters is the Helikon G1.6 instrument, designed to measure the volume of natural gas and the gas phase of liquefied petroleum gas in low, medium pressure pipelines. The product has compact dimensions, modern design, high strength, fire resistance. Key performance indicators:

  • model name: Helikon G1.6;
  • price: 1992 rubles;
  • characteristics: maximum flow rate – 1.6 m3 / h, pressure – 5 kPa, inter-test interval – 10 years, electronic, possible error with temperature change – 0.147 (T -20), power supply – lithium cell 2/3 AA with voltage 3, 6 V;
  • pluses: ease, ease of installation;
  • cons: not detected.

Gas meter electronic Helikon G1,6


The household product for metering gas consumed with mechanical compensation from the German company Elster is very popular. The device is intended for commercial accounting of the volume of natural, liquefied, petroleum and other dry non-aggressive gases. The device can be installed in houses equipped with gas stoves, water heaters and low-power boilers. Brief product description:

  • model name: VK-G6T;
  • price: 5600 rubles;
  • Characteristics: manufacturer Elster Gazelektronika LLC, Germany, maximum flow rate up to 10 m3 / h, pressure – 50 kPa, connecting thread – 11/4 inches, weight – 3.5 kg, capacity of the calculating device 99999 units;
  • pluses: inter-verification interval – 10 years;
  • cons: not detected.

The household gas meter gas membrane type NPN G4 Omega is designed to account for the volume of non-aggressive gases, it can be of two types – with left and right gas supply. This device does not require calibration, verification of productivity, which gives confidence in the accuracy of its readings for a long time. Key performance indicators:

  • Model Name: NPN G4 Omega;
  • price: 1500 rubles;
  • Characteristics: manufacturer Gazdevice, mechanical, maximum flow rate – 6 m3 / h, pressure – 5 kPa, weight – 1.6 kg;
  • pluses: inter-verification interval – 10 years;
  • cons: not detected.

Gas meter mechanical NPM G4 Omega

How to choose a gas meter

Before you go shopping for a gas meter, you need to understand all the pros and cons of such a product. It is best to consult a specialist, consult a specialist in calculating the number of gas appliances, for calculating the rate of consumption of cubic meters of gas per hour. These data will help determine the device that is suitable for your apartment or home. The main selection criteria for all types of meters are the following indicators:

  • its location;
  • cost;
  • size, noise;
  • bandwidth
  • check frequency.

For a private home

To buy a gas meter for a private home, consider the number of appliances consumed by the fuel (for calculating throughput) and the following factors:

  1. For an ordinary private house, a device with the marking G-4 is suitable, letting up to 6 cubic meters of gas.
  2. If a large number of consumers use the boiler or there is a boiler room, you should choose a gas meter with the marking G-16, with a throughput of up to 25 m3.
  3. Consider the diameter of the thread of the gas supply pipe and the holes on the meter.

For an apartment

If you decide to buy a gas meter for an apartment, focus on the following important factors:

  1. Pay attention to the date of manufacture of the device. The date of the next product check, its service life, depends on it..
  2. Read the labeling. For apartments with one gas stove, a device (electronic or rotary) with the marking G-1,6 is suitable. If there is also a column, then the marking should be G-2.5, and when there is autonomous heating – G-4 and G-6.
  3. Consider the direction of gas flow – right or left, it is important for the installation of the device.

The master installs a gas meter in the room

For the street

If the product for gas metering is mounted on the street, then you need to take into account the temperature regime, possible differences, the influence of the environment, as well as such factors:

  1. If a difference of +40 to -40 degrees is possible, a temperature compensator is bought in addition to the street appliance. From this, the cost of goods will increase at least 2 times, but with it it will be more profitable to pay for fuel.
  2. On top of the device must be installed box designed to protect against external environmental factors.
  3. The technical specifications of such a product should indicate the minimum and maximum air temperatures suitable for your region.
  4. Please note that in winter gas consumption increases, therefore the device may make noise.
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