Exquisite Hill-Maheux Cottage by Kariouk Associates, Quebec, Canada

Cottage at Val-des-Monts

Welcome to the world of original design and architecture. Today we open another door to this wonderful world. This cottage was designed by Kariouk Associates, an architectural firm in Ottawa, Canada, and completed in 2011. The cottage itself is located in Val-des-Monts (Quebec, Canada).

The client of this project is a young family consisting of a husband, a wife and their young daughter. Their desire was, above all, to find a cozy refuge from the restless world for weekends and vacations. And this was the main principle of the project, the foundation for the future home of dreams. But such an introverted nature of the structure should not interfere with the desired fusion with the surrounding nature, with the amazing forests around, with the proximity to the mirror lake. Another important condition was not only the comfort of the homeowners themselves for the rest of their lives, but also their intention to pass on this property from generation to generation. Taking into account all these wishes, the architects proposed the following design solution – the division of the entire space into two zones. The first zone is a living space for private use, which includes spacious bedrooms, bathrooms and storage. The second is for general use and for receiving guests. They are connected by an amazing elliptical structure.

This structure was designed as a gallery that connects two separate single-story buildings on one side and is the children's area on the other side. The "suspended" appearance of this gallery over the foyer creates a sense of security as you enter the home. Another feature in the contemporary interior design is the ceilings in the foyer. They, like a quilt, consist of copper and zinc "shreds" on which are engraved landscapes. The building itself, consisting of two one-story buildings, is designed in such a way as to create a sense of isolation from all worldly. But the designers didn't stop there, and to reinforce this overall impression, the entire complex was built on the edge of the property, where more dense vegetation.

The look and size of the windows is an important element in any building. This design included large ceiling-to-floor windows all around the building, as well as aluminum curtain walls. They are covered by chic, handmade curtains made of expensive fabrics (in some places they are light-tight, in others they are translucent). The drapery of the curtains creates the perfect ripples and gives the impression of being drawn from a computer graphic artist whose clean lines contrast strikingly with the imperfections of a tableau. All family members were involved in creating them, including our young daughter.

The curtains, like the built-in lighting in the house, hang from two metal rods. Their choice is not accidental. One of them symbolizes the parents and the other symbolizes their child. These rods go all the way around the house, somewhere bypassing each other, somewhere crossing each other. In this intricate dance, the creative designers saw a unique way of life that the whole family would follow. Sometimes they will have to let each other go to help their daughter learn something new and really get to know this world. But this does not mean that parents will not be around, on the contrary, they are always there, ready to come to the rescue at any moment.

The cottage in Val-des-Monts
Cottage in Val-des-Monts
Doors to the street in the cottage in Val-des-Monts
The interior of the cottage in Val-des-Monts
Living room with large windows in a cottage in Val-des-Monts
Cottage living room in Val-des-Monts
Interior of the living room of the cottage in Val-des-Monts
The living room in the cottage at Val-des-Monts
Staircase to second floor
Stairs in the interior of the cottage
The stairs in the interior of the cottage
A bedroom with a bed in the cottage
The bathroom in the cottage project in Val-des-Monts
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