Wormwood from fleas in the apartment – tincture and broth. Does grass help and how to remove fleas with wormwood

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Fleas in pets and in the apartment is a problem that requires immediate human intervention. It has already been proven that not every drug presented on the shelves of pharmacies and pet stores is able to eradicate annoying animals. How to destroy this form of parasites with the help of bitter grass – wormwood.

Does wormwood help from parasites in the house

Since ancient times, a folk remedy for most parasites was considered a plant – wormwood, because its pungent smell can scare away not only fleas, but also ants, rats, and flies. Perhaps that’s why grandmothers hung brooms from this herb in combination with tansy and mint, and twigs were hidden in the floor of the shed with cattle. This technique helped to easily fight insects. This method of using flea wormwood has remained the most effective to this day..

How does wormwood affect fleas

Folk remedy for fleas – wormwood, thanks to the essential oils contained in its main parts, creates a kind of air curtain at its location, repelling parasites with its pungent smell, without killing them. It is worth remembering that this feature is peculiar only to fresh grass, so dried bunches must be periodically replaced with new ones and laid out in places that are considered the focus of the appearance of parasites:

  • under the threshold;
  • beds, on which the pet is basking;
  • linens;
  • dark corners of the apartment in which the insect reproduces, etc..

Wormwood bush

How to apply flea wormwood in a house

Having learned that it is possible to get rid of parasites with wormwood, the city dweller will begin to search for it and will encounter various forms of its distribution: tincture, freshly picked plants, essential oil, shredded parts of the grass in packages (leaf or stem), etc. Each of these can be used as a tool that will have to process the housing and the animal at risk to get a bite. Their price is low, because the plant is affordable and unpretentious.

Wormwood tincture

This form is designed to help people get rid of unwanted guests, to protect family and pets from diseases transmitted by insects. Tincture of wormwood is added to the water, with the help of which wet cleaning of the room is carried out. Plus, it can be used to process the hair of a cat or dog, after checking for a pet allergy in a small area. The cost of such a tool as wormwood from fleas is small, and you can buy it at a pharmacy.

Wormwood oil

Wormwood aromatherapy works wonders and allows you to get rid of fleas in a short time. It’s all about the smell of the plant, which is released when the essential components of the grass are released. Application of wormwood oil: from fleas in animals and in the living room. In the first case, it is necessary to treat the pet (it is useless to poison, but it will turn out to frighten), in the second – to fill in bowls and arrange around the apartment. The price of such a tool is slightly higher than that of tinctures, and you can purchase it in a specialized store or order in an online pharmacy.

Jar of wormwood essential oil

A decoction of wormwood from parasites in the apartment

It is simple to prepare folk wormwood broth:

  1. Collect yourself or purchase.
  2. Rinse the grass.
  3. Grind a plant.
  4. Place in a pan or other container.
  5. Pour boiling water (a couple of glasses).
  6. Boil for a few minutes.
  7. Let it brew and cool.
  8. Vinegar will help make the broth more effective (add a few drops).

The resulting decoction of wormwood from fleas is added to the water prepared for bathing the animal, or rinsed by the pet after the washing procedure, in order to remove parasites. The only condition is a preliminary check for an allergic reaction. Plus, in it you can rinse bedding, a rug located at the front door and even spray walls and hard-to-reach spots in the living room (corners, baseboards, etc.).

How to decompose fresh wormwood from fleas in an apartment

If you clearly know the location of the parasite accumulation, then lay out fresh twigs right there. Otherwise, you will have to secure the bed and sofas (arrange wormwood bouquets under the mattress, pillow), insert into the plinths and dark corners of the apartment, place your pet next to the resting place, the main thing is to do a general cleaning before this. Do not forget to change dried brooms in a timely manner to extend the deterrent effect – this is the price of your peace of mind.

To stop waking up at night from bites of annoying insects, it is necessary to determine their origin and only then begin the process of disposal. Here’s the thing: if your pet is the source of fleas, then you need to start with it, and in parallel, take care of yourself and your children. If fleas climb from neighboring apartments, it means that your neighbors have already begun the process of combating them and you will have to support their idea so as not to become a brothel for living creatures.

Residents of the first floors of apartment buildings often notice earthen fleas that enter the apartment through cracks in the floor, animals, etc. In this case, only a thorough cleaning of the living room with spraying the walls with decoctions and squeezing the twigs of the plant into all kinds of holes, especially skirting boards, crevices near the pipes and in the entrance area, will help to place a broom – let it be a kind of amulet. Find Out Which Flea Remedy Is Better.

The girl is vacuuming in the apartment

The price of wormwood against fleas

You can find wormwood in the meadows, in gardens and even in the yard, however, not everyone is ready to collect this grass, so they care about the question: “Where to get this useful plant and what is its price?”. The answer is obvious: it all depends on the desired form:

  • crushed leaves – 50 rubles per 200 grams;
  • oil – 100-130 rubles per 100 ml, etc..

The price varies not only depending on the form of filing, but also the time of year. It is easy to guess that in the warm season the demand for such products is significantly reduced, therefore, the price drops, but in winter – on the contrary. The broth is the cheapest, especially if you collect the grass yourself, and so, if you want to get such an effective remedy inexpensively, you can use the online pharmacy.

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