Stylish minimalism amidst the wilderness – incomparable Zinc House in Ohio, lost in the thicket of trees, USA

Zinc House exterior

In the U.S., Ohio, near Sycamore School District (a popular school district) was built a completely unusual house on 56 acres of forest land. Later it was named Zinc House (Zinc House). Of course, the place for this construction is just fantastic. Shrouded on all sides by a fairytale forest. According to the photos below we can see the wonderful scenery, which observes from his own window every day the inhabitants of this house.

The exterior of Zinc House
The exterior of the Zinc House

The design of the house was made for the family to live in the first place, so that they would feel as comfortable as possible. A place with all the amenities and utilities a human being could ever want. In a word, this is an executive class house.

Zinc House exterior
The Zinc House exterior
Original supports in the Zinc House interior
Zinc House exterior
Zinc House interior

But it's not just the interior space that's set up for a comfortable family living in it. Just very well and comfortably was equipped with adjacent territory. For example, what is just this pool and, a kind of fire pit! And this is a question on our portal, we have very often discussed. It's not enough to build a nice and cozy little nest, but you also need to create the right conditions around it.

The pool in front of the Zinc House
The swimming pool in front of the Zinc House

And why is this building called the Zinc House?? Yes, because its walls are coated with a special compound. It's called hydroxyl carbonate, or simply a protective zinc layer. Because of its unique qualities, it is able to repair small scratches or cracks in the walls! Therefore, the service life of the house covered by this material increases at times (from 80 to 100 years).

The staircase in the interior of the Zinc House

Now for the interior. It has a total area of about 576 meters. square. Flooring throughout the building is chosen with a slight glow, as well as in it, provided heating. All of the windows were custom-designed to maximize the all-around view. On the first floor, almost all exterior walls can simply be removed if necessary. Agree, it is very convenient in the summer or for organizing a large event. The interior details are made of stainless steel, including door handles, all handrails, cupboard trim and even the table top.

Zinc House design project
Tall doors and windows in the interior of Zinc House
Zinc House Living Room Interior

All in all, a very surprising and specific house. But each customer has different interests and preferences. So, for some people this zinc house may seem like a castle, and for others it is not interesting at all.

Zinc House Living Room Interior
Kitchen area in the interior of Zinc House
Kitchen area in the interior of Zinc House
Interior with red elements Zinc House
Stairs to the second floor
Bathroom in the interior of Zinc House
Transparent railing in the interior of Zinc House
Dining table in the interior of the Zinc House
Zinc House interior
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