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It is believed that this is one of the most unpretentious crops that can be grown in a greenhouse, on the open ground and even in your windowsill. It is not necessary to pay much attention to cucumbers, but in some situations, both the plant and the fruits themselves become yellow. You need to understand why this happens to save the harvest..

Why do the ovaries of cucumbers turn yellow

The first difficulty that a beginner gardener may encounter is why do the ovaries on cucumbers dry in a greenhouse or open ground? The cause of this condition becomes a disease or pests, then it will be difficult to save the crop. There are other options for this condition that can be fixed:

  1. The plant has little space. Trying to get a rich harvest, some plant seedlings very densely, but they lack all the nutrients. For example, the Zyatek cultivar is recommended to be planted with a distance of 50 cm. This means that yellowing may result in yellowing..
  2. Sometimes the ovaries of cucumbers turn yellow in the greenhouse due to improper feeding. In the first stages, fermented manure that is rich in nitrogen will be enough for growth. When the fruits begin to set, the plant has a need for phosphorus, potassium.
  3. Lack of plant formation. Beginning vegetable growers let the cucumbers grow by gravity, too much green is formed with large leaves that prevent the penetration of sunlight, and because of this the ovaries turn yellow, fall off.

Why cucumber seedlings turn yellow

Often foliage begins to deteriorate even at the growth stage, which indicates the development of the disease or improper care of seedlings. Here are the main reasons why cucumbers turn yellow:

  1. Bay of plants. Moisture is one of the components that is necessary for the active growth of seedlings. With an excess of water, the foliage begins to turn yellow. Vegetable growers need to carefully monitor the irrigation process..
  2. Lack of nitrogen. This is an extremely important element for the plant, with a deficiency of which the leaves turn yellow and fall off. You can solve the problem with fertilizers..
  3. Disease. A disease manifests itself in the form of powdery mildew, which leads to spoilage of the tops, the cucumber embryos turn yellow and fall off. You can cope with this ailment by spraying seedlings with special compounds that kill harmful bacteria.

Why do cucumbers turn yellow and fall off

The main reason for yellowing of the fruit is the usual lack of water. For this culture, as a rule, you only need a certain amount of moisture and heat. You can understand that the problem is in the water, if, along with the fruits, the leaves begin to dry and wither. In the open ground, a sharp cooling, early frosts can become a factor in color changes. The cause of the stress temperature difference can be even too cold water. If cucumbers grow in open ground, then covering material can save from frost, and in a greenhouse – a heater.

Cucumber fruits may turn yellow due to lack of nutrients. It is recommended to alternate different crops, the cultivation of which occur on the same soil. Can be used for fertilizer phosphorus, potassium mixtures. Be careful during the “top dressing”, because fungi and viruses can penetrate the soil with it, for example, “tobacco mosaic”. It is worth remembering that when the cucumber is fully ripe, yellow is normal. You can’t eat it, but you can leave it on the seeds.

Yellowed cucumber leaves

Why the fruits of cucumbers turn yellow and dry in the open ground

Many gardeners prefer to grow these fruits not in a greenhouse, but often face the same problems as in a greenhouse. Here are some of the main reasons why cucumbers turn yellow in conditions of open growth:

  1. Infection. Diseases of this plant lead to the fact that the fruits turn yellow, the root system is destroyed, for example: peronosporosis or fusariosis. Cucumbers can be cured of them by chemical spraying, but there is no longer any such fruits, because pathogenic bacteria have penetrated inside. Avoid this situation will help change crops that are grown on the same land.
  2. Lack of water. This was stated above, the statement is equally true for plants on open ground, and for those that grow in a greenhouse.
  3. Lack of oxygen. For the root system, its intake in sufficient quantity is important. Lack of oxygen immediately manifests itself in the appearance of the fruit. Regularly weed so cucumbers can grow healthy.

Yellowed cucumbers

Why do cucumbers turn yellow and dry in a greenhouse?

Many vegetable growers grow fruits in a greenhouse, which allows them to harvest longer (sometimes year-round). The rules for caring for the crop are no different from the above, therefore the main reasons for which the cucumbers turn yellow in the greenhouse are also relevant here. It is conditionally possible to divide them into two groups:

Violation of growing technology:

  1. Infringement of rules of watering: too low temperature, large or small volume of water.
  2. Abundant but irregular watering can be harmful..
  3. Effects on fruits and plants at low temperatures due to frost. The greenhouse must be additionally heated..
  4. Lack of nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium in greenhouse soil.
  5. Violation of the recommended dosage when using fertilizers of factory production.

Diseases of cucumbers in a greenhouse:

  1. More often than others, the plant is affected by powdery mildew, which appears first in the form of spots on the leaves, then they turn yellow, dry out. Causes a fungal disease that disrupts photosynthesis. Fight it with pollination with special drugs..
  2. At least yellowing occurs due to the occurrence of fusarium wilting.
  3. Due to the sharp temperature difference, damage to the root system by rot can occur. With this disease, the plant turns yellow first from the bottom.
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