Fabulous 50’s cult style home design project

Interior design of a living room with a fireplace

This house of any active person's dream is in the city of Lincoln, it is surrounded by a beautiful forest park area and is harmoniously integrated into the surrounding space. Its slightly sloping roof, asymmetrical huge windows, unexpected proportions look surprisingly good in the chosen palette of colors. Noble gray perfectly combines with snow-white frames and golden sandstone in the stone wall.

Rustic charm expressed through the use of overhanging beams inside, accentuating the beveled ceiling. An abundance of wood, although covered with paint, makes the atmosphere of the rooms warmer. The overall impression of the interior decoration is positive, neutral tones give a feeling of peace and tranquility.

At the same time, in every room you can find a lot of attractive details. The unusual design of the lamps, the abstracts on the walls, the furniture from the designers – all this is intended to emphasize the depth of the idea, the strength of the character of the home. Functionality of some items echoes the exceptional decorativeness of others, making the life of the residents rich.

Home textiles in the form of plaids and rugs are used sparingly and this restraint creates a sense of transparent air and spaciousness. It is complemented by an abundance of natural light, the absence of unnecessary partitions.

Interior of the dining room in light colors
Mid-Century Modern kitchen interior design
Ceiling beams in Mid-Century Modern
Bookshelves in the Mid-Century Modern living room
Bright kitchen with an island
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