The delightful Bromond House project by Paul Bernier Architect studio is a forest home in Quebec, Canada

Bromond House Private Residence

The talented architects at Montreal's Paul Bernier Architects completed Bromond House in 2012. Come and admire this private residence in a picturesque location right in the middle of the woods near Bromond, Quebec, Canada. It is located on a small natural rocky hill with a wonderful view of the forest. And in fall, as the leaves fall from the trees, you can see the Appalachian Mountains through the pile of trees. This natural setting provides a tranquil, light, timeless space that promotes relaxation and restfulness.

The house is designed in a U-shape that organizes a small courtyard and perfectly zoning the space, dividing it into private and public, separating the bedroom of the owners and the living area. The living or "day" area includes the kitchen, dining room, living room itself and a private reading nook hidden behind the fireplace. Natural stone was chosen as the main material for the stylish façade and it is framed by floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and sliding glass doors almost all around.

The second wing, or "night" block, is a two-story stone building that was built on a hillside. Here the window openings were designed according to the perspective and path of the sun. The southeast corner of the wing, for instance, is also nearly entirely framed in glass, creating a dramatic diagonal view of the forest. The two U-shaped wings are connected by a fully glazed walkway. The large roof, assembled from spruce, covers the entire house. Throughout, with the exception of the rooms requiring special privacy, the open space extends right under the roof to the full height. The bathrooms, on the other hand, are topped by low ceilings, and seem to form separate cubes. The walls in the modern bathroom, which overlooks the courtyard, are a turntable screen of frosted glass and steel. It makes the best use of natural light.

A rich palette of natural materials such as wood, stone, concrete, glass and metal are used in the design. It creates a pleasantly warm, almost monochromatic, architecture and provides a dialogue with the environment. All details of the interior are aimed at blurring the boundaries as much as possible. Awareness of the natural environment is always a part of living in this home.

Bromond House Private Residence
Bromond House Private Residence
Bromond House private residence
White Kitchen at Bromond House Private Residence
The white kitchen in the Bromond House private residence
White kitchen at Bromond House Private Residence
Living room interior at Bromond House
Door to the street in the Bromond House private residence
Sleeping room with king-sized bed in a private residence at Bromond House
Big windows in the interior of the Bromond House private residence
Living room in a private residence Bromond House
Bathroom interior design in a private residence at Bromond House
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