What is the purpose of a dome on the roof of the house?

Roofed house with a dome

Interestingly, the impetus for our hero's escape from the bustling city was an experience that turned his life upside down, namely going to a concert of the rock band Phish, where about 60,000 people gathered. It was after this that he made the decision to leave Tokyo to immerse himself in his work and to be able to test the things he creates as a designer.

The house itself consists of two buildings, which are supplied with electricity by solar panels. And they both interact with the surrounding landscape thanks to the presence of fiberglass sliding doors. A small rock climbing wall is installed inside the main house.

The interior is styled like the countryside, but it's modern and comfortable. A wood-burning stove heats the entire living area, and the bathroom, equipped in a separate annex, has a full tub on legs.

Heating in a wooden house
A small wooden house

The dome on the roof of the house is the crowning jewel of Shin Ohori's design.

A circular dome on the roof of the house

We are sure that in this breathtaking place everyone can achieve harmony with nature and oneself. What do you think??

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