A house in a ravine surrounded by woods

Interior design of a house in the gorge

Among the many residences, storefronts, landscapes, commercial buildings and interiors, the magazine of beautiful houses found a house in the gorge, which does not violate the natural harmony of the surrounding scenery.

On the edge of a park, on the steep slopes of a ravine and surrounded by woods, the light gray stone walls with a projecting top floor stand out. The masonry used different sized stones laid in an irregular sequence, further emphasizing the building's horizontal lines.

This contemporary design was specially designed by Toronto, Canada architect Drew Mandel for a family of four. The interior of the building contrasts zinc and richly stained walnut, allowing you to focus on natural light and avoid unnecessary decorations.

The house is divided into modules – comfortable structures to simulate a patio on the first floor and a small vegetable garden on the roof. Glass walls provide natural light for the plants and create a sense of seamless transition from a suburban view to a forest landscape.

You'll see the park through the huge living room window, and on the second floor you'll soar over the outdoor pool in an overhanging console, around which you can enjoy an outdoor barbecue. Huge dining room and living room located in the center of the home, dividing the floors into two wings.

The accent of the first floor is the ravine and the second – magnificent views and open space. The local authorities are interested in preserving the unique natural ravine and support its existence by planting trees and shrubs.

Gorge House by Drew Mandel
Interior design of the house in the ravine
The Gorge House by Drew Mandel
Interior design of a house in a ravine
Interior design of a home in a ravine
Interior Design of a House in the Gorge
Interior design of a house in a ravine
Interior design of a house in a gorge
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