RiverBanks – a delightful house by the river in New York City

House Exterior

The house foundation is covered with natural stone. Some parts of the facade are also rustic. All this gives the house a monumental look, making it respectable, stern and remarkably harmonious.

Swimming pool overhanging the river

The second and third floors are immersed in the greenery of the trees and offer a stunning view.

Wood decking of a veranda

The internal design of the house echoes the external one: stone and wood are the basic materials in the structure of the interior, the main texture carriers. Wooden floors and ceilings match the natural stone walls perfectly.

Original wooden table

Sometimes it's not immediately clear what part of the interior you see. Another wall or a hidden multifunctional module?

Convertible TV shelf

At dusk you can turn off all the lights and watch the change of day and night through the panoramic windows.

Wooden ceiling in the living room

The third floor – a haven of peace and tranquility. Here are arranged recreational areas and bedrooms.

Combination of white walls and wood in the interior

This room has a private small balcony. Sunlight streams in unobstructed through large windows and doors.

Guest bedroom interior

If it's not a couple who are staying overnight, but a girlfriend or two, the beds can be pulled apart to make separate sleeping quarters.

Natural wood furniture in the bathroom

The stools, which are stylized as wooden stools, can be a creative addition to the bathroom interior.

Open porch in front of the house

Several entrances allow you to enter the house from all sides.

Home lighting at night
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