Remarkable design project of a house on the shores of a forest lake

Forest Home in the UK

Here is a PAD studio project located in the New Forest National Park in the UK. The primary challenge was to create a building with simple forms, modest scale and finish materials that would reinforce the character, identity and history of the area. So the 120 sq. . Built with durable local materials.

Forest House in the UK

Despite the fact that the main effort was put into keeping the site as low environmental impact as possible, it turned out to be quite functional. When you enter from the south, there are views of ancient beech trees on the opposite side. More and more delightful scenery unfolds next. The interiors are spacious and bright, decorated in a modern style with plenty of natural light infiltrating. Do you think it's possible to build a house that doesn't disturb the balance of nature?? Reply in the comments!

A forest home in England
Forest House in UK
A forest home in the UK
The Forest House in UK
A forest home in the UK
Forest Home in the UK
Forest home in the UK
Woodland Home Project in the UK
A forest home project in the UK
Forest Home Project in UK
A design for a forest home in the UK
UK forest home design
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